Get to France - with J.R. Skye

Get to France - with J.R. Skye

J.R. Skye

Large and small walls, quasi-ruined or exemplary restored palaces and castles - the exact number of architectural curiosities springing up from the ground within the wide open borders of France is initially confusing and shows quite different numbers due to different assessment standards. Definitely responsible for adding or even subtracting all possible candidates into a more or less reliable database is...

...the French Ministry of Culture with its list Base Mérimée ("Database for monuments of architecture, soil and gardens in France"). This collection shows that there are around 44,000 listed buildings ( monuments historiques ) in France, of which around 6,450 are castles and mansions, 900 of which are state-owned and the rest privately owned.

Special mention should be made of the exact definition of the term château (in French, as is well known, en général initially means "castle"), because this architecture in the country stands -exactly, madame - for "a stately building outside", while palais mostly stands for castles "within" French city limits.

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