Flashing/Updating PE and HentaiOS to the latest version using AOSP Recovery v4

Flashing/Updating PE and HentaiOS to the latest version using AOSP Recovery v4

Maintainer: Dyneteve | Editing: David

Ready to begin?

STEP 1:-

Download the latest PE/HentaiOS ROM and grab the FW+Recovery.Zip from the saved note in the PE or HentaiOS group for the Redmi Note 7 Pro (violet). Type:



/get aosprecv4

STEP 2 :-

Extract the Fw+Recovery Zip to the folder that has your adb and fastboot files and check if there is a flashme.bat file that looks like this. Copy the latest PE/HentaiOS ROM ZIP file you downloaded into the sideload folder.

Now boot your phone into fastboot mode (check if you have the correct files in your fastboot folder like here) by holding Volume Down(-) & Power Button (•) . Then you double click on the flashme.bat file!

It will run some commands which look like this. After it gets flashed successfully you will have to progress to the next step.

(Command not working? Remember to make sure you have fastboot in the same folder, or installed system wide and that the ZIP is properly downloaded and moved to the same folder before using the previous command.)

STEP 3 :-

The window on your PC will now ask you to press Enter after you put your phone in sideload mode. So do the following steps before you press Enter:

Boot into the new AOSP recovery. Hold down Volume Up (+) & Power Button (•).

If you see No Command, Press Volume Up (+) Button.

Now Select Install update through ADB option on the recovery, then connect your phone to your PC using USB cable.

Press Enter in the command prompt window now.

Look at the device - It should be flashing the ROM now.

STEP 4 :-

Use the Volume Buttons To Navigate And Power Button To select.

Factory Reset. (DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP)

STEP 5 :-

After Completion, Select The Reboot To System Option From Recovery .