Find Hidden Seeds in Picture, Keep the Coins!

Find Hidden Seeds in Picture, Keep the Coins!


Crypto journalist and artist Jeff Fawkes aka @Bitpainter created Bitcoin Quest back in 2017. All to help smart people earn cryptocurrency and to unite generosity, art, and bitcoin into one solid idea.

Bitpainter aka Jeff Fawkes social media.




What is Bitcoin Quest?

Bitcoin Quest is a game where you look for words and signs within the artist's drawing of large size. The words grant access to cryptocurrency in the Electrum (or Electrum Dash) wallet. You need to put the right sequence of words into the wallet's seed Restore window and grab the coins. Also, during the search, you must guess which two words of the 14-word seed are drawn or custom ones. 

After you have the right seed, you need to enter it into the crypto wallet, check if the coins are there, and transfer them quickly to your wallet or exchange address.

Are the prizes in Bitcoin Quest honest?

Yes. In the Bitcoin Quest chat, you could see all the quest winners, and check that they are real people, not the quest author's bots.

How many Quests are there in history?

From 2017 to 2021, we have successfully done three quests. The fourth one is planned for 2021 and will be dedicated to Dash cryptocurrency. Read more in the Quest channel:


The first time the world seen Bitcoin Quest was a surprise for readers. On New Year's eve, the picture was published without announcing, containing 10 seeds each worth 0.17 btc. It was a 1700 usd Prize Pool back in the days. Now, it's almost 100K. One such prize is now worth 9680$. I'm sure that the guys who saved their quest prizes till today are happy about their past participation. The first seed was taken in three hours, the last one in three days. Prizes check link:


In May 2018, the second quest took place, sponsors were analytics website. The Prize Fund was 750$, or 0.08 btc. Which now equals 4560$. We aimed at setting 10 prizes 50$ each and 2 prizes 100$ each. Now, that would be 337$ and 667$ prizes accordingly. 

During the second Quest, the first seed is taken in two days, the last one in one week. The link for prizes check:


From 22. 01. to 08. 03. 2021 the third Quest took place, this time - only in BQ Telegram chats and chats of the sponsors and partners.

The prizes were:

-Quest Sleuths won 13x prizes 150 usd each. Thanks to the growing BTC price, participants took the majority of the seeds at 170, 220, and even 240 usd per seed.

-The starting prize pool of 2000 usd increased to 3300 usd

-Sleuths won 4 @Satochip hardware wallets for their precious cryptocurrencies(USB NFC reader plus a cool card).

Prizes Transaction check link:

BQ2021 Winners:

@Elmanilov (two seeds + Satochip wallet)
Ponkypink (Discord user, not a Telegram user) (three full seeds and three halves)
@Drcryp (three seeds + Satochip wallet)
@fablee_1(three seeds + Satochip wallet)
@DemetriXs (one seed)
@OlezB (one Sato seed)
@omaruritoru (half a seed)

Besides that:

-Quest has attracted news reporters of the best kind, thousands of views, and hundreds of participants

-We make mini-quests and rain altcoins in the quest chatrooms

-Some participants sent 1-20 usd to the prize addresses.

-Telegram groups of Quest partners and sponsors got a significant boost

-The Quest Author shared over 55 hints for the quest in partner chats.

-There's a community of young, old, active people, who are ready to collect and spend crypto. They are keen on puzzles, trading, hardware/software wallets, and art

Is there any new Quest coming soon?

We have 8 new sponsors for the next Quest. It will be dedicated to Dash cryptocurrency and to pirates. Sponsors already pledge 5000 usd in Dash into the prize fund, and we collect more.

If you don't want to miss the possibility to win cryptocurrency, subscribe to the Quest chat and channel, and don't forget the chats of the sponsors, please. We have all the information on partners and the prize pool, as well as the quests, published in Telegram first.

We are waiting for you to join the event. Check by yourself that bitcoin quest is an honest, profitable, and fun thing.

🔵Dash - A community of the fastest cryptocurrency:

🧩 Dash Quest

💙 Dash Eng

💙 Dash Rus

🛸 UFO - A community of crypto reporters and coders who monetize their creativity via open PoW coin, which copies all of the Bitcoin updates and capabilities and has no ICO model:

💼 TradeLink - Look up the ventures and stats of the coolest traders, win prizes in regular trading tournaments:

📊 Deep Trade - Personal channel of experienced BTC/dex/defi trader

💡 Digital Energy Station - Mining of Digital Energy on nuclear stations and in thinly populated areas:

⚙️ Hotmine - smart mining and heating in one IoT product:

💵 ЭБД - A community of young inventors and creators:

🏛 School Bitcoin - Educational website in Ukrainian and Russian dedicated to the aspects of mining:

What do you need to participate?

  • Telegram account
  • The subscription on the Quest chat and partner chats
  • Knowledge about Electrum wallet and its forks (Electrum Dash, etc.)
  • A device with a good screen (would be a plus)
  • A strong will, attention and patience to become the winner

The competition will take place on Telegram. Ask for a Private Chat Invite via @btcquestbot or in the Quest Hall: @bitcoinquest2021.

In the Quest chat you can ask any questions and train yourself using the picture from the previous quest and the answers for it.

The picture is A1 size, 10000x7400 pixels definition.

Also, we make mini-quests, contests, and altcoin/NFT airdrops in the chat, all worth your attention. 

How to become the sponsor? What are benefits from the Sponsorship?

To become the sponsor or the partner of the quest, please write a letter to the author's PM in Telegram: @Bitpainter. You can use e-mail and drop me a line at bitpainter (at)