For checking

For checking


This site has free articles limit, i.e. some kinds of paywall:

But we can bypass it using API (if you have subscription here, please ignore this post).

Take this article for example, we can get the full data in

All the contents are under //data/story/cards. And I'm composing all these articles from those data.

But we have some problems in this way.

As you can see from the article they have some charts images:

Unfortunately they are presented as "jsembed" type in the json data:

No way to decode. So I marked those articles with @unsupported.

Ok, so why another template seems work

Well, there's another way to get the data as I found, the AMP version, (I guess the other template might get data from it) but as you can see from this issue, they does have some issues there.

It would be a tough job checking this domain - I'm ok if you guys want to remove it from this contest. Actually I don't really want to join this domain at all, but the contestant there asked me to show it here when I reported an issue to his template, so here i am.

Anyway, I'm glad we are near the end now :) And hope this post might help a little.