Great Hacks for Using Dry Herb Vaporizers

Great Hacks for Using Dry Herb Vaporizers

Cannabis can be used for both recreational and medical purposes, without risking your health. Vaporizers have slowly become a basic need, and it is used regularly by a lot of people around the globe.

Since it is used by most of the people these days, there have been a number of advancements in the vape technology. Dry herb vaporizers are increasingly becoming portable and also easily affordable. While you are trying your hand at the dry vaping using herbs, we have come with simple hacks which can make your vaping experience much better.

Using fresh leaves or herb

Needless to say, fresh herbs will always give you the best experience as it has active THC components. However, it should be well cured, fine milled and of superior quality bud. Bud which is old will dry out faster and you cannot do anything about it.

Always remember vaping is an experience and the herb plays a major role in delivering it. This is because the feeling of exuberance depends on the moisture content of the leaves. The heating point of the substance has to such that the compounds within their dry state reach the vaping point smoothly.

This will in turn give out a smooth vapour, which you can inhale just like cigarette smoke. Go for the herbs which are not too wet or too dry, just the minimal level of moisture will do. It is recommended that you must feel and buy. If it is dry, it will instantly crumble in your hand.

Grinding it right

This is an art and you need to grind it well to enjoy an ultimate experience. Obviously, you cannot master it in one day. Practice will make you perfect. Fine milling will help increase the surface area within the vaporizer.

The heat can penetrate faster through them and produce a thick smoke. You can also buy an electric grinder if you cannot do manually. However, if it is not properly grinded the herbs will burn fast and you will just waste your money on it.

Check the temperature of the vaporizer

Needless to say, temperature is the impertinent factor that you must check before vaping. Setting temperature is dependent on what type of session you want. If you want mild you should go for 180 to 200 degree Celsius, or you can increase it to 250 degrees Celsius to get a strong smoke.

It is advised you should go for lower temperature while you are starting the day or in the middle of it. you can go for higher temperature while you are resting at home to experience the euphoric effect and mind relaxation.

Do not combust

Always remember weed becomes cancerous once you combust it. Combustion breaks down the essential chemical chains and produces free radicals which should not be inhaled. This why weed needs to be vaped and not combusted. Hence, you must start slow with the vaporizer as well. Too little herbs and high temperature will lead to combustion. Take time and find your sweet spot.