From INS Ecosystem to Insolar

From INS Ecosystem to Insolar

Svyatoslav Ignatsevich

INS Ecosystem is now known as “Insolar”. While our principles have not changed, our vision has expanded. We aim to become the world’s leading blockchain tech company that powers innovative, transparent, and efficient business networks. While working on INS Ecosystem’s development, we realized that none of today’s blockchain platforms can host our application. The feedback from hundreds of innovation executives and blockchain practitioners proved they had the same problem. So we decided to build our own platform – truly scalable, business-friendly, and open-source.

By enabling distributed business networks, built-in trust, and eliminating third-party intermediaries, Insolar’s blockchain platform can power business models beyond the direct-to-consumer marketplace and markets outside consumer retail.

Insolar shares the same values as INS Ecosystem – leverage blockchain technology to empower companies to deliver more value, transparency, fairness, and trust to customers. This is something that today’s technologies could not deliver -- not until Insolar came along.

By creating Insolar, we are vastly expanding the scope of our products, token usage, and our value for contributors and customers. We are developing a cutting-edge blockchain platform that will be at the forefront of a revolution which will transform the global economy.

Business networks are the engines of value creation in modern economies. Gartner analysts forecast that blockchain will add $3.1 trillion in business value by 2030, and the largest share (28%) will be coming from improved interactions between companies.

We feel that the name INS Ecosystem currently captures only one side of our vision. While staying true to the INS token name and brand legacy, we were in need of a more powerful, consistent and enterprise-focused image. Insolar captures both the tech-focused spirit of our blockchain, as well as the impact that it can make in the real world through decentralized applications. Insolar is not a new company, it is the new face of INS Ecosystem.

To develop Insolar, we have assembled one of the most impressive and capable, international blockchain technical teams worldwide. Insolar is ranked #1 globally by Cryptomiso in terms of development activity. We have 30+ blockchain engineers, led by seasoned professionals and supported by some of the best academics in the domains of distributed systems, cryptography and computer science.

Over the next few weeks we will be bringing you up to date on how exactly our new product span caters to the needs of our contributors and customers and how our technology roadmap unfolds further. Please stay tuned and follow our blog for further news.