Get Best Solution to Remove McAfee Security Center

Get Best Solution to Remove McAfee Security Center

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The article describes how to eliminate McAfee Security Center in the computer. However, we still recommend you to follow them carefully to avoid facing issues. Doing so will help save you a great deal of time and from the frustrations that are anonymous.

McAfee Security Center is an antivirus application from McAfee. Supporting antivirus, antivirus, network manager, McAfee virus scan, and Site Adviser among other attributes, the package provides a superb solution for the computer's security and for use all features of mcafee you have to call to get best help. Despite that you may desire to uninstall the application in the computer due to anonymous explanations. Here go the hints that you uninstall from McAfee support Center.


Close any program window that is currently opened in your Desktop. Click on the Start menu and then browse to Control Panel and Add or Remove Programs. Allow the window replicate with apps. If you see a window showing a list of components in the program, check all them and hit Remove. When prompted, confirm the removal by pressing the Yes button Continue (whatever you see there). Allow the wizard manage the elimination procedure. Restart computer when prompted.

If you're a Windows 7 or Vista user, click the Start button and type apps and attributes' (without quotations as well as is) and hit the Enter key. It will open up the listing of programs which have to be altered or removed. Find McAfee Security Center and choose it. Click the Uninstall or Uninstall Change button. Confirm the removal. Wait for the wizard to finish the process. When prompted, restart your PC.

Connect to the internet and obtain the MCPR.exe (McAfee Consumer Product Removal) tool from the official McAfee Site. Thereafter, browse to the place, find the setup file, and open it to run the setup. Adhere to the on-screen instructions and finish the installation. When done, locate and open MCPR.exe file. Run the cleanup process. When done, the application will display a Cleanup Successful message. Close to the application window and then restart your PC.

Added Tips:

It is also possible to download and then run a registry cleaner tool to clean up the leftover registry keys of McAfee Security Center. Save the download file and run its own installation. When done, open the tool and run a scan to your own registry entries. The application will bring up the debatable registry entries and wait for your prompt to start their cleanup. Prompt it to perform the cleanup. You also have to make a restore point before performing the cleanup. This will help you reverse any changes that might corrupt your system.