Golfvina is a design professional plus a expert golf course competition.

Golfvina is a design professional plus a expert golf course competition.

According to international standards needs to ensure both technical and aesthetic factors a golf course designed. Right here we will be a part of you to identify out just what is a golf course of international specifications:

The global standard golf course includes an 18 pit cerebrovascular event as well as a replay consisting of the soil between your teeing floor and the putting eco-friendly.

An 18 hole golf course must be at the very least 5,200 gardens long and possess a minimum of a par 66 standard.

The distance between the teeing terrain and also the hole is the corridor, the taller grass, the yellow sand hole. obstacles and Water about the golf course will be created by the designers.

Creating a golf course usually has 3 diverse benchmarks, a par 3 is really a 227m long, a 227m to 432m par4 and a par5 of any 432m.

Professional golf course design unit

To make a excellent end result when making a golf course, it is actually necessary to select a reputable company dedicated to golf course design.

An expert unit can help you generate precise and comprehensive overall drawings, watch over construction, give and possess submit-design guarantee providers.

Having a team of expert engineers and architects, Govina is confident that it will likely be the best option for lovers and customers desiring to design and build the game of golf programs.

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