Games Not Games

Games Not Games

curators: supr & wasdswag

list of works selected for the exhibition in Electromuseum (Moscow, Russia)

Orchids to Dusk

Pol Clarissou

France, 2015

You are an astronaut stranded on an alien planet, with only a few minutes left to live.


Cosmo D (Greg Heffernan)

USA, 2015

Explore the secret passageways, interact with strangers, dig for records, and get hypnotized by the soundtrack.


Fernando Ramallo, David Kanaga

USA, 2015

Explore incredible digital landscapes that change to your command in an immersive musical adventure through space and time.

Let It Happen

Supr (Yuliya Kozhemyako)

Russia, 2017

A toy based on anti-corruption protests in Russia.


Patrick Stefaniak

USA, 2015

One cube. Multiple cameras.

Pippin Barr

Canada, 2015

The decrepit chestnut strikes back! Games! Art! It's an art gallery so it's art! But there's no art in it so it isn't! But maybe that's art so it is! But it's a videogame so it isn't! But everything is different now so it is!

Southbank Portrait 

Ian MacLarty

Canada, 2015

The landscapes in the game are generated from photos I took around the South Bank area of Melbourne during the jam.

Islands: Non-Places

Carl Burton

USA, 2016

The familiar becomes magical in this critically acclaimed interactive artscape. Explore ten scenes inspired by the everyday and let your expectations of reality be transformed.


WASDSWAG (Fedor Balashov)

Russia, 2017

7 days of creation sim. It's all about fragile balance and how hard to be a God in your own small 3d space.


Troy Duguid / Jack A Perkins

Germany, 2016

Digital structures formed from an audience adding, subtracting and rearranging modular pieces.

Genius Loci

Gaël Bourhis

France, 2016

A short game about passing time and architectural memories.


Stephen Clark

USA, 2015

A short game / digital comic about final weeks spent by auhor with his dad.

Protein Motel

Michael Rfdshir

Russia, 2017

A story about humans consciousness in a world where a technological singularity has come.


Supr (Yuliya Kozhemyako)

Russia, 2016-17



Luxuria Superbia

Tale of Tales (Auriea Harvey & Michaël Samyn)

Belgium, 2013

A simple game of touch, pleasure and joy made for fingers on touchscreens and joysticks on computers.


David O'Reilly

USA, 2014

Ambient procedural mountain game.

Spectrum Crush Zine

alpha_rats (Anastasia Semenoff)

Germany, 2016-17

Zine dedicated to alternative video games and digital garbage of all sorts.


alpha_rats (Anastasia Semenoff) / Vladimir Storm

Germany, 2017

Go from the womb through the cycle of life exploring an abstract, alien and organic world.

Der Grosse Gottlieb

Daniël Ernst 

Netherlands, 2017

Gottlieb built his tower of chairs to reach the stars and try to leave his his aching heart behind.

Memory of a Broken Dimension

xra (Ezra Hanson-White)

USA, 2017

Dive into an emulator of obscure research hardware dredged off the net.


Supr (Yuliya Kozhemyako) and Rkktkk (Margarita Skomorokh)

Russia, 2017

Overseas: Tlön is about the fleetingness of a moment, which cannot be captured without being destroyed.

Data Mutations

aaartgames collective


The question this project seeks to inquire is: which kinds of experimental interactive systems are possible in the framework of commercial game engine if the pressure of time consuming, skill-heavy asset creation is circumvented by the creation of a collective gene pool?

Game Ideas 

Pippin Barr

Canada, 2015-2017

3D temps réel

Tale of Tales

Belgium, 2016



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