Granny Anastasia Sands Anal

Granny Anastasia Sands Anal


Granny Anastasia Sands Anal

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Anastasia Sands
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Dobrze dała dupy dobry finish wystrzelił na dupę

If anyone can find her scene from golden grannies volume one please inbox or share link it was floating around the net a few years ago and can't find it. It was one of her best scenes

Overview (3) Date of Birth 14 December 1949, California, USA Birth Name Nannette M. Kelly Height 5' 8" (1,73 m) Mini Bio (1) Anastasia Sands spent most of her life as a high school English teacher on the US West Coast. An American-born citizen of Russian descent, she has lived in the US all her life. Following a trend becoming more common these days, Anastasia entered the adult industry when she was in her early to mid 40s. Never married, she struggled to cope with her sexuality throughout most of her life. She had many male and female partners, but never a steady relationship. She had always been fascinated and intrigued by pornography, however, and never felt that she was able to settle down with any one person. This led to some complications in her career as a schoolteacher. After teaching English for about 20 years, she became sexually involved with a student. When a friend of the young girl reported it to the school administrators, an investigation was begun. The girl was removed from Anastasia's class and home-tutored while the investigation continued. Although there was no evidence (despite Anastasia's later admission of sexual encounters with the girl) of any illegal activity, the Board of Education forced Anastasia to "retire". Coming to terms with her passion for intimate encounters and her fascination with pornography, Anastasia entered the adult industry about a year after her "retirement". Her transition was a great success, and she immediately became a star in the "Mature Woman" category of adult films, joining the ranks of schoolteachers-turned-pornstars such as Rubee Tuesday. Anastasia's biggest claim to fame so far is her performance with young, college-aged women in the "Mature Women with Younger Girls" series of films. Fans love her passion and chemistry with the young women on screen, and she has become one of the most popular "mature" adult film stars in the industry. She even performed a scene that parodied her real-life incident, playing a teacher who invited a female student over for "extra credit". She hasn't done as many films as others of her age, but she is still a very popular star and has garnered a huge fan following. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Diane De Rosa

the cameraman is asshole i dont see nothing

Anastasia Sands one of my favorites, there's just something about her that drives me wild. I especially like her sweet saggy tits.

Wish I could find someone to do that to me...someone like her.

Calling her experienced would be a huge understatement. She's been in the business most of her life. But practise makes perfect and she proves it to be true. Of course her gorgeous looks also matters.

For a woman of ANY age she's a perfect 10

Damn this woman looks good bent over!


Anastasia Sands must have a thing for small dicks

she's kind of nuts but in a good way, I would fuck her all day long

She is old and nasty but............i like her. She makes me horny in a special way. Like to fuck her and cover her face with my cum.

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