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Telegram Channels and Groups to Join

This list is found at: (must be spelt with capital F and L)

Channels: these are broadcast channels you can subscribe to, visible only to admins

Groups: these are discussion groups, you're visible to other members

Feedback, suggestions of channels to add to this list: join and comment here.

News Channels

🟩 Truth_News (with linked group) [2c]

🟩 Activist Post "Alternative News & Independent News" [4c]

🟩 New Earth Project (with linked group) [5k]

🟩 Exposing The Truth "Data Stored" [2c]


🟩 UK - No Mandatory Vaccines "Medical Freedom - Free World" [8c]

🟩 Anti Vaccination Australia [5c]

🟩 Australian Vaccination-risks Network [5c]

🟩 Anti-Vaxx Central (removed as a pro vaccine front using M$M news) [1k]


🟩 Corona Investigative "corona crisis scientific-investigative view" (and group) [2k]

🟩 Virus Event "Learn more about what's happening behind the scenes" [3d]


🟩 NAC 4D international "Plant medicine,Ceremony, Heath, Light media" [1k]

🟩 Natural Health News Channel "Uncensored News" [6c]


🟩 MASKS "Just mask info" [2c]

Medical Channels

🟩 World Doctors Alliance "alliance of doctors, nurses, health care..." [5k]

🟩 Corona Investigative "corona crisis scientific-investigative view" (and group) [2k]

🟩 Dr. Tenpenny "Warrior for the preservation of human DNA" [4k]

Freedom Movement Channels

🟩 Green Charter Movement (with linked group) [3d]

5G Resistance


Freedom Fighters' Channels

🟩 Miriam Hope (German) [60k]

🟩 David Avocado Wolfe "Uncensored News, Corona Virus, EMF, Health" [25k]

🟩 Chef Pete Evans "The Official Pete Evans Telegram Channel" (gate-keeper) [13k]



🟩 Protests Everywhere [3k] (with linked chat group) [7c]

🟩 Take RED and follow... "General info on current events" [8c] (group) [3c]

🟩 Guardian Angel - Melbourne Anti-Lockdown Protest Livefeed (and group) [3k]

🟩 Melbourne Lockdown Protests (reporting by journalism student) (and group) [6c]

🟩 Melbourne Freedom Rally Updates [6c]

🟩 Protest Flyers Leaflets Posters (add materials, get help) [4c]

🟩 Peaceful Protests Videos Australia (with linked group) [1c]

Common Law

🟩 Common Law Beginners (group) [7k]

🟩 Common Law Court Australia Resources "Lawful Remedy" (open chat group) [4c]

🟩 Common Law Court of South Australia (with linked group) [3d]

New World Order

🟩 Free World Order - Anti NWO (with linked group) [2c]

🟩 Covid19Truth (with linked open chat group) [4c][9c]


🟩 Way of the World [5k]

🟩 Sayer Ji, GreenMedInfo, Regenerate Project [29k]

🟩 ProjectKnowledge "Sharing research articles for you to go deeper" [6k]

🟩 Patriot News (British (white) Nationalist) [2k]

🟩 Earth United broadcast channel "unite in motivating peace, freedom..." [6c]



🟩 Know Your Rights Group [3c]

🟩 Better Australia Movement (with linked group Make Australia Better) [5d]

🟩 Common Law Court of South Australia (with linked group) [3d]

🟩 The Freedom Collective (liberal-left new age vibrator) [6k]

🟩 Australia Awakens (Victoria anti-lockdown) [6c]

🟩 FreedomLinks "This page" [0]

🟩 Nexus [Alternative] "List of groups sharing alt. news or discussion" [3c]

Last updated: 2020-12-03