Fico Gutierrez: There is a risk of him being "Uribe's presidential candidate."

Fico Gutierrez: There is a risk of him being "Uribe's presidential candidate."

Since Sunday night Federico ">Fico Gutierrez , the Colombian presidential candidate has been the most ferocious. While it isn't the first time his name is mentioned on electoral card - he was previously a Medellin mayor and councilor in the past - this is his first time to run for president in a national election. With over two millions votes cast in the Team for Colombia coalition alliance they believe he is an attractive candidate for conservative parties and those who fear the leftist presidency. Fico (47 year aged Medellin) is currently this moment, Gustavo Petro's principal opposition. Gustavo Petro was with the Historic Pact Movement one of the candidates who won the election that decided who the representatives of the three most powerful political forces.

The presidential campaign is only starting. If of Medellin is the real opposition to petrismo is contingent on the alliances and negotiations he makes in the coming days. He'll need to not only unify the entire right, but also win over a small portion of the centre electorate that was shattered on Sunday. To accomplish this, he will have to continue to avoid, just like he has done with AlvaroUribe, in the same image. Today, for the first-time in 20 years, there is an open support for uribism is now possible rather than subtract. "Federico Gutierrez faces a dilemma. He has to form an alliance with the Democratic Center (CD) - Uribe's party . But at the same time he must persuade the center, which is required to decide on where it is heading," says Yann Basset who is an researcher and professor at the University of Rosario.

Fico's first triumph was announced this Monday as it was moving towards an alliance with CD, in which uribism can be concentrated. The party's candidate up until Monday, former president aspirant Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, took a step aside, recognized the few opportunities to compete with him, and offered his support. Now will have to wait and see if the Uribismo group, which has been left without a representative, does the same. Uribe is seen clearly in support of the cause and trying to convince his electorate that he is a supporter of the Colombian right. He has already demonstrated that he is able to make a difference by making a speech on "security"," "order", and "love for the fatherland". This was confirmed by the electoral consult, just as it was done in the past in the Antioquia mayor's office. On a recent visit to Arauca that has been hard hit by violence and terrorism, Fico stated that the bandits are either in prison or in graves. Fico is aware of what the Colombian right wing is a fan of however it won't suffice for Fico.

Basset declares, "We aren't in 2018 where the fear of the Left was working well." claims that Fico is not likely to receive Uribe's approval if the Alvaro Uribe number is not the one the country has known since 2002 which was the year that Uribe was elected president. Even though Uribismo is not in the top tier however, that does not mean Gutierrez can't count on the votes of Uribismo. Uribism was also a factor in this victory. Basset warns that Basset's ability to negotiate is now being evaluated. He will have to convince the right, but not spend the entire amount on the alliance. Andres Mesjia Vergnaud, analyst comments on Fico's relationship with former president Uribe: "The great difficulty of Federico Gutierrez’s desire for the support of Uribismo without the image of Uribe as it does not fit him to be his candidate."

Gustavo Petro, the leader of the left is the only person who can lead, but Gustavo Petro, the leader of the right, is still running for president. If Fico -- in the event that it is possible, convinces him to not step aside and support his. Rodolfo Hernandez, who launched independently, is still in the race. Gutierrez should include the achievements of former Bucaramanga mayor Bucaramanga and millionaire builder Rodolfo Hernandez if he is to fight petrismo.

Gutierrez has plenty to sit down to negotiate before even considering names for his potential presidential formula, but what he already has is the backing of the other candidates that were competing for the top spot in the Team for Colombia coalition. It's not an insignificant amount. There are two former mayors Enrique Penalosa (Bogota), Alex Char (Barranquilla) as his companions. David Barguil (leader of the Conservative Party); and Aydee Zarazo (a Christian party member who is a member of the church).

Alongside the strengthened Conservative Party - it achieved the largest vote of the right-wing forces for Congress with over two million votes -, it is also backed by the U Party, which also received a rousing vote in the legislative , with just over one million votes. Oscar Ivan Zuluaga backed Fico. Zuluaga did not have to wait until the results of Sunday's election to declare his defeat. What former President Alvaro Uribe says, who summoned his party to a meeting on Tuesday is the most important factor to determine in the event that Fico takes a risk for a moderate position as a result of being the blessed of Uribe.

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