Fix the issues in MS Powerpoint

Fix the issues in MS Powerpoint


Microsoft Office is among the most typical and popular software applications among all users. It's a software package which has several desktop programs for numerous functions. As a computer user we utilize these programs on a daily basis. MS PowerPoint is just one of these, which can be used for designing and creating high tech demonstration files. Most of us know the value of demonstration. It's commonly utilized in nearly every sector, such as:


   For advertising promotion or corporate coaching session on companies or huge enterprises.

   For training or teaching purposes in schooling industries.


MS PowerPoint is one of the best tools for generating presentation files. A demonstration file will contain several pages, that are called slides as they look in sliding form. A slip of a presentation file will comprise several record items, including: text, text, images, audio, videos and other items. These file items make a demonstration file more appealing and appealing. Microsoft PowerPoint saves demonstration files in PPT or .ppt file expansion. It stores the files as a group of different files in compressed form.

PPTM (Open XML Macro Enabled): PPTM document, that can be referred to as macro-enabled demonstration, comprises embedded macros.


There Is not any computer file or program, which is resistant to corruption. In precisely the exact same style, presentation files will also be susceptible to corruption. MS PowerPoint app gets unable to read or open a corrupted document. There might be many unexpected factors behind this particular corruption. Virus disease, incomplete or unexpectedly system shutdown, improper cancellation of demonstration files or program, sudden crash in program hard disk, software malfunction, human mistakes or mishandling a demonstration, etc. are a few of the typical causes of corruption. While launching a corrupt demonstration file we might face a few mistakes. Errors would be the ideal sign of document corruption. One of the most frequent mistakes are: "This isn't a PowerPoint Demo" or"File is damaged or corrupted".


Every time a file becomes damaged or corrupted we will need to fix it. We can utilize "Open and fix" to Fix corrupt file, it's an integrated fix feature supplied from MS Office to fix corrupt files. It's among the simplest and effective ways to fix corrupt files. Click Office button (along with the left side).

A listing will be emerging. Click Open.

A little window will pop up. Select corrupt file in the directory.

In the listing, click Open and Fix . After a few seconds, the document is going to be opened and repaired.You can also contact Microsoft Office Support Number for Powerpoint help.


Note: Though this alternative effectively works with files that are corrupted, however if it doesn't work we have to try these alternatives.


   We need to make an effort and start a corrupt document in OpenOffice Impress.

   We need to make an effort and start a corrupt document in MS Word. In case it gets opened, then we could recover the text component of this document.

   We need to attempt and import the slides in the broken file into a new document.

   When these options don't work, then we might use a third party recovery tool for files that are corrupted. MS PowerPoint Recovery is made up of PPT, PPTX and PPTM retrieval tool, which may readily regain our information from corrupted PPT, PPTX and PPTM files. It doesn't replace or reposition the old record. It makes a new file and arranges all of the recovered data into it. The application works in self-describing manner since it has an automatic wizard interface.Get Your Laptop Repair In Gurgaon Service at your Home.


   SysInfoTools has three innovative utilities such as MS PowerPoint Recovery. MS PowerPoint PPT retrieval can quickly retrieve data from corrupted PPT MS PowerPoint PPTX Recovery Can Recoup data from corrupted PPTX documents of MS And, last but not least; MS PowerPoint Open XML macro-enabled format. These tools are improved with consumer