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Top 10 Best Adult Advertising Networks Alternatives:


Native advertising performs the best for both advertisers and publishers when the Native ad zones appear exactly like the content of a publisher site. Additionally Native can increase conversion ...

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Scam sites

I have been working on this affiliate program not so long ago. As soon as I signed up for this, the ...

Affilight Network
Hi, its been 2 months and i have still not received my earnings payments, i also contacted the accou ...


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List of TOP Best Adult Ad Networks . An online advertising network or ad network is a company that connects advertisers to web sites that want to host advertisements. The key function of an ad network is aggregation of ad space supply from publishers and matching it with advertiser demand.
ExoClick – Get a part of our 125+ billion monthly ad impressions! Why ExoClick?
New analysis & reporting tools to optimise your campaigns; Data refreshed every 60 seconds; Day-parting, CSV data exports and many more new features; Ranked 5th largest ad network in the world by W3Techs; Ranked twice Deloitte Fast 500; #1 ad network in the entertainment market; Target by geo, language, OS, browser, device, carrier…; Get traffic from our exclusive sites; Access advanced real-time statistics; Web, mobile, tablets, smart TVs…; 20+ different ad formats; Global coverage ; 24/7 Customer Service; Dedicated Account Managers; Weekly on-time payments.
Although we are a global ad network, we offer one platform with local expertise and support. Since 2006 it has been our mission to give professional service and personal attention to our advertisers and publishers, and to create, – maintain and optimise the best Ad Network in the Online Adult Entertainment Industry . EroAdvertising revolutionary technology boosts your online advertising performance by providing new ways to add impact and relevance quickly and easy. Set Up a EroAdvertising campaign within a few minutes and increase your ranking and visibility already today.
TrafficJunky Inc. is a privately held, innovative web advertising company founded in 2008 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. TrafficJunky is a multi-device, multi-platform advertisement network . With more than 141 million worldwide visitors each day and over 2.2 billion daily ad impressions, TrafficJunky is one of the largest advertisement networks in the world.
TrafficStars is a self serve proprietary ad network which was developed to provide technical and marketing solutions to advertisers and publishers worldwide. We welcome anyone looking to buy or to sell internet traffic to register on our platform: program owners, agencies or affiliates.
Tube Corporate – Start doing business with us today and make outstanding profit enjoying our remarkable features and careful service.
Got tube or image traffic? Earn stable money in adult industry! Our primary goal is to secure maximum earnings and tools usability for our traffic sellers , that is why we created innovative pricing methods per each country and device, as well as provided unique statistic analysis, so our partners might manage and control their everyday profit. We are proud to present you our innovative Buying Traffic System! Now you do not have to choose between Good and Bad Countries Lists. In our system each country has its own individual rate. Work only with those countries which bring you more profit! Unique rates per Desktop, Mobile and Tablet is also available for your records and management.
JuicyAds is the sexy advertising network. It is a marketplace for Publishers to increase their revenues by selling ad space to Advertisers. We specialize in Banner Ads, PopUnders, and Mobile Traffic . The JuicyAds service launched publically in 2006. We have been selling mainstream and adult related advertising since 2002 – that’s a whole lot longer than many of our competitors. JuicyAds never stops changing, growing, and getting better.
Serving 121,000+ websites and 63,000+ clients, and more joining daily! We protect our clients with the strongest click fraud detection in the industry. Your profits matter to us. So sit back, relax, get Juicy and make money!
Traffic Shop is a professional outfit with years of experience that can feed your sites with quality traffic as well as buy any traffic you want to sell at competitive market prices . In the traffic broker game there are professional options that deliver quality and reliability and amateurs that do not and cannot. That’s the harsh reality. If you want to feed your sites with traffic that will not just grow your sites but grow your profits then you should keep reading and learn about what we can offer you.
PlugRush was founded in late 2007 and has gone through several changes to become the network we have become today. The original idea was to let people trade traffic automatically, acurately without spending lots of time doing it. Due to high demands from webmasters, we opened up the system to allow buying and selling of traffic and this quickly became a very popular option. Today webmasters can trade traffic, buy or sell clicked traffic, mobile traffic or popunder traffic easily and quickly with one account .
Clickaine is a full and self-service advertising network providing comprehensive and industry leading ad-serving and optimization technologies for online marketers and web publishers.
Buy or sell premium skimmed, popunder traffic – The first adult RTB ad platform for marketing professionals and agencies. PopUnders specialized!
Join us now and start bringing top quality visitors to your website as an advertiser or simply become a publisher and monetize your website’s traffic with high quality ads which appear as popunders.
AdSpyglass is the ad mediation platform and ads management system that grows revenue from Adult and Non-Adult Ad Networks up to 2x. It’s made for publishers and website owners, NOT for advertisers. If you work with  PopCash ,  Ero-Advertising ,  ExoClick ,  AdSupply ,  JuicyAds ,  Clickadu ,   and others, you can increase your income up to 100%.
good renew, i using Juicy Ads for my site, i think it is the best
i will trial use exoclick, thank adswikia
I am an advertiser and looking forward to buy adult Traffic for Aus,UK,US,CA Traffic. that would be great if you can share your skype. or you can contact me anytime on my skype.
Waiting for your valuable response.
Thanks & Regards
Jay Bhatt
Skype:- jay.bhatt8
I am an advertiser and looking forward to buy adult Traffic for India . Traffic. that would be great if you can share your knowledge which site would be best for me ..
Waiting for your valuable response.
I am using traffic junky advertisement network since last 1 year and I must say they are paying good and on time compare to other network. So far the experience with them is good.
hi bro i want use traffic junky to buy can you help tell me how to
To use as a banner in my opinion Ero-Advertising is the best, but it seems that his cpm has been downloading for some time, I do not know why this happened.
I think Ero-Advertising is the best adult network for advertising im using also.
traffic junky is also good.
Everyone know ExoClick, they are biggest and really one of the best network. I’ve been using them on my CJ tubes directly before. Now I’m getting test htttp:// This is an ad managing system, it monitors CPMs in different networks and shows best offer on my site. My profit has growed up nearly +40% since I’ve started using AdSpy.
The best network exoclick earns $ 50 a day if there is a conversion from visitors. Unfortunately for exoclick Asian traffic is very cheap only $ 2 per day. Juicyads also pretty good cpc price for asia $ 0.005, and cpm also cheap got 800 clicks per day only at pay $ 2.63. The best network still does not exist. No ad network is willing to pay a fortune for an adult webmaster, considering finding trafick is very hard and costly hosting. I tend not to dare to advertise popunder because it is very annoying to my visitors. Currently my visitors per day 120000 unique and get a result of only $ 170.9 a month. So pathetic.
We have faced and solved similar issues with monetising adult websites for a lot of our clients.
Let us know if you need help with growing your adult site revenue.
Hello, we need buy all traffic with good price.
skype id: aashishexpert
sir but i have req. pls approval exoclick
Exoclick is definitely has many advertisers, and i had some great results with it. But it’s not perpetual. As it was mentioned by anite, rates can vary a lot depending on country, browser, connection type, etc. They can even change during the day for the same particular geo. Using an ad mediation system can be useful, so adspyglass is worth a try. But it depends on how much data it has on selected GEO, how many webmasters are using it. So it’s a constant search, and the one that works today might not tomorrow. So I suggest to try out Adultsense, Traffichunt, and Trafficstars, because they have good rates, and were not mentioned in the article.
I’m just getting started in the adult industry and started with juicy ads, the cpm is pathetic 0.05 is very low to say the least. Is this normal in the adult industry?
hey buddy,
i am confused between Exoclick and Eroadvertising ?
which platform should i choose ?
hii i need exoclick advertise account any way ?
ExoClick is the best adult advertising network!
I am an advertiser and looking forward to buy adult Traffic for Pakistan. Traffic. that would be great if you can share your knowledge which site would be best for me ..
Waiting for your valuable response.
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Payment Frequency:  NET7 ,  Monthly
Contact Info:  E-Mail –      
Commission Type:  CPC ,  CPM ,  POP ,  Adult
Payment Frequency:  Weekly ,  Monthly
Contact Info:  E-Mail  –      Tel – 31 0 412 676 007      
Contact Info:  E-Mail  – support@trafficjunky .com  Tel – 1 514 359 3545           
Commission Type: CPM ,  POP ,  Adult
Payment Frequency: Weekly ,  Monthly
Contact Info: E-Mail –            
Contact Info:  E-Mail  –      
Commission Type: CPC , CPM , POP ,  Adult
Payment Frequency:  Weekly , Bi-Monthly , Monthly
Contact Info:  E-Mail –    
Commission Type:  CPM , POP , Adult
Contact Info: E-Mail –      
Commission Type: CPC ,  CPA , POP ,  Adult
Contact Info:  E-Mail –  
Commission Type: Skimming ,  POP ,  Adult
Contact Info:  E-Mail –
Commission Type:  CPM ,  POP ,  Adult
Contact Info:  E-Mail  –   

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Adult партнерки
Best Adult Ad Networks (2021): compare earnings and CPM rates
In this post, I am listing Adult Ad Networks which is requested by many readers. When we talk about adult many people blush but this is the fact that Adult is most surfed and search term online.
Adult sites get more traffic than any other popular site. Generating traffic from adult sites can be a great way. From adult sites, you just not generate traffic to adult-related products or services, but you can generate traffic for any other product or service. If target right any site can benefit from adult traffic, I have read a case study of Food Store who advertised on the adult site and was getting good conversions.
Most of the time adult sites get the advertisement for other adult sites, adult dating, cam site or adult related products. Lot’s of affiliate use adult traffic to drive traffic for adult dating offers.
Now, most of the adult traffic networks offer targeting for Web, Mobile, and Tablet so you’re targeting can be more accurate as you want. These affiliates and webmasters can promote mobile offers from adult traffic.
Here is the list of Best Adult Advertising Networks for Buyers and Publishers. Go ahead and look at these adult ads traffic sources and start advertising or earning.
Here is the list of Top Adult Ad Networks:
ExoClick is the fourth-largest advertising network in the World. The ExoClick Adult Ad Network offers ad solutions for web, mobile, tablet, etc. There are various advertising options for advertisers like display banner, In-video ads, PopUnder, Interstitial ads, etc. ExoClick offers CPC, CPM and fixed price ads. For the publishers, ExoClick offers weekly and monthly payment by various payment gateways.
ExoClick offers one of the largest entertainment inventories from one single platform. It offers advanced targeting features such as GEO, language, device, browser, sites, and OS for reaching your audience. ExoClick offers a unique set of conversion tracking tools for monitoring your results and ROI in real-time.
It offers multiple ad formats (such as push notifications, Email clicks, billboard banner, interstitial full-page, in-video banner, display banner, native interstitial, and much more) to increase your reach. ExoClick employs a real-time bidding system for accessing billions of daily impressions. ExoClick allows advertisers to set user capping and daily budgets. It offers top-notch security rejecting bot traffic, click farms, malware, and viruses.
Publishers get a 100% fill rate and global coverage. They have access to on-time payments through PayPal, Wire Transfer, WebMoney, and ePayments. Plus, a wide variety of web and mobile formats for monetizing the inventory. They have access to real-time statistics and 24/7 customer service. There’s also a 5% Referral Program for increasing your revenues.
The Adsterra Network has stood out as a reliable digital advertising company offering performance-based solutions for advertisers and media partners worldwide.
Adsterra is a worldwide ad network with a top-notch performance both for advertisers and publishers. It brings together all verticals and 12K+ of direct publishers serving over 30 billion impressions monthly. Since 2013 it delivers top offers, relevant traffic, and bestselling ad formats for mobile and desktop.
Moreover, Adsterra has evolved as one of the fastest-growing adult advertising networks. It offers ad solutions for both desktop and mobile, including:
With Adsterra, advertisers can launch, manage, and analyze their advertising campaigns in an easy and cost-efficient way. They can opt from various payment models such as CPM, CPA, CPL, CPO, and CPI.
So, advertisers have the opportunity for more impressions, leads, conversions, and sales. Adsterra offers advanced optimization technology with which advertisers can get the most effective results for each creative and placement.
With Adsterra, publishers are in for many advantages.
Be a part of Adsterra Publisher Network and get the opportunity to monetize easily using its smart & advanced technology. Get 100% fill rates and competitive CPMs. Adsterra offers maximum security through its in-house and third-party fraud detection system.
Publishers can count on their on-time payment policy (NET 15). Plus, Adsterra offers plenty of withdrawal options including PayPal, Wire Transfer, Web Money, Paxum, and Bitcoin. The minimum payout threshold is $5.
You can even refer your friends to Adsterra Network and have the opportunity to make extra money with its Referral Program. You can earn 5% of the revenue generated by the publishers which you referred to Adsterra for a lifetime.
Ad Formats: Popunders, Push, Banners, Direct Link, Native Ads, Vast (video), Social Bar, Interstitials
Different cost models: CPM, CPA, CPI (PPI), CPC, CPL, CPO, RTB.
EroAdvertising is one of the most popular adult advertising networks. It’s a self-serve adult traffic network based in The Netherlands. It offers banners, pops, redirect, and native ad formats for both mobile and desktop. It serves billions of daily impressions covering the whole world and offers traffic from over 190 countries for mobile as well as desktop.
EroAdvertising employs deep targeting methods for advertisers so that they can get the right traffic for their products. It specializes in publisher tools helping publishers to monetize their website traffic. They are helping clients all around the world to improve their business. They specialize in delivering the latest technology for their clients so that they can optimize their campaigns and max out their earnings.
Advertisers get access to a feature-packed dashboard with which they get total access to all aspects of their campaigns. Plus, EroAdvertising offers advanced and reliable real-time analytics with which advertisers get to analyze their campaigns in all aspects. Advertisers also have multiple targeting options.
Publishers get to monetize their mobile and desktop traffic with EroAdvertising. They can offer engaging advertising to their audience that brings profit to them. They have access to reliable and detailed statistics & reports received in real-time. Adult site owners can earn by joining EroAdvertising as a publisher, and they pay a weekly or monthly basis.
JuicyAds is the leader in the direct ad sales network. Advertisers can buy ads on a particular website with the help of JuicyAds. A Publisher can sell ads at a fixed price with the help of JuicyAds and the advertiser buys that spot at a fixed price for days or a monthly contract. An Advertiser can also run RON (Run of Network) ads which are CPC or CPM based. With JuicyAds you can find quality inventory at a low price.
Scores of advertisers trust JuicyAds for delivering quality traffic. Advertisers have the best anti-fraud protection from JuicyAds. They have the most advanced targeting possible such as the device type targeting, country geo-targeting, connection targeting, browser targeting, OS targeting, IP targeting, language targeting, and more. The ad formats on offer include banners, native ads, and Popunders.
In fact, JuicyAds has been called the “Sexy Advertising Network.” It’s a well-trusted name in the online advertising industry. They are rated as one of the best Adult Advertising Network.
JuicyAds is one of the best marketplaces for publishers and advertisers to earn more money with its top-class monetization solutions. They have brought together the tools, targeting, and anti-fraud capabilities in its simple to use the self-serve platform. They are providing services to thousands of clients and websites.
TrafficJunky is a self-serve advertising network which offers CPM based advertising solution for Web, Mobile, and Tablet. They can serve 141+ million daily visitors which is a very big inventory. TrafficJunky also offers publisher program; publishers are paid weekly by various payment gateways. They give lots of targeting options to advertisers by which they can target the right audience at a very low price.
TrafficJunky comes with advanced ad serving and auto-optimization technology which helps to deliver the ads to the right audience. It focuses its efforts on identifying the traffic that gets converted for your business.
TrafficJunky has a large pool of advertisers and works with a powerful traffic distribution algorithm allowing you to grow your business effortlessly. It delivers cost, click, and impression statistics in easy to understand reports. Advertisers can target worldwide traffic, specific countries, and even cities. They have access to a high volume of ad impressions that are served daily across its network. TrafficJunky is a fully automated ad serving platform that helps advertisers to reach their goal of growing their eCommerce business.
Publishers can place a variety of ad formats or sizes according to their specific site layout. They have access to tracking and analytical tools by which they can measure their growth instantaneously. Publishers get paid every week with proven and flexible payment solutions. Publishing with TrafficJunky means you can maximize your online inventory revenue.
If you want to buy adult traffic or you run an adult website and looking for adult ad network Pushy-Ads can be your best choice. Pushy-Ads is a leading Adult Push Notification Ad Network that allows adult ads for publishers and advertisers. The Pushy-Ads is an adult ad network based in Israel and operation since 2017.
Pushy-Ads is one of the top adult networks to push notification ads. Its prime focus is to help you generate additional revenue for your traffic. Pushy-Ads has been successful in becoming a leading player in the online advertising industry. It is focused on bringing mainstream advertisers to adult publishers.
Pushy-Ads is constantly engaged in bringing adult publishers the highest quality advertisers helping them to generate the highest revenues. It guarantees high CPM with its quality Native Content Recommendation Ads. Its best at push monetization for adult websites.
For Push Notification Ads you don’t need any Ad space on your website, you just need to place Ad code, and whenever a new user visits your site, it will prompt a notification to join your website notification. Users need to click allow once, and they will be opted to receive push notifications on there mobile or computer.
Pushy-Ads will send them Push Notifications occasionally, and you will earn every time they send Push Notification ads to the users. This is a very beneficial option as a user doesn’t need to come to your site and still, you will earn money.
Advertisers are in for great results with Pushy-Ads. They can target every user, everywhere. Pushy-Ads offer global coverage enabling you to promote your offers on adult sites from all GEO’s. It offers advanced targeting. You can target by GEO, device, browser, ISP, Sub-Id, and more. Pushy-Ads supports self-serve, XML, Open-RTB, and API integration.
Publishers have the opportunity to monetize their websites with a friendly and profitable format. They are in for great revenues and flexible payments. Pushy-Ads works with a “fast approval” policy. It offers real-time stats as well as quick integration.
At present Pushy-Ads is invite based network you need an invitation to join. You can fill a simple form, and they will check your website for approval (Approval process is quite fast). Fill the simple form and get started with Pushy-Ads.
TrafficFactory is another popular adult traffic source with half a Billion daily page views. The TrafficFactory network offers real-time bidding with lots of targeting options. Target by devices, Geo, dayparting, spend limit and much more. TrafficFactory offers Display, Pop Under, and Contextual traffic.
TrafficFactory has evolved as a global provider of high-quality traffic. It employs the most up-to-date and accurate Geo-targeting technology. TrafficFactory works on the Real-Time Bidding model. It has built an extensive network of traffic.
They have developed a Self-Managing Platform that enables its clients to have control of their advertising needs and budget. So, advertisers can upload banners, change bids, change targets, and set up when and how long they want to run the ads.
With TrafficFactory, advertisers can increase the commercial potential of their products and services. Advertisers can target users by a device such as iPhone, iPad, Android, or other mobile platform and boost their campaigns through our state-of-the-art mobile targeting technology.
TrafficFactory offers the Bid-for-Performance platform which allows advertisers to target millions of web, mobile and tablet users. With real-time bidding, advertisers can control the price they pay for traffic and the total amount of traffic their sites receive. They can add a maximum daily spend, and a total maximum spends per campaign.
Advertisers can set the start as well as the end time of their advertising campaigns each day. So, advertisers get the best traffic suited for their needs, during the optimal hours they want. TrafficFactory offers real-time statistics for ad campaigns that are available hourly, daily, monthly, and in CSV format.
Slimspots is one of the most popular, innovative and successful Adult Ads Network. It functions as a CPA based Ad Network and was founded in June 2013. It enables advertisers to place their advertising materials on participating websites. Slimspots has a lot in store for advertisers, publishers, and media buyers. Advertisers can maximize their ROI by the usage of performance-based marketing.
It connects them with industry top publishers. On the other hand, publishers can look forward to the best eCPM, lucrative offers, competitive payouts, and weekly payments. With Slimspots Adult Ad Network, you get the best in online marketing needs. You stand to benefit from its huge range of traffic in all countries around the globe. Slimspots Adult Advertising Network offers you an opportunity to connect with new possible clients on various verticals.
PopAds is one of the best Pop-under Advertising Network . However, it also functions as an Adult Traffic Network. It is a high paying Ad Network that takes good care of its members. As an advertiser, it offers you an opportunity to bring top quality visitors to your site. You can set your budget, target your visitors, and control your rates by becoming a PopAds advertiser.
You get the advanced anti-fraud system with PopAds which filters out all proxy, bot, and mobile traffic. Plus, advertisers have access to lots of targeting options such as category, keyword, country, and time. PopAds offer lots of payment options to advertisers including PayPal, AlertPay, and Wire Transfer.
You can even become a publisher and monetize your website with pop-under ads. PopAds offers one of the best rates in the industry and one of the best international coverage. PopAds accepts adult websites (as long as the content is legal).
Publishers can request withdrawals any time they want. The payments are processed using PayPal, AlertPay, and Wire Transfer. The minimum withdrawal limit is $5.00 for PayPal and AlertPay. It is $500.00 for Wire Transfer.
This Pop-under Ad Network is fast, efficient and secure. It’s one of the best paying advertising networks out there. The payment requests are processed daily for publishers. It goes on to offer one of the fastest supports in the industry. It uses advanced SSL technology.
AdXXX is a leading and one of the most popular Adult Ad Networks out there. It’s one of the best Ad networks for advertisers as well as publishers for maximizing revenue.
AdXXX is specially created to satisfy the advertising needs of the adult industry. It’s one of the most profitable platforms for advertising and monetization by utilizing the perfect mechanism of real-time bidding and by having direct contacts with some of the leading advertisers all over the world.
AdXXX leverages its vast experience in the realm of internet marketing. It has a wide range of products for the audience of adult sites. AdXXX excels in native advertising for the adult industry. All this helps it to achieve incredible results as far as monetization is concerned for practically any entertaining traffic.
So, collaborating with AdXXX results in maximum profitability and maximum convenience. Plus, AdXXX offers a personal approach to each of its partners which is coupled with quick support and technical assistance.
Becoming an AdXXX advertiser brings several advantages for you. It’s a Native Ads buying platform. Plus, it has many innovative ad formats under its belt. AdXXX has a huge entertainment inventory. You get perfect traffic targeting through GEO, device, carrier, OS, connection, and more.
You bid for traffic in real-time and have access to millions of impressions. AdXXX offers easy account top-up through PayPal, Paxum, Webmoney, ePayments, and Wire. The minimum payment required for doing top-up of your balance in the system is just $10 (USD).
Signing up as a publisher gives you increased eCPM guaranty, worldwide coverage, and best terms of all advertising networks. Payments are made weekly through PayPal, ePayments, Webmoney, Paxum, and Wire. You get dedicated support (personal approach) all through 24/7.
The Traffic Shop Adult Advertising Network offers much value to both advertisers as well as publishers. It’s different and simple to work. Traffic Shop is trusted by thousands of clients worldwide.
Publishers and advertisers can make big money here. So, there’s an opportunity to advertise and monetize with Traffic Shop. It offers a wide range of ad formats with millions of ad impressions.
Banners: It offers all popular banner sizes certified by IAB PopUnder: Powerful cross-browser PopUnder script Skimmed: It’s another great way of having ads in front of your targeted audience Mobile: Plenty of options for mobile ads such as text and rich media banners, redirects, and pop-unders
Advertisers get the benefit of worldwide coverage as well as cross-platform advertising thereby reaching out to the right audience.
They can look forward to flexible and advanced targeting by GEO, language, device, OS, browser, and more. Advertisers get the advantages of real-time conversion tracking to track performance, revenue and spend.
They can opt for various pricing models: CPM, CPC. Advertisers can schedule the campaigns and maximize ROI and conversions. Plus, there’s detailed reporting and stats in real-time.
With Traffic Shop, Publishers can have the best rates for their traffic and maximize revenue for the web as well as mobile inventory. They have access to all popular ad formats for monetization of their traffic. With Traffic Shop, you get access to customizable & advanced real-time reports and report templates.
Traffic Shop is known for making fast payouts. They offer various payment methods such as PayPal, WebMoney, Bank Wire, Paxum, ePayments, and Bitcoin. The minimum payout threshold is $50 only. It’s a network you can trust. All campaigns go through a security system ensuring the safety of advertising campaigns.
PlugRush is another very popular adult ad network. It’s known for its powerful advertising technologies. PlugRush became functional in late 2007 and has now become a leading advertising network.
It allows webmasters to trade traffic, buy or sell clicked traffic, mobile traffic, as well as PopUnder traffic easily and quickly. PlugRush is pretty transparent and drives great results for both advertisers and publishers.
PlugRush offers several high impact ad units that are perfect as an AdSense alternative. Moreover, the ad formats are among the best options to advertise and generate more revenue from your campaigns.
Ad Formats & Ad Sizes with PlugRush:
Medium Rectangle Banner: It performs best when embedded within text content or at the end of articles. They are successful in generating high click-through rates on mobile.
Leaderboard Banner: This web banner format performs well when placed at the top of the page, just before your main content.
Vertical Native Ads: These look and feel like natural content. It’s successful in building trust and best for content marketers.
Skyscraper Banner: It’s a standard display banner web format. It is usually used at the side, between the content, and also at the edge of the page.
Horizontal Native Ads: It’s Native Advertising and works on mobile as well as desktop.
Half Page Banner: It’s visually impactful ad sizes and one of the fastest ad-units by impressions.
Desktop Pops: The OnClick Pops can be used to reach thousands of engaged customers. You get paid for every visitor.
PlugRush is an advertising platform that allows you to create and run your campaigns in minutes. It’s suitable for both beginners as well as experts.
With PlugRush, advertisers get the opportunity to reach high volume traffic. Get access to this global network and reach millions of potential customers. PlugRush offers real-time statistics. Its anti-fraud technology protects you against online fraud, fake clicks, and bots.
You get direct control over where your traffic comes from. Plus, you get quick ad approval, and there are multiple payment options for advertisers such as PayPal, Paxum, Wire Transfer, or Credit Card.
With PlugRush, publishers get the opportunity to increase profits from their websites. More than 30,000 websites are already using it. You need to register with PlugRush. Place the code on your site and start making money.
PlugRush offers a 99% Fill Rate. They provide real-time statistics. It offers great rates for you. Safety is the topmost priority for PlugRush. They monitor ad inventory manually as well as automatically 24/7. The ad codes support the https protocol for your protection.
Plus, you get prompt payments (on request). They pay through PayPal, Paxum, Wire Transfer, and Firstchoice Pay. The minimum payout threshold is $25 (USD). The earnings are paid within 24h after you put in the withdrawal request.
The PopCash is a leading Pop-under network offering worldwide coverage and guaranteed results for both advertisers and publishers. PopCash is involved in the online advertising business for more than a decade. It’s a performance-focused ad network having a wide range of targeting features. It offers a self-serve platform that is very easy to use. It comes with 24/7 dedicated support through email and Skype.
PopCash makes it easy for advertisers to start their campaigns in less than 10 minutes. You need to register, make a deposit of minimum of $5 (USD), and submit your campaign. It offers multiple targeting options and full control over your campaigns. Campaign approval is fast and is usually completed in less than 24 hours.
PopCash offers its in-house built ad server to meet your highest requirements. It offers an intuitive interface (available on mobile and desktop) helping to build your campaigns easily. Its robust API allows advertisers to optimize and automate the collaboration with PopCash. It offers detailed reports (updated hourly) allowing advertisers to monitor and analyze their campaign’s progress.
Publishers can maximize revenue using PopCash. They get as much as 80% revenue share. PopCash offers fast approval for your website. It serves clean and safe ads.
PopCash has a “fast” payment policy. The payments are processed within a few hours. It processes payments via PayPal, Skrill, Paxum, and Wire Transfer. The minimum payout threshold is $10 (USD).
PopCash also offers a 10% Referral Program to its publishers. Plus, they offer top-notch support and updated hourly reports for monitoring the earnings.
The TrafficStars comes from a team having more than ten years of experience in the online advertising industry. TrafficStars has become a powerful, self-serve Ad Network and Ad Exchange. It’s real-time bidding (RTB) Advertising Network. It has pioneered in creating effective and easy solutions for publishers, advertisers, developers, and marketers.
It enables you to buy and sell premium worldwide traffic is merely a few clicks. TrafficStars works with the central objective of user experience. It’s powerful, secure, flexible, and easy to use. TrafficStars is suitable for beginners to media buying experts.
Its proprietary ad-serving technology offers programmatic solutions to online advertisers/DSPs/publishers/SSPs worldwide. TrafficStars specializes in the entertainment industry. It offers billions of top-quality ad impressions monthly from direct mobile as well as desktop traffic sources.
With TrafficStars, advertisers get the advantage of worldwide traffic and that too at lower prices. They get access to better targeting options and a simple interface for managing the campaigns. TrafficStars offers the best ad formats allowing you to generate more revenues from your campaigns.
It offers several high impact ad formats including desktop ad formats (such as display banner, in-video ad, instant message, pop-under, pop-up, etc) as well as mobile ad formats (such as display banner, interstitial ad, and pop-under, pop-up).
Advertisers can target users by country, language, category, OS, device, carrier, browser, and IP Range. TrafficStars offers a user-friendly dashboard allowing advertisers to manage accounts and campaigns easily.
Publishers benefit from TrafficStars as they can maximize the value of their inventory. They get a 100% fill rate. TrafficStars offers high ad quality with precise targeting. There’s the advantage of on-time payments through PayPal, Paxum, or Wire Transfer.
DoublePimp is another top ad network for adult publishers. It offers a single ad format: the pop-under. DoublePimp offers decent eCPM and campaigns on both mobile and desktop. It has a monthly payout system available through PayPal, Paxum, and Wire Transfer. The minimum payout threshold has been put at $50 (USD).
DoublePimp comes with a self-service platform making campaign management easier for the ones who prefer to make changes themselves. Ad types are exclusively Pop-Under for both desktop and mobile. Support is available through email only.
DoublePimp bans articles that promote illegal activity, racism, spam, hate, fraud, as well as investment opportunities among other forms. Plus, the ad code needs to be implemented within five business days when it is distributed.
The good thing with DoublePimp is the fact that it offers strong rates of CPM that are among the best in the adult sector. However, there is no active referral program.
All in all, DoublePimp is an ad network whose offering should resonate with adult publishers. They stand to make good money from the traffic they generate.
Adamo Ads is one of the best Adult Ad networks for monetizing adult traffic. It’s a relatively new ad network being created in early 2014. Adamo Ads offers both web and mobile traffic on pop, redirects, and banners. It’s working to transform digital advertising into a personal experience. It offers dynamic real-time ads that work.
Some of its key highlights include:
Adamo offers ad formats for web, mobile, and in-app. These include a sticky banner, display banner, instant messages, interstitials, Pop-Under, In-video ads, as well as mobile redirects.
Adamo offers targeting tools for geo-targeting, device targeting, IP targeting, OS targeting, browser targeting, site targeting, and much more. Advertisers get the advantage of a global ad network.
They get exclusive fraud protection, together with big data statistics and live support. Advertisers have the advantage of its real-time bidding (RTB) platform. They have detailed statistics (including impression information, CTR, Costs, etc) that are grouped by campaigns and days. Advertisers can transfer payments through PayPal, Paxum, and Bank Wire. Minimum Deposit is $100 (USD).
Publishing partners get to monetize all of their traffic on all devices across the globe. Adamo Ads can deliver the right ad, to the right user, across all devices worldwide. They can monetize both web and mobile traffic. They are provided with detailed statistics.
Publishers stand to receive as much as 80% of the amount which is collected by Adamo through its advertisers for both web and mobile. Adamo issues payments in Euro that are offered through PayPal, Paxum, or Bank Wire using NET-7 and NET-20 payout module once your account balance reaches the minimum $100 (USD).
Zeropark is another leading adult ad network that surely deserves your attention. It works with three types of traffic:
Moreover, Zeropark gets both mainstream and adult traffic. The cost model used is CPV (Cost per View). Zeropark works with ad formats such as Pop, Domain Redirect, In-App, and Push Ads.
Zeropark has some interesting stats to offer:
Zeropark is fully integrated with Voluum. You can create a campaign in Voluum, choose Zeropark as a traffic source, and you are set. Everything gets tracked correctly, including costs. Moreover, you can even optimize your campaigns directly from Voluum.
Advertisers get worldwide reach, robust targeting, premium campaigns, and seamless Voluum integration.
Publishers can monetize their website and app with Zeropark. It’s suitable for website owners, webmasters, mobile app publishers, toolbar and plugin owners, domainers, as well as ad networks. They get competitive CPMs. Publishers are rewarded for delivering high-quality traffic. Moreover, Zeropark is fully RTB compatible. So, publishers get integration through XML protocol or OpenRTB 2.5.
Traffic Force is one of the best Adult Ad Network. It’s a secure and high paying Adult Advertising Network for Advertisers and Publishers serving as much as 15 billion impressions on a monthly basis. The Ad Platform provides a massive amount of quality traffic for a wide range of products and services. It employs proven technologies so as to give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Traffic Force specializes in selling targeted mobile and web traffic on a CPM basis. It allows you to create campaigns large or small as you like. They can be tracked with guaranteed precision.
AdWorldMedia is another very popular Adult Ad Network. Publishers looking for guaranteed income can well turn up to AdWorldMedia. It is best for advertisers looking for high-quality websites and targeted online advertising capabilities. AdWorldMedia employs superior ad serving technology and delivers advanced targeting by country, niche, day and time. It serves multiple ad formats together with CPM and CPC options. Moreover, it provides high payouts, advanced and tons of advertisers to fill your ad inventory. Plus, it also offers a bonus referral program.
I hope you liked these Adult Traffic Networks . Please share your experience with these networks by commenting below.

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