GTA 6 Release Date -Game News

GTA 6 Release Date -Game News

Pedro Jogalo

Any talk about the upcoming game, and especially the discussion of rumors, does not make much sense if the game comes out, in simple terms, do not understand when. However, we still try to collect those grains of reliable information that are available - and to warm up your interest and brighten up the expectation with various guesses about the release date of GTA VI.

In July 2019, an analyst at the Jefferies Group investment company, discussing the prospects for investing in Take-Two, the owner of Rockstar Games and the publisher of the Grand Theft Auto series, advised to refrain from investing in its shares, saying the following: “We can’t find short-term catalysts that would significantly increased current performance. Despite the undeniable success of GTA and RDR, we believe that Take-Two is now in an unstable position, given the timing of the next release. ” In other words, even investors do not expect GTA 6 to be released anytime soon.

Official information

Regarding the release date, there were no official statements, however, there were many reports from Take-Two officials and various Rockstar divisions, which again allowed us to roughly estimate the scope of work and, accordingly, the expected release date. So, Leslie Benzis, the former president of Rockstar North, once mentioned that the map in the next GTA will be larger than in all previous ones, including Los Santos. An even more significant figure, Strauss Zelnik, CEO of Take-Two, sharing information on future releases, expressed a desire to “compress the graphs” of the games. At least, in his words, "no further expansion [of the schedule] is expected."

About future releases

"In fact, I would expect that in many cases it is release schedules may shrink. I think you are right in that our ability to interact with consumers on a long-term basis has allowed us to achieve less pressure when introducing a new game to the market. However, we also find ourselves at a crossroads between the time it takes for the creators to create the best that they are capable of in the industry, on the one hand, and what the consumer wants, on the other, given also that creating anticipation is a plus. We also believe that giving the titles a break is great. My opinion 12 years ago was clearly unpopular when we said that it makes no sense to release anything other than sports titles every year, but now most would agree. However, I also think that 8 years is probably too long."

Zelnik once again confirmed the policy of Rockstar and Take-Two as a whole, consisting in the maximum study of all aspects of the quality of the developed games. We think that many would prefer to wait a couple of months if it's worth it (which almost all the studio's work proves). On the other hand, we see at least a desire to minimize the gap between releases, which is good news.

A bit of analytics

Another possible approach, besides obtaining information directly, is to try to detect a trend. And the easiest option is to analyze the release dates of the previous parts. If we take all the years of release of key games in the Grand Theft Auto series, from the first (1997) to GTA V (2013), ignoring mobile (like Chinatown Wars) and extensions (like the DLC "The Ballad of Gay Tony" for GTA 4) and use the polynomial approximation ...

GTA, respectively, is the first key game in the series, GTA 5 is the seventh. Next, we see two points of approximation. The first gives the beginning of 2017 (we will fix Red Dead Redemption 2 and RDR Online together for this date, although they came out almost two years later). And the second gives the middle of 2022. Although here, it seems, a “shift” in time forward is possible. But this is all - only given the banal years of release.

As for the release date of the same PS5 (which, according to some specialized sites, can be 4 times more powerful than PS4), articles not yet a month old at the time of writing this material are poked on the calendar for November 2020. Another reference point.