Golf Cart, a Necessary Transportation System in Golf Courses​​

Golf Cart, a Necessary Transportation System in Golf Courses​​

Report looks at the reason why that golf carts are used for the game.

Golf is a competitive sport in which players hit a ball with a club from hole 1 to 2 pit 18 to set the ball into the pit cups, while trying to maintain the amount of strokes in a minimum. At a glimpse, golf appears to be a static game, but to cover 5 holes in a round, players must move around six km in a time period of a few hours, which requires quite a lot of energy. Additionally, since the players should carry heavy golf clubs in a bag, they generally get assistance from caddies as well. Following the invention of automobile, golf carts are introduced as sport.​​ ​

From man-powered handcarts, golf carts have developed into automotive forms, using different chemical fuels such as gas and diesel. Such fuel sources, nevertheless, created sound and exhaust smoke, which removed in the beauty of golf, and that's it is a sport played in nature.

After fossil fuel-powered engines, golf carts began using lead batteries. Like electrical vehicles, golf carts powered by direct storage batteries consist of engine and electric power sources only, and not internal-combustion motors. This gave a major edge because sound and exhaust smoke were not a problem anymore. But since lead storage battery carts had reduced energy output compared to their predecessors, it was hard for them to climb golf classes with extreme slopes. In addition, maintenance was an issue, because lead storage batteries are prone to oxidation of sulfuric acid, which requires regular injection of distilled water. Corrosion, too, was considered to be an inconvenience that plagued this kind of golf cart battery. Searching for a more valuable excellent lithium ion battery for golf cart get on, for purchasing if you interested. 

Within the next stage of golf cart battery development, lithium ion batteries have been developed. The new type of battery currently had high power output, and didn't need regular maintenance function. Lithium ion batteries simply have the burden of one fifth of the lead storage battery, which serves the most important role in the golf class: not damaging the grass. In addition, the brand new battery makes it a lot easier to steer handles in golf carts, and includes a power output as high as gas engines, which allows it to easily climb steeper slopes. What's more, winter weather is not a problem for lithium ion battery since its low-temperature output and control efficiency is excellent, and yet another advantage of this battery is that it's double the entire life cycle of lead storage battery even without particular maintenance other than regular charging.​​

One of this massive fleet of golf carts, thirty-five percent uses fossil fuel engines, and sixty-five percent is powered by lead storage batteries. Lithium ion battery golf carts just take up approximately one percent of the whole market at this initial point, but thanks to the various advantages explained in the last section, it's anticipated that the talk of golf carts powered by this innovative battery will grow explosively to fourteen percent this year.

One lithium ion battery needs 350 to 600 cylindrical battery cells, and in the event the transition into lithium ion batteries of golf carts on earth, the marketplace would grow to a place where a staggering number of twenty billion cells of electrons have been sold. Considering this promising picture of expansion, the lithium ion battery industry and golf cart industry are cooperating to launch lithium ion golf carts in the market.​ lithium ion golf cart battery pack manufacturer focusing on the large lithium-ion battery market to offer a vast selection of merchandise at an affordable price.