General INFO Of RealKing-Kernel

General INFO Of RealKing-Kernel

Rohail Khan🇵🇰|| MMX® ||

•MiUi builds Uses Immensity-x as kernel base.

→Miui builds uses Walt scheduler

→Has it's Own DtBo inside.

•Aosp Builds Uses N0-kernel as Base

→Aosp Uses Pelt scheduler ( So If Benchmarks are low don't complain to me)

→ Has it's Own DTBO inside.

•Don't forget to check ""note in main group.

✓What's the Difference between Pelt and Walt?

To keep it User-friendly:

°Pelt scheduler provides Better Performance and Battery backup But the catch is it provides low benchmarks.

°Walt on the other Hand Provides less Performance and BB "THAN" pelt but has higher Benchmarks scores.


°Becauses MIUi Roms are allergic To pelt scheduler, they are made in a way that only Walt can work with them so in general For Miui and miui based Roms Walt is better than pelt.

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