Get rid of those blackheads

Get rid of those blackheads


The best over-the-counter products for blackhead removal contains salicylic acid which is a natural product derived from Salicin which is commonly found in the bark of Populus species.

Salicylic acid (also referred to as BHA) simply is the best for resolving the blackheads. You can find soap, cleanser and cream with salicylic acid, but the longer the exposure to the ingredient the better result, hence leave-on creme gives you the best result. After 1 week with creme your blackheads should be gone, some will dissolve themselves and some will remove when washing. 

Important notice is that blackheads are very natural and it is not a sign of being dirty if you have them. It is simply the oil in your skin mixed with dead skin that sites in your pores that turns black when exposed to the air.

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