First time Selena and Roxy

First time Selena and Roxy


I first met Selena at a party one night. I was sitting on the back deck with some friends when she walked through the doorway. Her beautiful long blonde hair was the first thing that caught my attention from the corner of my eye. She was the most stunning woman I had seen. Her beautiful smile, petite body and perfect ass. She wore a white T-shirt and blue jeans.Our eyes immediately made contact first thing and she smiled at me. I just got this vibe come over me Ive never felt before or since. It was not really a sexual vibe but I was instantly hard when I first saw her and kept having to adjust myself discreetly while watching her.

She walked back into the house and I asked someone who she was. Thats when I found out her name was Selena but she was married. My heart sank when he told me she was married because I could never see myself having an affair with a married woman.

I finished my beer and then left to go to a bar that I always hung out at. I hung out at the bar for several hours but couldnt get her off my mind. I was dating a woman that I was having fun with and our sex life was exciting but I couldnt quit thinking about Selena. My friends had a group chat online and Selena was in that group chat and we would talk. We never talked sexual to each other but I couldnt quit thinking what it would be like to have sex with her. I would have sex with my current girlfriend and think of Selena since they had similar bodies but she still wasnt as sexy as Selena.

I got a phone call one day from a phone number I didnt know. When I answered the phone it was Selena and she asked me what I was doing that night. My heart started racing and I had to take a deep breath before answering her. I didnt want to sound like an excited little boy. I told her I was off the next couple days and didnt have any plans. She asked if I was going to be seeing my girlfriend and told her no, that she had her kids that day. Selena then asked if I wanted to come over to her house and hang out with her and her husband. Before I could even think about it, I blurted yes Id love to. We made arrangements for what time to be there and hung up the phone.

When I got off the phone my heart was racing and my dick was so hard it was hurting. All I could think of was this was my opportunity to be with Selena finally. Then I started to think logically again and remembered her husband would be there. I first thought she just wanted me to hang out with them and have a few beers. Then I thought maybe they are swingers and Id get to have sex with her but along with him. I had never done anything like that and was thinking if he wanted to share his wife with then Im all for it. Whatever I had to do to know whats it like to be inside her. Then did he just want to watch? It didnt matter because I wasnt going to miss the opportunity to fuck his wife. After all those thoughts I came back to reality and that I was just going over to hang out.

I drove over to their house and was trying to stay calm but was so excited to see her. Even if her husband would be there, I would still get to hang out with her. I was thinking to myself how am I going to hide my excitement from her husband all night?

I pulled up to her house and went to the door. I was hard and trembling with excitement and didnt know what to expect. I took a breath, got my thoughts together and knocked on the door. Selena answered the door and she was wearing a tight white T-shirt and tight jeans that looked like they were painted on. She looked me in the eyes with a look of excitement and invited me in. Her husband was sitting on the couch behind her and she introduced us. I told him I remembered seeing him at the party before and then we made small talk for a few minutes.

After a couple minutes of talking, Selena stated that she had invited her friend Roxy over too but needed to go pick her up. She looked at me and asked if I would give her ride to pick up Roxy. I responded no problem and asked her husband if he would care. I could tell he already had several drinks by his speech, and he responded for us to get her. So we left on my car to get Roxy.

I had met Roxy before and found her attractive. But I also knew Roxy was 100% lesbian and never thought of fucking her. But at this point my mind was racing again. Was this going to a group sex thing or what tonight? I came back to reality as I drove and Selena made small talk with me.

Ive always been into cars and always had some type of custom or fast car. At the time I had a pretty quick Mustang. Selena was talking about how shes always loved Mustangs and she enjoyed speed. I began driving faster and she was laughing and acting excited. Next thing I know, shes placed both hands on my leg and rubbing my leg up to my dick. I was already hard from just being alone with her. Selena then unzips my pants and pulls my dick out. I dont think Ive got a big dick and have been with several women since my divorce. Most women have always said that I had a nice size dick, but Selena gasped as she pulled it out which made me more excited and my dick throbbed in her hand. She looked me in the eyes and told me this is just a taste of what youre in for tonight as she placed her mouth over my dick. She bobbed her head up and down my dick a few times the patted my dick with her hand. She told me to put it up as we are almost at Roxies. As we pulled into the driveway I dont think we spoke any other words. She was smiling really big as she got out of the car. I watched her sexy ass bounce back and forth as she jogged around the back of Roxys house.

I sat in the car for what seemed like forever with my mind racing about Selena. I tried talking myself out of being with a married woman but I couldnt. All I could think about was her just going down on me as I drove and how wonderful her lips felt around my dick.

They came out to the car and I made eye contact with Roxy. Roxy had this odd look of lust as she looked at me. At that time Im thinking Im just reading into things too much. Roxy gets in the backseat and Selena in the front. As we drive, Selena is talking and laughing and getting me to drive faster. Selena is telling Roxy how turned on she is riding in a fast car. Roxy leans up to Selena and whispers something in her ear. Selena closes her eyes and lets out a sexy sigh as Roxy places her hand on Selenas shoulder. We just talk and laugh until we get back to Selenas house.

Selena gets out of the car and walks through the front door. Im helping Roxy get out of the car when Selena goes inside. Roxy and I get to the front door and Roxy stops in front me. Roxy grabs me and turns me around. She pushes me against the front door and kisses me deeply as she presses her body against me. Then she tells me that she wants me to fuck her tonight. I am caught completely off guard. I just smile at her and tell her that Im her for Selena tonight. Roxy then tells me she wants me to take her back to my house so she can fuck me. I shake my head no as I open the door. When I get inside I start thinking about what Selena and Roxy could have been talking about before getting in the car. Was Roxy trying to protect Selena from having an affair with me or was Roxy really wanting to fuck me and I missed that opportunity? I decided Id just miss fucking Roxy to have a chance to get with Selena.

We go into the kitchen and sit down at a small table that has just enough room for the 4 of us. Selenas husband is already sitting at the table and Selena beside him. Roxy sits down beside him and I sit between Roxy and Selena with Selena on my left.

We sit at the table and start drinking and just talking. After a few drinks someone suggests playing truth and dare. We all laugh and Im like what the hell Im in. I dont even remember what the questions or dares were mostly. I do remember Selenas husband daring her to show me her pussy. Selena stands up and pulls her jeans down revealing a pair of neon green boy underwear. She pulls the underwear down to reveal a small trimmed patch of hair. This drives me crazy and she quickly pulls her underwear back up. Her husband then says I said show him your pussy! She pulls them back so I can see her perfect little pussy. Its glistening from her being so wet. I was thinking how I wanted to sit her on the table and run my tongue up her pussy and taste her right then, but I was still unsure. She sat back down and I could see the look of lust in her eyes as she looked at me. Someone then asked a truth about Selena and her husband sex life. I wasnt paying much attention because I thinking of the beautiful wet pussy inches from my face, wishing someone dare me to touch it. One of us dared the girls to kiss and they gave each other a quick kiss and I was disappointed because it was quick. Then someone dared Selenas husband to run naked outside to the street light and back. At that time we all got up and went into the living room. He stripped down and ran outside. They lived in a neighborhood that was sort of well lighted so there was houses real close by. I could tell he was drunk by how he was running. When he ran back I looked to see how we compared as guys and he seemed a lot smaller but I didnt think he was erect. He came back into the house and got dressed while we were laughing so hard.

He got his pants on and Selena walked him into the kitchen. She turned around and told Roxy and I that she would be right back. I sat down on the couch and Roxy sat down at a table beside me but facing the other wall. The computer was on the table and Roxy turned it on. The monitor was the only light in the room when Selena shut the kitchen door. I just sat there with my mind racing. I was thinking of Selena and if I was about to have sex with her and her husband or if Roxy was going to be involved for a foursome or if anything would happen.

Roxy and I never spoke, she was busy on the computer. A few minutes later Selena comes in the living room. My first thought was she had just finished fucking her husband. Before I could even think she pushes me down on the couch. My feet are facing Roxy and Selena climbs on top of me. She leans over me kisses me deeply. Then tells me shes going to fuck me. She pulls her pants down and pulls her underwear to the side. Her pussy is so wet and feels so tight as my head slips in. She begins grinding on my dick trying to take more in. Shes having a little trouble so I know she didnt just fuck him. She places her hands on my chest and continues to grind and go up and down on my dick. Shes enjoying trying to get all of my dick inside her. Finally she gasps as I feel her pussy talk all of my dick inside her. She sits up and grinds on my dick for a bit then starts sliding her pussy up and down it. Her pussy feels like no other pussy Ive had before. Ive had several women that fucked good but Selena had blown them away in just a few minutes of riding my dick. I reached to pull her shirt off and she stopped me. She was insecure about her small breast. As I was about to say I love smaller breast, she gets up off of me and says shell be right back. Im thinking Ive just fucked this up by trying to see her breast. I lay there rubbing my dick and its so wet from her pussy. Then I see Roxy sitting at the computer. I had forgotten she was in there, but she was still looking at the computer and typing.

At that time Selena walks back into the room and pulls those green shorts aside and starts riding my dick where she had left off at. I closed my eyes as her sweet pussy rides my dick. Then I hear something vibrating and open my eyes. Selena is holding an egg vibrator and licking it. She asks me if I mind her using it and reply go ahead. I love it when a woman uses a toy! She begins rubbing her clit with it as she fucks me. She almost immediately cums and I feel her pussy clamp down on my dick. I have never had a pussy squeeze my dick so hard. She catches her breath and continues riding me. I reach around and grab her ass and put my hands on her hips. Then I work my way under her shirt. She has no bra and her breast are small and firm. I rub both breast as she cums again. I pull her shirt up enough to see her breast but she still wont let me take it off. I play with her nipples as she fucks me harder and faster. Every time she cums her body shakes and her pussy milks my dick.

Im watching her beautiful pussy slide up and down my dick as she plays with her clit using her egg. Ive realized I havent even been meeting her strokes, Ive been so caught up on how her pussy feels with her fucking me. She is just so excited of having a bigger dick in her and it filling her up and hitting places that have never been touched before. I began lifting my hips up with each of her strokes. We immediately start fucking together in the same rhythm. I can feel the pressure building in my balls. I know shes fucking me with no condom and I want to cum inside her. I tell her Im about to cum and she starts fucking me harder. I didnt know she could ride me like that. This is the best fuck I ever had and now shes fucking me harder and faster. I know she wants me to cum in her too. As she comes down I grab her waist and hold her as I cum inside her wonderful pussy. She cums again and her pussy convulsing on my dick, milking all cum out of it. She lays on my chest shaking as finishing pumping my cum in her. I hold her tight as her body is still trembling against me and the egg vibrating between us.

After a few moments she gets up and walks into the kitchen. Im laying on the couch and reach down to pull my pants up. I sit up and notice Roxy at the computer still. She gets up and walks toward me. She lays down beside me and presses her ass against my dick. I instantly get hard again thinking of her in the room while her friend fucked the hell out of me! Now Ive got this lesbian rubbing her ass all over my dick.

I reach around Roxy and push my hand down into her jeans. I feel a little hair and then her shaved pussy lips. Her pussy is so wet and I slide a finger inside her easily. Roxy moans as I finger her pussy. I push my pants down with my other hand as I finger her. Once I get my pants down, I slowly pull her jeans down as Im still fingering her pussy. I feel my dick up against her bare ass. Shes moaning and I ask her if she liked watching Selena fuck me and she moans yes. I asked if she watched her pussy slide up and down my dick and see her fine ass. She moans yes as she grabs my hand thats fingering her pussy. Her ass presses hard against my dick. Im thinking to myself Im about to fulfill a fantasy of fucking 2 girls back to back and Im about to fuck a sexy lesbian. Im thinking of Roxy eating Selenas pussy as I guide the head of my dick into her pussy. Roxy pushes back and I slide easily into her wet pussy.

I dont move and just whisper about fucking Selena and describing how her pussy was taking my dick and how tight Selenas pussy and how sweet it must be to taste her. When I start talking about Selenas pussy, Roxy starts grinding her pussy on me. We are laying on our right sides and I start playing with her clit. I then ask her if Selenas pussy was sweet to eat wanting to know for sure if she has been with Selena. Roxy replies yes in a moan again. That reply made my dick twitch inside her pussy. I then make her tell me how sweet Selenas pussy is. Roxy starts describing how she loves eating Selena out and she begins fucking me back now. I reach under her shirt and play with her breast as she tells me about eating that pussy that just fucked me senseless. I then ask her if she likes Selena eating her pussy and she moans yes as she pushes back on my dick. She starts describing how Selena licks her pussy and fingers it. And how Selena slips her tongue inside her and sucks her clit and her breasts. I ask if she likes tasting herself on Selenas lips and replies she loves it. This is getting me worked up thinking of Selena and Roxy fucking each other. I start fucking her hard and ask her how she likes my dick? She tells tell me she likes my dick and is enjoying it. I can hear our bodies slapping each other as I fuck her. I then ask why she needed some dick if she loves pussy so much. She replies she feels like a nut sometimes. I then describe how wonderful Selenas pussy felt to Roxy and shes agreeing with me. I feel myself about to cum and I ask her where to cum at. She doesnt respond and I figure her lesbian pussy isnt on birth control. I ask again and she only moans. Im going to cum in her pussy and I groan Im about to cum and she pulls away and tells me to cum on her ass. I jerk my dick off thinking of both womens pussy juices on my dick as I cum on Roxys ass. I cant believe I cum so much the second time after just fucking Selena. Im laying there about to rub my cum on Roxys ass when Selena walks in. She sees me laying behind Roxy with my dick in my hand and my cum on her ass.

Selena starts to say something and I just pick her up and lay her on the floor. I kicked my jeans off as I pulled her panties off completely exposing her beautiful pussy to me. My dick was still hard surprisingly and I immediately shoved my dick inside her pussy. She didnt even have time to fuss or object. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I reached behind her and grabbed her ass as I began fucking her as fast and hard as I could. I then pulled her shirt off before she could stop me and started sucking breast. I then leaned up and looked at her fully naked underneath me. I stop for a brief second taking in her beautiful body. Her small firm breasts flat tight stomach and my dick inside her wonderful pussy. I then looked at her beautiful face and she had that fuck me look on her face. I started fucking her pussy as hard as I could, making her ass lift off the floor and across it. I fucked her like it was my last fuck in the world. I was determined that she remembered this fucking if this was our last because she caught me fucking Roxy. All I could think of was, Im going to fuck this pussy like no man has ever fucked her because she fucked me like no other. I was able to pound her pussy for about 30 minutes. All I could do is look her body up down as I fucked her, knowing Ive just fucked the woman of my dreams for the last time. I was fucking her so hard she couldnt meet my thrusts or grind against me. She was scratching my back and I held her legs up and apart so I could feel the back of her pussy on the head of my dick. My sweat dripping on her as I pushed her knees into her chest and I slowed my strokes but each stroke was as hard as I could. I wanted her and her pussy to always remember this fucking from me. I felt myself getting ready to cum when I slammed so hard inside her pussy I thought Id tear her open. My dick pumped another huge load in her pussy as I felt her milking my dick for more. I collapsed on top ofSelena as she wrapped her shaking legs around me and kissed her deeply.

Selena later told me that she had planned this evening out and was surprised when I accepted. She knew if she got her husband drunk enough that he would pass out and she wouldnt have to worry about him. She had invited Roxy over too, but not for me have sex with. But when she walked in and saw we had just had sex, she was mad end excited. She was happy that I had my way with her on the floor because she knew I had wanted her that night. Also later Selena let me know that Roxy had ate her pussy out after I left. Roxy had got on the floor and ate her after I had cum inside her twice. That excited me all over again, and I cant wait to experience that in person!!!

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