Girly Weed Pipes And Bongs

Girly Weed Pipes And Bongs


If your looking for a nice girly water-pipe (also known as a bong) to burn out and smoke some weed you came to the right place! Our goal is to mention a few water-pipe products that look nice and are perfect for smoking the ganja. Lets look at some of the bongs! :)

Oh and by the way! All of these weed pipes can be found on RockyGreenKing. Just look for the girly water-pipes.

The Tall Squiggly Weed Bong

Tall Squiggly Weed Bong

I really like this weed pipe because you would be hard pressed to find a girly water-pipe with a big ol squiggle on it. It looks super cute and the curves give you more surface area to help get that cannabis smoke less harsh.

What Strain Goes Good With This?

Mango Kush

I would be very inclined to load it up with some Mango Kush. This is a premium strain I saw for sale on buymarijuanastrains (just google it). Its an Indica Dominant Hybrid which would go great with any bong. Load it up into this girly weed pipe and your going to get that nice high sedative high. I feel relaxed already! Lets move to the next bong: :)

The Girly Straight Tube Bubbler

A Weed Straight Tube Bubbler

As you know I'm a sucker for pretty bongs ;D. This Girly Straight Tube Weed Pipe is super big and very roomy! (You can put a ton of weed in it!). Why do I like it? Well it has an awesome graphic, its simple in design, and it comes in pink!

What Strain Goes Good With This?

Gelato Strain

This is another premium strand I saw listed on buymarijuanastrains. This is another Indica dominant hybrid which is going to do you wonders if your trying to just mellow out! The aroma is sickly sweet which is why we think this would go great with a girly weed pipe.

Hot Pink Bong - It Glows in the Dark

Hot Pink Bong

I love this hot pink water-pipe because its affordable, its my favorite color (hot pink) and it glows in the dark! Load your herb up into its massive bowl and just zone out and listen to some strange clouds ;) I like it when the color of my lingerie matches my bong!

What Strain Goes Good With This?

Bubba Kush

You know some of you might hate me for saying this, but i'm going to go with bubba Kush on this one. You guessed it another Indica weed ( I love my indicas ^_^). You get some powerful tranquilizing jazz with this one and this is the offspring of the famous Northern Lights Strain. When you load this up into your weed pipe your going to get some powerful euphoria, in part from its high levels of THC. Get the hot pink bong, and load it with some Bubba Kush!

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