Get around to Downloading Files From GDrive

Get around to Downloading Files From GDrive


Recently, Google made some changes to Google Drive's functionality causing 'issues' to users who wish to download files from Shared Links / Folders.

When trying to download a file, a bubble pops-up that states:

"Download quota exceeded for this file, so you can't download it at this time"

Earlier, we could get past this by simply "Making a Copy" of the files into our drives but this no longer stands valid. Once a file reaches it's download quota, the file copy method becomes useless. You can only create a copy of the file while it's still downloadable.

The Solution.

There isn't any technical solution at the time of writing this post, so I will just mention the one and only method I know of.

> Download the whole thing.

Simply press the folder name (if on desktop) and press "Download" option to download the whole shared folder as a zip file.

The zipping process surely takes some time depending upon the number of files and their size, but it downloads the files and that's what we need, so nothing to cry about.

Similarly, if you need to download a few specific files, select them together, (ctrl + clicks) and Right Click > Download.

This will zip the selected files and download them.

If you need to download a single file, well, you can but you will still need to zip it. So, just select one more file to zip them together and download them.

If you unable to follow through that long textual detail, try watching the stuff below.

Hope this helps.