Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 80

Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 80

Miss White and Jodie slept into the early afternoon, and when they finally woke up, Miss White wasted no time putting on Monika's coat with nothing underneath. They went downstairs for brunch and Miss White felt deliciously naughty sitting there stark naked under the soft, luxurious fur.

After brunch they went for a stroll, and in a dark corner with no one around, Miss White opened the coat, grinning as she flashed Jodie with her nude body. She pulled Jodie close and closed the coat around the both of them. It felt delightful, and as soon as they got back to their room, Miss White had Jodie take off all her clothes and join her again under the coat. It was the ultimate in warmth, softness, and intimacy, and they savored it for several wonderful minutes before Miss White opened the coat again, took a few steps backward, and sat down with her legs spread. Jodie, taking the cue, dropped to her knees and crawled between them.

Afterward they showered. It occurred to Miss White that the coat was probably going to need a cleaning by the time they returned it, and she hoped she wasn't being disrespectful. But surely Monika had intended for them to enjoy it to the fullest?

Once they were clean, Miss White decided that Jodie also needed to experience what it was like to walk around with just a fur coat on. She herself put on black jeans and a black sweater, trying to blend into the background. 

And indeed Jodie drew many looks as they walked around Vegas. It was a continual source of pleasure to Miss White to know that her lover's luscious young body was covered with nothing but fur. This time when they returned to the room Miss White laid Jodie down on the bed, tied her hand and foot, and opened the coat. She enjoyed this lovely tableau as she slowly stripped off her clothes, then climbed on for a long, sumptuous 69 that kept them occupied till dinnertime.

For dinner Miss White took the coat back, and Jodie wore her black dress. They had a fabulous French meal and afterwards, as they walked past an upscale boutique, Miss White was struck with an impulse. When they came out of the boutique Jodie had a fur stole wrapped around her neck. This one wasn't real fur — and hence not terribly expensive — but it was, if anything, even softer and more sensuous than the coat. Miss White promptly took Jodie upstairs, posed her on hands and knees wearing only the stole, and strap-on fucked her senseless.

After that it was off to bed. They had a flight to catch in the morning.

* * *

Jenny woke up with her hand still resting on her crotch and the same image in her head that had been there when she fell asleep: Kristin was sandwiched between Nicola and Lina Santini, licking the mother's pussy while the daughter tasted her. Yawning and stretching, Jenny began to languidly rub herself, enjoying the little fantasy in the judgement-free zone of her head.

But then she was startled out of her reverie by the sound of her mother's voice from behind the door. "Honey, are you coming down for breakfast?"

Momentarily annoyed, Jenny snapped, "Yeah, mom, geez." When she heard her mother's footsteps retreating, she tried to pick up where she'd left off, but the mood was broken. Sighing, she slipped out of bed and started getting dressed.

* * *

It was around noon on Christmas Eve day when Miss White and Jodie landed in New Orleans. Upon checking in they had been surprised to find that their tickets were in first class. Miss White had never flown in first class before, and Jodie had never been on a plane, period. But they settled in quickly; Miss White drank two glasses of Champagne and took a nap while Jodie watched movies.

As they walked into the NO airport they saw a uniformed driver, a handsome black man in his forties, holding a sign that said "A. White." They felt very pampered — and a little sheepish — in their furry finery as they followed the driver to the car.

Miss White had never aspired to wealth, but she had to admit there were aspects of this lifestyle that she could get used to. The limo had a well-stocked bar and she fixed herself a martini, then relaxed back into the plush leather seat. She was tempted to have Jodie go down on her right there in the car, and had it been a female driver, she probably would have done it. But she didn't want to give the driver any ideas and get into some awkward situation. When he'd helped Miss White and Jodie off with their coats as they got in, the look he gave them had been a priceless mixture of surface politeness and ill-hidden lust. And who could blame him?

It was a gloriously sunny day and just crisp enough that Miss White was quite comfortable outside once she got the coat back on. She took out a hundred-dollar-bill and tried to hand it to the driver, who shook his head. "All taken care of."

"Please," said Miss White, holding out the bill. "It's Christmas."

Grinning, the driver took the cash. "Thank you kindly, ma'am." He reached into his pocket and handed her a business card. "Any place you want to go, any time of the day or night, I'm your man."

Looking down at the card, which said "Joseph Charles," Miss White nodded. "Thank you, Joseph." He gallantly carried their single suitcase up onto the patio before getting back into his car and taking off.

Monika's house was a stately mini-mansion in the Garden District, and Miss White whistled as they approached it. This was high-rent living, for sure, but the house was not ostentatious, just beautiful and classy. 

The door was answered by a stunning blonde in her mid-twenties. Miss White looked her up and down admiringly; the maid's uniform she was wearing was not as revealing as Jodie's, but it showed considerably more skin than most, and this girl had a lot to show off. She had long, shapely legs, a tiny waist, and boobs just this side of ridiculous. Miss White smiled. It did not surprise her at all to learn that Monika hired help of this quality.

"You must be Ms. White," she said. She got the title wrong but Miss White didn't say anything; she felt a little embarrassed at having so openly ogled the poor girl. But when she looked into the maid's eyes, which were a luminous shade of purplish-blue, Miss White saw nothing there but friendliness and welcome.

"That's right. And this is Jodie."

"Of course, Ms. Mahler told me all about you. My name is Anastasia, but everyone calls me Annie. Won't you please come in?" She had a peculiar but charming accent that was mostly Russian but also a little bit Southern; her voice was both husky and melodious. 

As she closed the door behind them, Annie added, "Ms. Mahler apologizes, she intended to be here when you arrived, but she had to run out for a bit. She promises to hurry back." After helping them off with their coats — Miss White surrendered the fur with some regret, having grown quite fond of it — Annie led them to a living room where a fire was crackling and bade them be seated. On the way they passed the largest Christmas tree Miss White had ever seen in person, the top of which was out of sight in the stairwell above.

"What can I bring you to drink?" asked Annie.

Miss White thought for a moment. "Some hot tea, I think."

"Yeah, that sounds good," added Jodie.

"Something to eat?" said Annie.

"No, we ate on the plane. Thank you." 

Annie spun sharply on her heel and as she walked away, Miss White's eyes were glued to her sweetly wiggling derriere. When she was out of sight Miss White looked over at Jodie and grinned. This promised to be an interesting holiday indeed.