Free voice call apps

Free voice call apps


Social media app that really help you in different parts of activity like education, entertainment, employment, business, work, fitness and many more. Most of the user created social media profile on Facebook, truecaller, instagram, tik Tok and many more. It is not only entertainment hub but you can do a lots of thing with help of this application. You can call Free Voice with the help of the tool without paint single amount.

Facebook messenger

One of the famous application which are used only with Facebook and with help of this told you can update your your status so that your friends and family knows about you. You can download the software with the help of 9app store. Facebook's Messenger app is used not only for chatting but also for many other tasks such as making voice calls and posting status on Facebook. Just like WhatsApp, click on the name of the person you want to call in Facebook Messenger. After doing this, the chat window will open and here you will see two buttons in the top right as in the WhatsApp app. One for voice and the other for making video calls. Clicking on the voice call button will connect your call with the help of internet protocol. You can also upload videos by making your own with the help of a tool you can also download all types of video from Facebook with help of vidmate.


Truecaller applications are available online apps store simply use 9Apps Play Store for downloading the application and enjoy unlimited free voice calling. Apart from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, you can also use the True Caller app to make voice calls if you want. Many things can also be done with the help of True Caller app. To make a voice call, first open the True Caller app and then find the name of the person you want to call. Go to the profile of whichever person you want to call, here you will see a button for voice call. On clicking the voice call button, the app will connect your call with the help of internet protocol.

Conclusion :

For more information about different types of social media application which help you to make free call you can use 9Apps application or you can also get video presentation of the application. For the video information of the app, you can download vidmate let us know that with the help of these apps mentioned above, it is possible to call only the person who is using the app.