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Gapps Download Link

Box In A Box

Gapps Download

Box In A Box

These Gapps Are For The Following Devices:

  • Redmi Note 9 / Redmi 10x 4g : merlinx(merlin)
  • Redmi 9 / Redmi 9 Prime : lancelot, galahad
  • Poco M2 : shiva

There Are Two Types Of Gapps, Choose Wisely!

  • Type1: Gapps That Will Only Install Basic Gapps
  • Type2: Gapps That Will Install Basic Gapps And Remove Stock AOSP Apps Like Browser, Gallery, AOSP Calendar, AOSP Calculator, You Can Always Install Google Apps From Playstore Like Chrome, GoogleContacts, Google Photos [Recommended If You Want To Install ANXCamera, Read Further In This Post]

Download Links

[OPTIONAL] If You Do Not Plan To Root Your Device, But Still Want MIUI Camera, And It's Features, Flash This: CLICK-ME

[OPTIONAL] If You Don't Want to Install Recovery-Based-MIUI-Camera, Or Plan To Use The Magisk Version, You Could Install Some Addons For Obtaining Some Pixel Features

Here Is The List Of Addons:

  • Pixel Launcher: For Installing Pixel Launcher and getting select text option in App Recent's Screen: Download: CLICK-ME
  • Google Battery Saver: To Get Google's Battery Saver: Download: CLICK-ME
  • Device-Health-Services: To Get Battery Estimated Time In Settings --> Battery: Download: CLICK-ME
  • Google Sounds: To Get Google Pixel Ringtones, Notification Sounds, Alarm Ringtones, etc: Download: CLICK-ME

[NOTE]: Installing Too Many Addons Will Lead To Storage Shortage Issues, And Impact Perfomance, Its Recommended To use Google Playstore when possible, and only flash addon-apps that aren't availaible on Google Playstore

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