For everyone who wants to work with Facebook professionally. Facebook learning course review.

For everyone who wants to work with Facebook professionally. Facebook learning course review.

Hello everyone! Today we’re going to be talking about a great Facebook training course called Blueprint. In short, it’s meant for people who want to work with Facebook ads without violating any rules. If you would like to work with big advertisers, such as Adidas and Nike, and upgrade your Facebook skills, then this course will be right for you. Note that this course was actually created by Facebook, so you’ll learn how to work with it the way it wants you to. In this article, we’ll tell you everything about this course, and what exams you’ll have to take to become a certified specialist. 

What is the Facebook Blueprint?

This course teaches how to work with Facebook and Instagram advertising tools in order for already experienced users to perfect their working skills. It helps people become experts working with Facebook ads, helps them expand their horizons with provided ad tools.

And if you’re a beginner in the affiliate market, this course will also be the right thing to do for you. This way, a student will have the right idea of how the targeted advertising world works from Facebook’s point of view. 

If you’re a targeted ads specialist that learned how to do everything on your own, then this course will help you improve your knowledge. An “upgraded” targetologist will be a desirable employee for any company. 

Sometimes advertising job descriptions even require candidates to have completed the Facebook Blueprint course. There once was a tender between two companies requiring that they have to have at least one Blueprint-certified targetologist. So, this course seems like a must.

Every person who completes this course gets a trophy. 

The course is online everywhere but the USA.

It’s easy to sign up, you just need to have a Facebook account. Your English skills also must be on the Intermediate level or higher, since the exam is in English. 

Quiz questions are pretty unique and interesting, as people who have completed this course recall. If a person doesn’t at least speak average English, it’ll be harder for them to get double-meaning terms and questions. Online translators and any online tools and resources are prohibited from use during the exam. 

Here is what the certificate looks like:

The Blueprint course review

Click here to get to the course website.

This is the Facebook for Business page, and you need to click on the “Education and Resources” tab, and then choose “Courses”.

The first page has basic information about the Facebook blueprint courses and the Help Centre. This interface helps people search the website faster.

Then, as you scroll the page down, it suggests you learning courses and articles considering what you’re looking to pursue.

Those courses offer plenty of lessons. They’re pretty short and easy to read and memorize. 

Starting from here you can start learning new materials. The course has many topics to get familiar with a lot of questions that you didn’t know answers to before.

If you need to learn something specific, then you better use their searching bar. Just type in your topic and look for the answers. 

The course contents will help you better understand targeted advertisement, in this case. This way, here you can get useful and valuable information as a compiled course. Any serious online course has a certification process – the exam. Confirm your knowledge, and get the certificate. 


To pass it, sign up to the Facebook Blueprint platform, choose the time you want to take the exam, and contact a Facebook employee that will verify your desire to pass the exam.

Next, turn on your webcam, demonstrate that the room you’re sitting in is empty. Try to be calm. There’s no way to cheat, you can only use your own knowledge. 

The exam costs $150. For this money, you’ll get your skills confirmed by one of the largest companies in the world. And $150 is not a big sum for this.

Each repeating of the exam costs $150 too. No one knows how many tries you can get. 

The certificate itself is valid for one year, after which you need to retake it. 1000 points max. To pass the exam, you need to get at least 700 points. There are 9 exams in total, let’s find out what those are. 

  1. Digital Marketing Associate – the first exam on the list. A 90-minute exam for beginner marketers. After passing it, you will be a certified Facebook digital marketing specialist.
  2. Marketing Science Professional – for experts with 3 years of experience. For this, you need to know how to work with statistics and data beforehand. Duration: 105 minutes. It’s meant for media analysts, data scientists, quantitative researchers, measurement partners, measurement FMP analysts, consultants (technical).
  3. Creative Strategist Professional – a 90-minute exam for strategy professionals with experience developing creative advertising strategies on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger for brands.
  4. Media Planning Professional – a 105-minute exam for digital planners, media planners, programmatic planners, comms planners, marketing consultants, planning and buying hybrid roles.
  5. Media Buying Professional – a 105-minute exam for digital media buyers, account salespeople, account managers, account executives, marketing executives, social media managers, brand marketers, marketing consultants.
  6. Marketing Developer – a 105-minute exam for software developers, front-end engineers, website developers, IT consultants, technology integrators, technology consultants, technical account managers, technical partner managers.
  7. Advanced Marketing Developer – exam for software developers, mobile web developers, full-stack engineers, website developers.
  8. Advertising API Developer – for software developers, full-stack engineers, backend engineers, solutions architects.
  9. Community Manager – a 120-minute exam for community leaders, brand managers, and social managers who possess the skills and knowledge for managing, scaling, and connecting online communities, and understand platform policies and regulations.

That’s it, 9 types of exams.

In conclusion

If you’re interested in taking this course, then feel free to click on the link we’ve attached above, and learn new things, perfect your knowledge, take the Facebook exam and become a certified specialist!

Even an experienced affiliate can learn something new, and a beginner may start their journey in the best way possible. We hope you found the article useful.

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