Festive Outfits For Women

Festive Outfits For Women

The festival is the perfect time to experiment with your fashion. You can wear oversized shirts, dresses and belt bags around your waist.

You should choose clothing that you can wash easily if necessary. Crop tops or tie-front tees never fail!

1. Mini Skirt Mini skirts make an excellent festival outfit option, provided they are worn with comfortable tops and sturdy shoes - avoid strappy sandals which might slip off in the heat, wear rain boots to protect from mud, rain and spilled drinks, as well as bring bandanas for protection if attending beach or desert festivals.

Alternatively, for an effortlessly modern look with your mini skirt, pair it with classic black pumps and a chunky dad jacket. Round neck tees also work well; for a more feminine look, try nude pointed heels.

2. White Silky Top The thought of worrying about what you should wear at a festival may seem ridiculous when you are walking through mud, waiting in a line for beer or mucking around with muddy boots. But getting your look right can really enhance the event and it doesn't even have to cost much! Ailbhe Malone, Strategist Editor, says that creating your festival outfit doesn't have to be expensive.

She's eyeing a white silky Sark top as a cool girl staple for a fraction the price of Whistles. It would look great over a vest to create a West Side Story moment.

Jiaras says cargo pants are a must-have for festival goers in 2018. She notes that they flatter your figure and hug you. These versatile pieces go with everything from sandals to a Tshirt and can give you a festival vibe. Or, add a bit of edge by wearing chunky jewelry or bandanas.

3. White and gold Heart Cowgirl Boots Fashionistas who look forward to an unforgettable summer music experience will have no other opportunity to express their creativity than during this season. You can express your personality at music festivals in a variety of ways, from boho chic to 1990s style.

Comfort is always the priority when selecting concert attire. The feet can suffer from long hours of dancing, standing and walking. Therefore, wearing shoes that support the feet is absolutely essential.

These white and gold cowgirl boots make a great statement at any summer event, be it a music festival, an arts festival or a sports festival. You can pair them up with a casual ensemble like denim and black shorts or a tank top for a casual, cute look. This classic leather belt is a great accessory. Wear it with jeans or over a t-shirt to create the perfect festival outfit!

4. Sunglasses Jiaras adds a touch of humor to her festival looks by sporting eyewear with a unique style. "Funky eyewear can help conceal the fact that I have only slept a total of 24 hours over 24 days and screamed 'one last tune' ever since dawn!" She explains.

She says that a belt bag, also known as a bumbag, waist bag, or a hip bag can come in handy for hot and rainy festivals. They're designed so you can carry your essentials without feeling weighed down. This leaves both hands available to jump from stage to stage or dodge large crowds of people around water fountains.

Other sunglasses that you should consider taking to music festivals for this year include Y2K inspired twists on classic aviators & wayfarers along with cat-eye styles & logo-covered frames.

5. Belt Bag You'll want to look great at music fests, but practicality is just as important. After all, the last thing you want is for your outfits or behavior at these events to become the subject of viral YouTube clips featuring festival fail army videos (ie those hilarious viral YouTube clips that have become an internet phenomenon).

A belt bag provides a safe place for all your essentials including your phone wallet and keys. This belt bag fits under a mini skirt or hoodie without being too big or bulky.

Another great option is a lightweight poncho, which will protect you from rain as well as heat. If you want to protect yourself from heat, humidity or spilled drink, avoid any made of suede, fur, or leather. Opt for a hoodie with a zipper closure that can be easily worn over your shoulders.

6. Pink Bandana Festivals offer the ideal venue to experiment with your style in an enjoyable, safe setting. You can experiment with your style at festivals by wearing fishnets or an oversized denim dress with a kimono cardigan, or pairing a kimono with ripped jeans.

Pink bandanas add fun to any outfit. Pink, a color without associations to crime or gangs but with feminine appeal, can add country charm and femininity to any outfit. Use it as a neck scarf, tie back hair back with it, create flower crowns from it or decorate your backpack - this accessory should be part of any festival wardrobe!

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