Girlfriend's Sister Comes to Visit

Girlfriend's Sister Comes to Visit

My name is Sameer. My girlfriend's name is Priya. We both are in our late 20's. We both work for an IT company in Bangalore. We are in a live-in relationship since 2 years. We know each other from last 7 years. She has a super-hot elder sister by the name Ankita. Ankita is just 1 year elder to Priya, doing her PhD. I have met her couple of times in Pune when I had been to meet Priya.

Ankita knows about our live-in relationship, her parents don't know yet. They just know that we are in a relationship and work for the same company and Priya stays in a PG girls' hostel. We both are usually busy at work, sometimes even on weekends. But we still manage to take out time for each other. Lucky for me Priya is pretty active in bed and is not hesitant to express her desires.

We both have an active lifestyle because of which I have managed to maintain a fit body and Priya does yoga which is evident in our love making sessions. She has a great body 5"4 height, small perky breasts and a perfect butt.

We both were free the coming weekend and I was looking forward to get away on a weekend trip. But then, on Thursday Priya got a call from Ankita saying she was planning to come to Bangalore to visit us for the weekend. Priya hadn't been home for past 8 months and I couldn't say no. So, we just postponed our vacation and decided to spend time with her sister.

We were supposed to pick her up on Saturday morning. Her flight would land at 8am. I woke up on Saturday morning to an excited feeling of Priya stroking my morning wood. I opened my eyes and saw it was already 6:30 am. She planted a kiss on my lips and told me that she was feeling guilty for postponing our trip and wanted to make up for that. I told her we would be late for airport and didn't have much time. But she was in no mood to listen.

She was already between my legs stroking my dick, kissing the tip, tasting my precum. Slowly she engulfed my entire dick in her mouth and started sucking me. She released my dick from her mouth with a pop sound and started sucking my balls, stroking my dick. Then she looked at me, staring into my eyes. She knows how much it turns me on. Then she kept sucking me for a while.

After some time, she stood up and slipped off her night dress bending over giving me a show. She knows how much I like her butt. Then she got up and slowly lowered herself over my dick till it completely disappeared in her soaking pussy. She likes to ride me which is her favorite position. It was heavenly to see her perfect body on top of me.

The excitement and the fact that we were getting late for airport made her to ride faster than usual. She got her orgasm with a loud scream which was loud enough to wake up our neighbors. She got down, made me sit at the edge of the bed and knelt down in front of me and started sucking me again. She told me she wanted me to finish in her mouth. I couldn't hold much longer and ejaculated deep down her throat. She kissed me again and we hit the shower together. On the way to airport I was thinking that it would be dull and boring weekend.

Priya was happy seeing her elder sister. Ankita was looking gorgeous. She had lost some weight from the time I saw her last time. Ankita was wearing a tight T- shirt and denim shorts. Her breasts were struggling to come out. She was showing fair amount of cleavage. She noticed me stare at her breasts. I just turned away. Didn't want to creep her out. Drive home was good. We stopped at a restaurant for breakfast and coffee. Ankita told she will be completing her PhD soon and would be marrying her longtime boyfriend Saahil.

We reached home and Ankita went to take shower. She must be tired after an early morning flight. I was having this strange excited feeling thinking that she was nude just in the next room, few feet away from me. I could hear the bathroom door open and I was just imagining how sexy she must be looking with wet hair and water dripping off her sexy body, lucky Saahil anyway.

After a few minutes she called out Priya and asked for her Phone charger. Apparently, she forgot hers at home. Priya was in kitchen so she asked me to give instead.

I knocked on the door. She asked me to come in and there she was drying her hair with just wearing a towel and nothing else. She was not feeling shy at all. Her sexy thighs were on display and I could make out the shape of her ass as well. Before it became awkward, I just kept the charger on table and came out. I got a feeling that she was really enjoying this.

Rest of the day was uneventful. We went out to a shopping mall in the evening and we were back home by 9 after dinner.

Ankita changed into a sleeveless top and shorts. She was clearly not wearing a bra as her side boob was on display.

Priya suggested that we all have some wine. So, I went and opened up a bottle and served all of us. Priya asked Ankita about Saahil as to when was he coming back from US. Ankita told that he was about to finish his MS in computer sciences and would be coming back soon. Priya was suggesting that Ankita must be missing Saahil so much with a mischievous smile on her face to which Ankita responded "Yes indeed ". Both of them started laughing. I was just sitting and sipping wine enjoining the company of two beautiful ladies.

We started watching something on Netflix. Priya already had 2-3 glasses of wine. She gets a bit horny when she is drunk and I could make out the way she was slowly rubbing her legs onto mine. Just then Ankita's phone rang and she went to her room to answer it. Priya quickly gave me a kiss while reaching for my dick under my shorts. She gave it a couple of strokes. Making me hard. She said "baby I want you inside me right now". I just told her to wait till her sister goes to bed. We both adjusted ourselves as her sister came out. We continued drinking wine.

The movie we were watching had several sex scenes in it. It was a bit embarrassing to watch it in front of Ankita who was not at all uncomfortable. Ankita sensed my discomfort and told me to relax saying that both sisters talked openly about their sex life with each other . so, there was no need for me to be uncomfortable, which Priya had never told me. She went on to say that Priya had even told her the story of how she lost her virginity. It was during one of us on an engineering trip.

In fact, Ankita even said she was sorry that we had to cut short our session that morning due to our airport visit. I just elbowed Priya playfully for being too open about it. I was still feeling a bit shy. Then Priya started teasing her sister about how she had seen love bites on her neck and breast suggesting she likes it wild in bed and remembered one time when their parents were away, Priya had come home earlier than usual and heard faint moaning noises from her parents' bedroom.

She saw Ankita fully nude giving a blowjob to her boyfriend who was blindfolded, hands tied behind his head. Ankita was kneeling down in between his legs with her ass and pussy to the door. Priya was shocked to see her kinky sister like this and in spite of knowing it's not good to watch, she stood there transfixed and watched her sister go on top of him and guiding his dick to her pussy and started riding him reverse cowgirl.

Ankita saw Priya at the door, just smiled at her and kept riding shamelessly. It was Ankita's turn to feel a shy now. But she played it cool. All this talk about sex was making me very hard. Ankita got a call again. This time it was Saahil. So, she called it a night and went to her room.

As soon as she closed the door Priya came on top of me and kissed me tightly. I lifted her and carried her to our bed room. She immediately closed the door and started undressing me. she went down on me and took my already throbbing dick in her mouth and started sucking me telling how badly she wanted it. She was stroking my full length alternatively sucking my balls.

I told her I never knew she shared our sex life with her sister to which she told Ankita had seen our sex chats in Priya's phone once she had gone home during our engineering holidays. So she had to come clean with her. Later it became natural for them to discuss about it.

After a while I pulled her up as I was getting close and I came on top of her and started kissing her neck behind the earlobe which drives her crazy. I remover her t shirt n kissed her nipples sucking on them. Slowly went down, kissed her inner thighs, and gave gentle kisses to her pussy lips. She was already drenched down there. Started nibbling on her clitoris and started licking her pussy. She started moaning loudly. I told her Ankita can listen as the walls were pretty thin to which she said "hope so", as this will be the closest Ankita will be to getting laid.

Who was I to complain? with that I introduced 2 fingers in her pussy and started licking and finger fucking her. Within no time I could feel her orgasm building. The way she was clenching the bed sheet and pressing her thighs on my head tightly. She let out a loud moan and collapsed on bed releasing her grip. I went and hugged her from behind allowing her to recover. Slowly her breathing normalized and her hand found my dick and started stroking.

I pulled her to the edge of the bed. Standing on floor in front of her with her legs on my shoulder I started rubbing my dick on her pussy lips teasing her. I was enjoying the way her pussy becomes super sensitive post orgasm. Then she gave me this angry look as to stop teasing and start fucking. I buried my dick deep in her pussy. Started fucking her in long and slow strokes.

I was taking my time building the rhythm. She was excited more than usual. She locked her legs behind my back n started pulling me closer to her, so I increased my pace and we were making a lot of noise. I am sure Ankita was definitely able to hear us.

Priya got up from bed and turned around positioning herself on hands and knees. The way she arches her back and lifts her ass up is amazing. I held her hips and started fucking her from behind.

Then I held her hair and pulled and she turned back n looked at me with that lust filled eyes enjoying my stroke. Her moaning became loud along with sounds of our bodies were making... Priya was nearing her second orgasm. I could feel her thigh muscles clench.

She screamed loudly "Fuck me harder". "Fuck me harder". Which I did obediently.

Suddenly I saw door was a bit ajar. Priya must have not closed the door properly in a hurry. Now I could clearly see Ankita standing there and watching us. Don't know for how long. Our eyes met and she didn't even blink. l was embarrassed and excited at the same time. I was in no position to stop. It was hot as fuck to be watched by Ankita knowing that she was enjoying the pounding her sister was getting.

Priya was having her second orgasm her legs trembling and face buried in the pillow. I pulled out and blew my load on Priya's ass and back, we both laid down next to each other panting. Priya snuggled up to me, kissed me and said it was one of the best sexes of her life. Then I told her Ankita was watching us all this while.

She just said "hope we put up a good show". And went to clean herself up. Later we kissed good night and slept off.

The next morning, I woke up first. Saw Priya sleeping naked next to me. l let her sleep. I pulled up my shorts and went to kitchen to make some coffee. Ankita was already in the kitchen. Suddenly all the previous night events came into my head. I wished her good morning without looking at her. She sensed my embarrassment.

She said "Relax Sameer, I fully enjoyed the show. It was only fair as Priya has already watched me fuck before." Infact she was happy to see her sister is being taken care of properly. With that she went back to her room. I went to wake up Priya with some hot coffee and a question, Did she keep the door open deliberately? Anyway the weekend didn't turn out to be boring after all.