Full Body Classic Massage

Full Body Classic Massage


It is a massage for general relaxation and relaxation. Hard strokes, Scrub and Circular movements are applied to the body. If applied properly to the person, the Classic Massage softens the aching muscles, regulates blood pressure, helps to soften the aching muscles and accelerates blood circulation. After the relaxation and relaxation of the body occurs, the tissues and cells of the person come to life and fatigue and stress are reduced.

Our aim is to make our members feel more fit and rested in this comfortable and pleasant environment that we provide for you in our polyclinic.

• Massage is done towards the heart and in the direction of the muscle fibers. This is because the venous circulation is towards the heart.

• Muscle groups are handled separately in classical massage.

• The massage part should be well supported.

• Manipulations follow each other rhythmically. The speed of movements in the relaxation massage should be in accordance with the resting pulse rhythm.

• After the massage is started, the masseuse's hands are not in contact with the body.

• In classical massage, application starts with anger. Then, petrisage and other necessary manipulations (friction, vibration, shock) are continued. The massage is again finished with anger.

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