Features & Theming (Phase-II)

Features & Theming (Phase-II)


-Faceunlock Added
-Security Patch update to 5th November.
-Fingerprint Animation Added(Settings>>Security>>Click on Setting Icon)
-Rotation Angles added
-Vibration Pattern Improved
-Tweak to Improve Sound Quality & volume
-Navigation bar length modification option added.
-System Theme Options:(Light,Transparent Clear,Google Dark,Pitch Black,Solarized Dark,Choco X,Baked Green,Dark Grey,Material Ocean)

-16 options to change Lock Screen Clock Style

-New Font Options:(Noto Serif / Source Sans Pro,Aclonica, Amarante, Arvolato,Bariol, Cagliostro,CircularStd, ComicSans,Comfortaa,Cool Story,Exotwo,Fira Sans,Google Sans,LG Smart Gothic,Rosemary,Rubik, Samsung One,San Francisco Pro,OnePlus Slate,Sony Sketch,Storopia, Surfer,Ubuntu,Linotte)

-Icon Shapes options:
(Teardrop,Squircle,Rounded Rectangle,Cylinder,Hexagon)

-Statusbar & QS Icons options:(Filled,Rounded,Circular)

-QS Header Style options:
(Grey,Light Grey,Accent Color,Transparent)

-Switch Style options:(MD2,OnePlus,Telegram,Narrow,Contained,Retro,Stockish)

-Option to Reset all themes.