Fine Wood Finishing and Restoration Services

Fine Wood Finishing and Restoration Services

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Fine Furniture Restoration Orange County specializes in fine furniture restoration and conservation. For over a decade, collectors, furniture dealers, and interior designers have trusted and praised their craftsmanship and their ability to deliver cost-efficient services. They use traditional materials and techniques on European and American antique, mid-century modern, and contemporary fine furniture, and panelled walls. Along with refinishing, restoring, repairing, and conserving in their workshop, they also work on-site, which saves transport costs and potential damages and ensures convenient and timely services to their clients. They enjoy an impressive reputation for bringing new life to treasured furniture. Consider the generous savings you realize when you refurbish rather than replace existing pieces. 


Even the most monumental of jobs are susceptible to dings and damage during the installation process and over the lifespan of the woodwork. When this happens call Furniture Upholstery Repair Near Me. They travel around the United States performing on-site fine wood touch-up and field finishing. They have worked in some of the nation’s premier spaces making damaged millwork/woodwork pristine once more. Rely on the best to bring your project to a timely completion or to restore its original luster.


Piano finishes represent craftsmanship of the highest calibre in the finishing world. There are few instruments that are as beautiful to look at as a piano. This is especially true when the piano is refinished and showing no signs of wear or blemishes. For a piano to look its best it needs to have a sleek, hand-rubbed appearance or high-polished gloss. Finishers are required to have experience in the application of numerous coatings including shellac, lacquer, polyester, polyurethane, and catalysed polyurethane.


Furniture Refinishing are master craftsmen at the arts of the touch-up, repair, and refinishing of luxury and fine wood furniture. They have a well-established reputation for excellence. If you are looking for fine wood furniture repair, wood refinishing, wood restoration, or wood enhancement they have the knowledge and the craftsmen to restore their fine woodwork to its original beauty. There is nothing like the beauty of woodwork when it has been refinished. The light reflects across the wood surfaces and adds beauty to the room matched by nothing else. Beautiful wood sets the standards for your decor. If you are concerned you have a piece of fine wood furniture that may be losing its finish, they can bring it back to its original luster. The process used by our professionals is second to none for restoring the natural beauty of wood surfaces. 

They are a family-owned business dedicated to the highest standards of quality. From their initial meeting through the completion of your project, they will receive personalized attention and superior service.