Golden Ass

Golden Ass


Naturally she put her arm around his shoulder. She didn’t know what he was doing, but she thought he was going to take her to where all the commotion was occurring.

Terry looked at Kevin’s face. Then, slowly, he sank to his knees, and gently lowered her into the water, fully clothed.

Terry squealed and beat on Kevin’s chest. By that time Pam saw what Kevin had done, she was already at her sister's side, helping her stand up.

Pam was furious but Kevin, Amy and Martin were laughing. Terry splashed Kevin. Pam said, "I’m gonna beat your ass, you motherfucker."

"Lighten up, Pam," Terry said. "Martin, kiss her before she passes out!" Everyone laughed, including Pam.

Amy was defending herself from Martin who was politely admonishing her for pulling him under. He was crawling towards her and splashing her face.

Amy said, "Now you've got no reason to keep your clothes on." When she realized she was telling a stranger to take off his clothes she blushed. She didn't think she wanted to see Martin naked but, if everyone was naked, it wouldn't seem weird that she and Kevin were naked.

Amy heard Kevin say, "Allow me to help you out of your soggy clothing, madam." Amy watched as Terry unbuttoned her top. Kevin helped her off with it. He walked out of the swimming hole, found a spot in the sun and spread it out. Kevin walked back as Terry was pulling down her jeans.

Amy’s jaw dropped.

Pam stood watching with her hands on her hips. She was trying to burn Kevin's skin with her eyes. She couldn’t justify beating his ass while he was helping Terry, even though he was the reason she was taking off her clothes.

Kevin handed one leg of Terry’s jeans to her and they twisted. Water gushed. Terry's bra and panties were no protection against leering eyes as they were practically invisible. Her tiny nipples and bright red pubic hair were completely visible through the shear material. Kevin walked her jeans to a sunny place next to her top and spread them out.

Terry pulled off her panties and bra. Then she looked at Martin and said, "Your turn." She walked to where Martin was bobbing in the water next to Amy and put out her hand.

"Consider the gauntlet thrown down," Kevin said, "When a pretty naked lady wants your clothes, you give her your clothes."

Terry looked at Kevin, her face bright red. She covered her titties with her arm and her pubic hair with the other.

Martin rose slowly out of the water and said, "Aye aye." He grabbed the hem of his t-shirt and in a neat smooth motion, only hampered by the weight of the water, pulled it over his head. He placed it in her hand.

Martin's belly was big and hairy. Kevin envied that hairy gut. His belly was hairless. Amy was turned on by the teddy bear quality of Kevin's friend. She cocked her head and watched as Martin undid his jeans and pulled them down.

Pam stomped out of the water. She wanted to walk back to the car but she didn't know which way to go. So she walked to where the wet clothes were laid out and sat in the sun.

Terry wrung out Martin’s shirt, then walked it to the sunny spot where her clothes were and laid it neatly on the ground.

Terry said to Pam, "C'mon, we're just having fun. We're not having an orgy." Terry knew her friend was like a cat: she was feeling neglected. It took a few minutes but Terry talked Pam into standing up and taking off her top.

Martin had taken his jeans off and he and Kevin were twisting the water out of them. Pam walked to the edge of the pool. Kevin said, "Hey look, another skinny dipper!"

Pam was pale like Kevin. Even though she was from the same mom and dad as Amy. Folks thought Pam might have been the result of an affair, except that her profile was just like her dad's.

Kevin trotted over to stand next to Pam. He threw an arm around her shoulder and said, "Look everybody, we're ghosts!" Then he reached across and squeezed one of her tits. "Nice tits!" Kevin yelled as he splashed away with Pam hot on his heels. Pam pounded him on the shoulder and bounced away.

Pam didn’t seem to be angry at Kevin anymore. She crawled over to Amy. They giggled.

For hours they played various silly games. They floated around. They chatted.

They got comfortable with their nakedness. Kevin was the most unaffected. He hugged the girls and honked their boobs when he got the chance. The girls chased him down and grabbed his butt. Terry even grabbed his pecker.

Martin avoided the honking game. He sat in the water near an outcropping. He had a boner. He didn’t think it was polite to be sporting a boner in front of naked girls.

Then there was a group whisper. Martin was suspicious that it had to do with his social distance, but they went back to grabbing each other’s privates. Pam came up behind Amy and gave her big old boobs a good ‘honk’ from behind.

Terry crawled over to where Martin sat and grabbed his arm. "Protect me!" she said. Kevin was stalking her. He was crawling towards them with just his eyes and nose visible above the water.

Martin puffed out his chest and crossed his arms. "None shall pass," he said.

Terry giggled. Then, to his shock and horror, she grabbed his dick and squeezed.

"Honk!" Terry shouted. She squealed and crab walked quickly away.

Martin was embarrassed. Terry knew he had a boner now. He thought she would shout, "Martin’s got a hardon!" He thought everyone would laugh at him. How did Kevin not have a boner? All the girls had grabbed his pecker several times but he didn’t appear to be turned on.

Terry stood a few paces away, grinning and covering her boobs with her hands. Martin thought, "Now I’m expected to retaliate." How was he going to hide his erection?

"I know," he thought, "I’ll create a diversion." He jumped up and roared. He put his hand out like a werewolf and stalked toward Terry thinking that no one would notice his harmless little boner.

Terry giggled and backed away. Since she was covering her tits Martin thought he’d reach out and give her tuckus a squeeze.

As if Terry had read Martin's mind, she whipped her hands back to cover her posterior. So Martin gently, sweetly squeezed her little boobies. She blushed and fell backwards into the water. Martin followed her down and got a good squeeze of her butt as well.

Then Terry jumped up and honked Amy's boobs. It startled Amy so much she turned bright red, spun around and pushed them into Martin's hands. He couldn't bring himself to honk Amy's boobs even though they were right there, literally shoved into his hands. He froze.

Then Pam came up from behind and honked Amy's butt causing her to arch her back and push her boobs more firmly into Martin's hands. Martin thought God was saying, "go ahead, squeeze those big beautiful boobies."

Martin squeezed her boobs. Amy squealed, grabbed his boner and said, "honk!"

When Martin got back to his feet Kevin was looking at his crotch. "Oh shit," he thought. "The asshole’s gonna say something about my hardon."

"Hey Martin," Kevin said, "is that a roll of quarters in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me?"

Martin blushed.

The girls all looked at Martin’s penis. Then they looked at Kevin’s penis.

Pam walked over, bent down and grabbed it with her index finger and thumb and shook it. Then Terry and Amy walked over. They poked, prodded and squeezed his flaccid dick.

"Hey Kevin," Pam said, squeezing his meat with her fist, "Is this thing broken?"

Kevin blushed and the girls laughed.

Then, as if on cue, Kevin’s dick started getting hard. The girls whooped and shouted, "Woo hoo!"

After Kevin got an erection Martin’s penis would allow itself to deflate from time to time. No one seemed to pay attention to the status of his penis anymore.

They grabbed each other’s breasts, butts and weenies and ran away giggling. Kevin even honked Martin's boner which Martin thought was weird. He didn’t honk Kevin’s penis, though he did honk his butt a few times.

Tired and bruised they bobbed in the water for a while and, one by one, crawled out and sat in the sun next to where their clothes were drying. Pam lit a cigarette. Terry lay in the grass next to her. Then Martin lay next to Terry.

"I'm gonna go look for my clothes," Kevin said.

"Good luck buddy," Martin said, laying flat on his back with his arm over his eyes.

Amy walked with Kevin. She had her arm around his waist. Kevin had his arm across her shoulders.

When they got to the car Kevin said, "Phew, I'm tired." He opened the back door and crawled in.

Amy said, "I forgot my clothes. I'm gonna go back and get ‘em."

"Hurry home," Kevin said.

When Amy got close to where Martin, Terry and Pam had been, she saw that Pam's head was between Terry's legs and Martin was kneeling next to Terry. His dick was in her mouth. Amy was shocked, though she should have expected it.

Amy made some noise as she walked towards them. She wasn't going to be deterred from getting her clothes and her cigarettes.

Martin noticed Amy and tried to pull Terry's head away but she was down to the root on his pecker. He could feel her epiglottis as his dick head went past it.

So Martin looked away as if he didn't see her. He wondered what it would be like to have Amy give him head. It was a cheap thought, Martin said to himself, though it was hard not to think of sex while you're getting your dick sucked.

Martin tried to imagine another place on earth where he would have spent time playing a juvenile game where you went around squeezing sex parts and yelling, 'honk!' He had to admit having the girls squeeze his weenie turned him on. Especially when Amy grabbed it. He wanted to squeeze Amy’s crotch but that seemed out of bounds. Butts and boobs were far more than he expected, so he couldn't complain. Well, along with this ongoing outdoor blowjob.

Martin was a little confused by Pam. She was licking Terry’s pussy. Terry didn't seem gay. Well, Pam didn't either, but they seemed to be lovers, who also enjoyed having Martin there. He wondered if Terry or Pam would let him have sex with one of them. Then he allowed himself to imagine that he was having sex with Amy. Amy was beautiful. She was short, round and cute. She wasn't fat, just not skinny. Terry was skinny. He could see her ribs.

Martin thought there was something wrong with him that he couldn’t live in that moment. That he couldn’t appreciate the fact that he was getting a blowjob. He had to wish for more. For something other than what he already had.

Then Martin felt he was going to cum. He assumed Terry would pull away when she felt his penis start throbbing, knowing he’d be squirting in her mouth soon, but she moaned and kept going. Martin pulled back though he was having spasms of pleasure. Terry grabbed his butt and pulled him tight. She took his penis all the way in and held it there while he came.

"Oh my god!" Martin said, as Terry finished him off. She must've swallowed because she looked up and smiled at him. No traces of cum in her mouth.

"She's good," Pam said, "ain't she?" She had a wry smile on her face as if she envied one of them . . . Terry? Did Pam wish she had blown Martin to completion? Or did she envy Martin having a dick to suckle on?

Martin lay back. Terry lay next to him and patted his chest. Pam lay on his other side and fiddled with his penis. She snuggled into the crook of his arm and breathed on his neck.

Pam was a little heavy and her skin really was pale, but he liked her. He thought he had no room to talk because he was fat, but Pam and Terry seemed to like his size.

Pam breathed into his neck. She whispered, "got another one in ya?"

Martin was startled. This day was magic. He should hang out with Kevin more often. "Honey, baby, sugar," he whispered back, "I got as many as you need."

Pam rolled onto her back, flopped her arms and legs like a starfish and said, "Fuck me please." Martin and Terry laughed. Pam was blunt: she didn’t beat around the bush.

Martin looked at Terry, who was grinning. Martin decided to be silly and said, "Fine! Work work work." Pam and Terry laughed as Martin got on all fours and crawled between Pam's legs. He pushed his finger into her vagina. Not as wet as it could be. He put the finger to his nose and sniffed audibly.

"Ah," he said, "A fine year for pussy. Think I'll take a drink." The girls blushed.

Martin pushed his nose into Pam's vulva and stuck out his tongue. He licked leisurely and massaged her butt cheeks. Terry kissed Pam. Martin could feel she was more than ready now, but he wasn't sure of the play. He had to think of something before his tongue got numb. When he glanced up Pam and Terry were watching him.

"The appetizer is over," Pam said, "time for the main course."

Martin crawled up, fitted his cock into Pam's socket and thrust. He didn't want to thrust too quickly. He didn't have as much experience as Kevin who was three years his junior. Pam was very wet so he didn't feel much friction, which was good. Had she dried up a little he might have cum after three thrusts; if he got that far.

Terry went back to making out with Pam, which was good because, though it was a turn on to watch lesbians kiss, it was a bit of a buzzkill that he wasn't kissing Pam.

Pam hiked up her legs and he penetrated her more deeply. He repositioned his arms so that she could rest her legs while he fucked her in that position. Martin was proud of himself for how long he was going. He felt like his dick was bigger too.

Pam started to moan. Terry rolled to the side and squeezed one of Pam's boobs. Pam grabbed Martin's hips. She was pulling him into her. "Unh unh unh, fuck, oh fuck," she said. "Mmmmm."

Pam had thrown her head back. She was going to orgasm. Martin had never made a girl cum. Not that he knew of, anyway.

Martin started to cum. "Shit!" he thought, "Another minute and Pam would have orgasmed."

Pam must've felt him squirting. She opened her eyes and said, "keep it up Martin, keep fucking me." Her voice sounded reasonable. "Keep fucking me till your dick gets soft."

Terry was behind Martin. She squeezed his butt cheeks. Martin was squirting and all he could think of was, 'honk!'

Martin kept pumping and cumming. He was in ecstasy. He couldn't believe a pretty girl was squeezing his ass while he was cumming inside another one who was saying, "Keep fucking me. I know you can do it. Mmmmm."

Martin got his second wind.

Martin did what Pam told him to do, he just kept pushing his prick in and out of her, waiting for it to get too soft to go in, but it never did. It stayed hard, so he kept thrusting.

"You stayed hard didn't you?" Pam asked Martin. "I knew you would. Guys like to be told what to do. And it turns them on when a girl says 'fuck me'." She was smiling up at him as he plowed away.

Martin always thought he was a premature ejaculator. Come to find out he just hadn't found the right woman. Since he'd already cum inside Pam, she was even more slippery and he thought he'd have to screw her forever before he came again.

Eventually Martin fucked that wry smile off Pam's face because she started to grimace. Terry was behind Martin squeezing his nipples and kissing his back. Pam was writhing under Martin.

"Fuck me you cocksucker!" she said with gritted teeth, as Martin pistoned his penis into her.

Martin was getting tired but it appeared that, if he survived, Pam would orgasm. Pam's insides were clamping and releasing. Martin stopped pumping. Pam said, "Fuck me some more." So he did. Eventually she made a sound like someone finishing a difficult bowel movement and she was still.

Pam said, "That was great." She patted Martin's belly with both hands and said, "Thanks."

Martin pulled out. Still on his knees he bowed to Pam and said, "Glad I could be of service." He looked at Terry and said, "You madam will have to wait your fucking turn while I recover." Then he blushed. He couldn't believe he'd just said that. He waited for Pam and Terry's reaction.

At first the girls were shocked, though it seemed odd that anything could shock them at this point. Their mouths made 'O' shapes. They looked at each other and guffawed.

Martin fell back in the grass, relieved.

When Amy got back to the car Kevin had fallen asleep. She wasn't sure what to do. She thought about what she wanted to do. She wanted to have sex with him.

Amy had never thought that about a guy before. Well, not one she knew, personally. There were musicians she'd fantasized about having sex with, but never a live guy. One that was a possibility and sleeping naked in her back seat. He just seemed so fun to be around. He wasn't 'chasing pussy'. Any guy she went out with was constantly trying to get her to take her pants off and she already had her pants off.

Amy almost laughed. She looked down at herself, standing in a meadow, completely naked. 'Alright' she said to herself, 'maybe he did wanna get my pants off, but I took them off voluntarily. He wasn't making me, or trying to pull them off with his teeth.' And now she wanted to make the beast with two backs. She figured that was what Martin and the girls were doing, in one combination or another.

The door that Kevin had opened was still hanging wide. She walked to it and looked around. Suddenly she was concerned that she was completely naked and was about to get in her car with a completely naked boy. A boy she wanted to, 'do it', with.

Amy looked at Kevin laying there. It was odd that he didn't have an erection. Amy didn't think she'd ever seen a non erect pecker before. Any time she was close to one, the guy was already thinking about sex or a blowjob, so it was already inflated.

Amy thought back to when they were all honking each other's privates. She remembered grabbing Kevin's dingaling and squeezing. Because he wasn't erect she ended up grabbing his balls along with his dick. Kevin groaned and Amy promised to kiss it and make it better but Kevin was already chasing her, trying to honk her butt.

Amy pulled herself into the backseat of the car. She looked around, paranoid. She touched his penis. Kevin woke up. "Huh?" he asked.

"Shh," Amy said. He reached his arm out and pulled her over the top of him.

"Oh," Amy thought, "here we go." She was prepared to fend him off even though she had just decided she wanted to . . . to fuck him. "If he thinks he can just." But he pulled her up next to him in the seat and said, 'Sh.' He wanted her to take a nap with him.

Now Amy really wanted to screw him . . . after a little nap.

When Amy woke up the shaft of Kevin's penis was resting in the crack of her butt. "Here we go," she thought again, but when she looked up he was asleep. Not much time had passed, but she thought if she didn't screw him soon, it might not happen. Did she want to? She wiggled her butt on his penis and her insides melted. She wanted to try it again.

Amy reached behind her and stroked his dick. It was really big when it was hard. Well, the tip was. It was like a mushroom. Kevin moaned. She thought, "I'll just suck him awake." She rolled off the seat onto her knees and he woke up.

"Oh," he said, "Hey." He rolled onto his back, stretched luxuriously and rubbed his eyes. "Man, that felt good," he said.

He sat up. Amy was between his knees. He pulled her onto his lap. She was so ready. She got up and straddled him. Her vagina was inches from his big headed prick. She pushed down a little and his erection brushed her vulva.

"Whoa," he said, "You're a virgin, I thought you were saving it."

"Oh," she said, "that ol' thing?" Amy shrugged. "I didn't really like it anyway." It was true. Even though she wasn't technically a 'golden ass' virgin, it was just one more thing she would have to explain to someone, that she wasn't interested in explaining. She had seen porn and knew sex could be good, she just didn't like all the pawing and grunting. "I've done it before," she said and shrugged.

"Oh really," Kevin said, tilting his head and squinting his eyes. "Then why do frick and frack think you gotta golden ass?"

Amy was getting tired of the conversation and was afraid that the penis she was touching with her labia would never be inside of her. So, with a bit of a blush, she said, "I let my cousin screw me one time." Kevin's eyes grew wide. "It was a long time ago," Amy said, thinking that Kevin would be turned off if he had known it was recent. "I just didn't like it. He was way too aggressive and he squirted like that," Amy said, and snapped her fingers.

That it might have happened recently was not what Kevin was widening his eyes over. "Her cousin?" he thought, "That's kind of fucked up."

Kevin put a hand on her shoulder and said, "So, my little golden ass, you’ve done it and now you wanna do it with me?"

Amy blushed from her pinky toes to the inside of her nose. She grinned and nodded. She knew she was ready.

Kevin pushed his penis up a little and the head pressed on her slit. They looked each other in the eye. Kevin leaned forward and kissed her. It was the first time. She leaned into it and put her hands on his head. Kevin's penis pushed into her a little more and Amy let her weight drop a little. He was two inches inside her. She bobbed up and down a little. She could feel him in there. She knew there was dick inside her. It hurt but it was okay.

Kevin pulled her back and, with his penis two inches in her pussy, said, "Are you sure?" When she nodded, blushing violently, he said, "Okay."

Kevin pivoted and lay her flat on her back, his penis still snuggly a few inches inside her. He braced one leg on the floor and looking Amy in the eye pushed his cock all the way in.

Amy grimaced a little.

"Did I hurt you?" Kevin asked.

"No," she said, "you have a long penis. It's kinda bigger when it's . . . in there." She felt filled with his penis. It did hurt but felt kind of good. Not really good yet.

"Let me know if I hurt you," he said, "I don't wanna hurt you." She nodded and he pulled back. Then he pushed in. Amy's juices let loose and she was now very wet. Kevin knew she was ready to fuck.

He nestled his head next to hers and slowly pumped; willing himself not to cum too soon. He was a cocksman, though he really didn't know what that meant. Men have cocks . . . why wouldn't all of them be cocksmen?

He pushed in and out of Amy as she cried. She had never felt anything like this before. Her pain blended with his pleasure.

Before long Kevin's orgasm was inevitable and he lifted up to see her tears. He stopped and Amy smacked him on the butt. She squeezed his butt cheeks. She pulled him to her thinking it would get him started again. She wanted him to go on and she wanted him to be done.

"Hey," he said, holding her face, "why are you crying?"

"Because it feels so good!" she lied, "now c'mon, let's do this." Amy didn’t know what to expect but Kevin lasted a LOT longer than Tim. He was like a long distance runner.

Kevin fucked her. It wasn’t long before Kevin was squirting.

"Mmmm," said Kevin.

"Wow," said Amy.

Kevin sighed. He sat up and saw that Martin and the girls were standing about ten feet away. When they saw him they started cheering.

Amy jumped up and blushed when she saw everyone standing there. "Shit!" she said.

"I think the cat's out of the bag," Kevin said.

Martin had walked past the car when he discovered his friend was in flagrante delicto. He motioned for the girls to stay back, but of course they sneaked up to the side to see that Amy had joined the team, so to speak. They watched Kevin's luminous ass humping up and down while he screwed Amy.

Pam was tempted to punch Kevin’s ass. She had mixed feelings about him devirginizing her little sister.

Martin ushered the girls a reasonable distance away from the car. He motioned for them to put on their clothes while his friend finished his business.

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