For BTS Fans In South Korea, There's Resignation As The Band Takes A Break

For BTS Fans In South Korea, There's Resignation As The Band Takes A Break

Pop stars BTS went to the White House to discuss against Asian can't stand wrongdoings 링크모음

BTS individuals' analysis of their own industry has not created a lot of shock, maybe because of their past history of civil rights activism, including a $1 million gift to Black Lives Matter and taking a stand in opposition to hostile to Asian disdain wrongdoings at the White House.

Be that as it may, only one out of every odd K-pop band is at freedom to stand up the manner in which BTS has. That is on the grounds that BTS' colossal achievement places it in a class without help from anyone else, and due to the controlling idea of the K-pop industry.

"The tradeoff that a ton of K-pop craftsmen are making is that in return for an opportunity at overall notoriety, they surrender a great deal of command over their own life," says Saeji. "They might have a ton of things that they need to communicate, and contingent upon the administration organizations that they're working with, they aren't given as much opportunity to communicate their own thoughts as they would like."

Indeed, even as BTS has been blunt about racial equity in the U.S., its individuals have not taken part in activism on comparable issues in South Korea. They've been quiet, for instance, on a push to pass a homegrown enemy of segregation regulation which would safeguard minorities.

Whether BTS individuals rejoin in future or head out in a different direction, they've previously arrived at the zenith of their calling and transformed South Korea's worldwide picture. All things considered, they're sure that, as they sing in another melody, their "best second is on the way."

NPR's Se Eun Gong added to this report in Seoul.