Fuck Your Life Lyrics

Fuck Your Life Lyrics


Fuck your life lyrics f*ck YOUR LIFE! [Verse 2: Bizarre] Ever since I was a kid I had a violent past, Whooped a nurse ass for touching my diaper rash!
FUCK YOUR LIFE! I'm a psycho! And It's fucking with me again! My dreams, my drugs, my life, my sins, Sindee Syringe We hate life, hate life, hate life FUCK YOUR LIFE! Nigga fuck you life! Nigga!
Fuck life Every time I hear your songs I wanna pluck eyes Bleeding from my ears and dead inside Fuck life It ain't my birthday but it's my birthday tonight Lighters in your pockets quit smoking the pipe He's pulling up again it makes me wanna slice his face Spike his plate with poodle bacon and piss on his spliff.
Fuck ’em all, Bitch I’m all alone You said got your back but you let me fall Too much is not enough i must go hard Fuck that 9 to 5 but shit, I still need it.
Fuck Life Lyrics: Man that’s fucked up man / Everybody out here workin’ a nine-to-five / But can’t eat, can’t pay they rent, can’t pay insurance / Man I’m mad as fuck, dawg, fuck.
Might fuck up your life, oh I Could really, really fuck up your life, oh I Might fuck up your life Could really, really fuck up your life But I really hope I don't, no Change All of the friends I had Too many vultures on the deck Beggin' and breathin' down my neck Love Love is a losing game I knew the fairy tale was fake The minute you said forever, babe.
come here lil bitch let me fuck your life up fuck you fuck that fuck life fuck rap gxs chxmber is in this bitch we turn it to a blood bath god damn filthy fuck fist fight in your bitches cunt.
I'll probably fuck up your life 8. [Untitled] Thanks to jackrmantyla, godxawful, yiorgos00 for sending these lyrics. Thanks to principvall for correcting these lyrics. Thanks to bt2jones for correcting track #1 lyrics. Thanks to [HOST] for correcting track #6 lyrics. Thanks to elite_spartan_ for correcting track #7 lyrics.
Ooh, baby, I need you in my life, in my life Please bae don't go switching sides, switching sides I swear this is where you reside, you reside Please bae don't go switching sides, switching sides.
Ooh, baby, I need you in my life, in my life Please, bae, don't go switchin' sides, switchin' sides I swear this is where you reside, you reside Please, bae, don't go switchin' sides, switchin'.
Reality - Fuck My Life Lyrics. It feels like jesus on the cross. It's so religious in it's loss: A graven image in the mud, like when I shed my precious blood. I am a los.
I live a better life, I'm rollin' several dice, fuck your life I got loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA I live a better, fuck your life 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 This is my heritage, all I'm .
We fuck for life On and on and on. Now if we're talking body You got a perfect one So put it on me Swear it won't take you long If you love me right We fuck for life On and on and on. Love, give me love Anything you want I'll give it up Lips, lips I kiss Bite me while I taste your fingertips.
Fuck Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go So make the best of this test, and don't ask why It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right I hope you had the time of your life So take the photographs, and still frames in your mind.
Arizona Zervas - FML Lyric Video | RapTunes Audio for " FML" by Arizona Zervas. The new Album "Living Facts" Stream/Download FML Now.
Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Look inside, look inside your tiny mind, now look a bit harder 'Cause we're so uninspired So sick and tired of all the hatred you harbour.
Man, I swear these goth girls finna fuck up my life Bat wing fly like the moon in the sky She just look into my soul with them Shinigami eyes Coke in my nose and a blade on her thigh.
Girl I wouldn't wanna mix your life up Mix your life up [Bridge: Jeremih] Yeah I was tryna get her to my bed But we ain't make it out the kitchen (I just wanna fuck) I was cooking and I burned the bacon, damn Pussy got a nigga slippin', yeah Got your boy going deep: breast stroke, back stroke Girl I'm swimming right now (I just wanna fuck).
Here are the lyrics to XXXTentacion's "Fuck Love," feat. Trippie Redd. Baby, I need you in my life, in my life Please, bae, don’t go switching side, switching sides.
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I'll always value your life over mine My limitations, we laughed about them The irony of feeling small when I am over 6 feet tall had you sold on me But just because I'm a mess doesn't mean this has to end.
I just want to know your name I like the way you walk, I like the way you talk girl, I just want to know your name, I just want to know your name " Atleast thats what i remember but for the life of me, i cannot find this specific song. Thank you in advance!!!
You fucked up my life. Im kicking out fiercely At the world around me What went wrong? Im kicking out fiercely At the world around me What went wrong?
Lyrics to "Last Surprise" on [HOST] Become A Better Singer In Only 30 Days, With Easy Video Lessons! You try to run me through Hold on Think again Don't you know What you're starting But you sure ain't got a clue How bad This will go Don't you know Know my art (Art of war) [Pre-Chorus 1] And as you look to the horizon Not a cloud But then stormy weather's caught you cold Seems like it.
Your face that I despise, your heart inside that's grey I came today to say, you're fucked in every way. Won't you get the fuck out of my face? Now! Won't you get the fuck out of my face? Now! The sea of life, you're just a minnow Live your life insecure Feel the pain of your needles As they shit into my mind. You stole my life Without a sigh.
Artist: Hollywood UndeadSong: Your LifeAlbum: FiveLabel: Warmer Music GroupSupport the band by buying their [HOST]://[HOST]
Fuck your god, his revival and the holy ghost Fuck your god, only tell us what we need to know Fuck your god, pointing fingers and then do as me Fuck your god, you are nothing and you'll never be Fuck your god, it is Satan who in trusts my soul Fuck your god, where the Christians are I will not go Fuck your god, fuck you.
Fuck The Bitch Lyrics. When you have that special woman makes your heart skip a beat and your so crazy in love your tellin everybody, that she's your life, your heart, your soul, your babygirl but you just don't know what she's doing to you in this world.
You fucked up my life I'm sick of always hearing Sappy love songs on the radio This place, it's fucking cursed In it's plague and I can never escape When my heart, it explodes I can't forgive Can't forget, can't give in What went wrong? â€~Cause you said this was right You fucked up my life I'm kicking out fiercely At the world around me What went wrong?
Think of you with pipe and slippers Think of her in bed Laying there just watching telly Then think of me instead I'll never grow so old and flabby That could never be Don't marry her, fuck me And your love light shines like cardboard But your work shoes are glistening She's a PhD in "I told you so" You've a knighthood in "I'm not listening" She'll grab your sweaty bollocks Then slowly raise.
73) Somehow, be the cause of a catastrophe and become the only survivor. Live with that in your conscience for the rest of your life. 74) Don’t plan to have a kid properly but have one anyway. You’re probably not screwing up your life but also the kid’s! 75) Always be negative. 76) Believe everything your shitty boss says to put you down.
You say cause your bored I am not so sure My lips are shut As long as you stay open (chorus) I may not be your man baby But you know i'm driving you crazy Thats why you'll fuck with me For the rest of your life I know your lovin the sex Swallow it up its better than x Thats why you stuck with me 4 the rest of your life rumors spread, that i don't act right But i'm good when it's late at night.
Artist: Hollywood Undead Song: Fuck The WorldAlbum: Day Of The DeadLabel: Interscope RecordsSupport the band by buying their [HOST] can buy it here:h.
Bow, get the fuck though, I don't bluff, bro Aimin' at your head like a buffalo. What the fuck though? Where the love go? Five, four, three, two, I let one go Bow, get the fuck though, I don't.
Trying to peck your head Those birds will peck your soul out And throw away the key Don't marry her, fuck me And the kitchen's always tidy And the bathroom's always clean She's a diploma in 'just hiding things' You've a first in 'low esteem' When your socks smell of angels But your life smells of brie Don't marry her, fuck me.
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Fuck your faith Fuck your kind Fuck your ways Fuck your world Of Legions [Instrumental] Messiahbolical The time has come at last For years we have followed the wake of his perilous rule Serpent of deception you will fall to your knees When this is all said and done March my minions for I have freed you from your timeless chambers.
The darkness you wanna live your life by.. And if you're gonna quit I don't give a shit What the f*ck? I'm a Mack truck Are you gonna give up like a bitch Or jumpdaf*ckup? Walking in the streets and looking at all this shit I'm full of hate, don't f*ck with me Walking in the streets and looking at all this shit Open up your eyes and f*cking see.
Fuck all the crying, it didn't mean jack, Well guess what yo, fuck you right back, Fuck what I did, was your fault somehow Fuck the presents, I threw all that shit out Fuck all the crying, it didn't mean jack Well guess what yo, fuck you right back. You thought, you could, Really make me moan, [moans] I had better sex all alone, [laughs] I had.
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Look inside Look inside Your tiny mind Then look a bit harder 'Cause we're so uninspired So sick and tired Of all the hatred you harbor So you say It's not okay to be gay Well I think You're just evil You're just some racist Who can't tie my laces You're point of view Is medevil Fuck you, (fuck you) fuck you Very, very much 'Cause we hate What you do And we hate Your whole crew So please don't.
You have no code for your life. You need a code for your life. A philosophy. Philosophy is a guide for life. You can have a philosophy and a religion if you’re religious. Your religion can be your philosophy but cover your bases. Your philosophy needs to set a framework for .
fuck my life Note: This page may contain content that is offensive or inappropriate for some readers. rude slang An expression of one's frustration with a situation gone awry.
Fuck the world And let your actions do the talking for you Eliminate the bullshit from your life You've got to let ignorance be on your side 2. Hellraiser Yeahhhhhh here we motherfucking go Fuck that We raise hell I'll tear your soul apart Fuck pigs We raise hell Lawless among the pack We never listen And we live our lives above the law We're.
Fuck This World! Lyrics. f*ck you all! Running out of ways to run I can't see, I can't be Over and over and under my skin All this attention is doing me in! f*ck it all! f*ck this world! what is life? y do we live y dnt we all jst die it will be better. robmcl00 April 24, 0.
10 Bruce Springsteen Lyrics That Will Make Your Life Better. Take these words to heart. The Boss knows best. "Spend your life waiting, for a moment that just don't come.
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