Fear of Intercourse

Fear of Intercourse


She is horrified at herself, that at some level, she is enjoying this. " Good girl," I grunted, leaning further into her to drive into her even deeper. The thrusts became more brutal, and both my hands roughly tilted her hips up towards me, opening her legs wider. She screams, trying so hard to be quiet and fearing for her life. She knew she would do anything for me now, just to get away. She had to admit to herself that at one level, this barbaric rape did feel incredibly good; her fantasy-come-true is even better, and darker, than she could ever have imagined.

Then the thrusting stops; now I'm panting and leaning heavily against her, pinning her, buried deep in her legs spread wide straddling the bed. My cock is now pushing against her cervix, driving her insane with fear and pleasure as fingers and cock swirl into her, probing and retreating. She is getting weak and sore as I ruthlessly fuck her, forcing her open every time she tries to contract around me. After what seems like an endless session, I stop short, laughing breathlessly. " You're starting to like it don't you? You know you want that big fat cock buried inside you, fucking you until it hurts. You're going to want it even more soon. You'll see." She can barely move, she struggles to resist me once more as my massive cock slips unbearably deeper into her ravaged cunt; the pain is blinding, almost like it was in her throat. She is sobbing hysterically. Pleasure and pain becoming a blur as she starts to cum over and over again, her tight pussy pulsating around my cock, squeezing and milking me deep inside of her.
Her hips bucking, my weight pressing down on her now, overwhelming her naked body with my partially clothed one. My cock continued to punish her slamming deeper over and over.

Then she feels my cock hit her cervix and she came again, screaming and squirming against my cock. My balls begin slapping her ass hard as I call her my slut, my whore, my bitch. I said she was a divorced cunt who deserved to have her pussy ravaged. Krystal came two more times while I fucked her even though she is torn and sore. Shortly after she came on my cock the second time my body stiffened and I came inside of her unprotected pussy. I push my cock all the way in, stretching her wide, she screams as my cock jerks in her. She feels my hot cum filling her so full it is running out of her. I pulled out and rolled over breathless. She lay bent over the bed gasping, her pussy aching and is very sore. " You liked that, didn't you?" She looks at me and nodded. She tries to get up but I force her to her knees and rub my cock against her face. I then ram my cock into her open mouth and her eyes open wide in surprise. She tries to pull away but I grab her hair and face-fuck her hard. I slam my cock into the corner of her mouth. As my meat slides in and out of her mouth, her lips start to wrap around my thick shaft and she starts to lick the head.

I suddenly blast a shot of hot cum into the middle of her face, followed by streams of cum, this time her mouth is open wide to catch the last blasts which splattered on her red lips, open mouth, and her chin. Just as she thought her ordeal is over and I'm through with her, she moves away from me, but I went after her and just when she thought she would get away, I caught hold of her shoulder and with brute strength, I spun her around and slammed her against the wall. Stunned and scared, she stood there motionless as I pinned her arms above her head. " John...stop...no more please." She cried, tears streaming down her face. " Shut up!" Terrified and not understanding why I was talking to her like that, but more fearful of antagonizing me further, she stood there as I forced her to spread her legs apart. I stood roughly stroking my cock until I'm fully erect again, I shove my hard hot cock into her small tight sore opening. For a moment, a look of surprise flickered across her face and I stop. I look down into her wide, terrified eyes and with a smirk, deliberately tearing through her sore tightness and mercilessly thrusting into her again.

I spasm again and spew my cum inside her. " Oh my god, oh my god," She kept repeating while I held her there against the wall continuing to slam into her until my cock softened and I withdrew. I released her wrists, my thick cum mixed with blood slowly dripping out of her, becoming cool and sticky between her bruised thighs. I look down at her and said with contempt, " The next time, Krystal, I'll fuck your tight virgin ass."

I walked over and sat down in one of the big overstuffed chairs. Pouring a brandy, I sat there stroking myself with a towel watching her. Slowly I got up and towering over her and said, " Stop your damn crying." Her fear is obvious and she cringed away from me. I forced her to look at me, when I lifted her chin and spat out the words, " So your divorced because of fearing sex. Now you have been fucked." Confused, it took a few seconds for her to comprehend what I'm saying. I squeezed her face and said, " I want you to listen carefully to what I'm telling you, Krystal. Don't you defy me or hesitate when I tell you to do something. You're here for the night, and I expect you to do as your told. Do you understand?" No, she didn't understand, but all she dared to do is nod her head " yes." I bent down and kissed her hard and painfully before turning and leaving her in the room. Krystal got up and stumbled to the bed becoming more aware of the soreness between her legs, and the shakiness when she walked. Her tears starting again when she looked down at her thighs and saw streams of cum mixed with blood.

So she has taken on personal responsibility for my sexual needs and satisifaction now I need to ream her tight virgin ass. Oh well, Krystal thought to herself. This is the point where she just let go and let it happen. I returned two hours later, I walked over to her, grabbed her shoulder and turned her around roughly. When she opened her mouth to scream, I jammed the wash cloth in it and pushed her over the edge of the bed again, forcing her to extend her arms in front of her. She bounced on the bed but before she can do anything I had my hands on both her butt cheeks, spreading her just like she had spread herself for me eariler. Suddenly, one hand went away and Krystal feels something cold and soft on her anus. I pushed my lubricated finger half way in and then I leaned over her, taking my time while the lubricating gel is spread around while I gazed at the last of Krystal's holes I would violate.
Once I got going, she feels the gel being pushed up through her sphincter, smearing and lubricating it, followed by the head of my cock followed by a thick shaft that slide inside her easily, that she feels up inside her for a couple of inches, and then kept on going, on and on, more and more length. It is unbelievable how much hard shaft she can feel passing through her tight little butt hole and disappearing into her.

She feels fuller and fuller, stuffed to discomfort in her pelvis and then in her abdomen. Finally, after the longest penetration she has ever experienced, she starts to feel cramping and a funny pulling feeling in her abdomen and a wave of nausea, like she was hit in the stomach and she thought she would pass out. But she didn't. She just broke out in a sweat. She kept the cloth in her mouth so she wouldn't scream. Krystal is gritting her teeth and has her eyes closed. Her abdominal muscles are aching because she found that she can just about tolerate the stuffing if she keeps her body straight, but if she bent her torso the cramping got worse. And then finally, to her relief, she feels my bloated oversize balls slap against her ass cheeks. I'm in as far as I can go! " Yes!" I said approvingly.
With a cruel smile on my rugged face, I pull my long shaft out of her a little and then ram it back inside her with force. Krystal would have screamed but she still had a mouthful of cloth. Uncontrollably, she reaches back to her butt with both hands to protect herself but this meant that she lost the support of her arms and fell, her body bent at the waist, and she feels the invasion deeper now that her abdomen can't be held straight and every time I piston into her rectum we both feel more sensations and it feels deeper.

I'm dominating her in every way, treating her like property, a fuck toy, like she is my sex slave reserved for my pleasure. But if she is going to get past her fear of sex, she had to let me. We both knew that Krystal needed to be dominated by a older man, Krystal couldn't admit it openly because of her failed marriage and failed relationships with men after her divorce. so I took advantage of the fact that she can't complain to ravage her. Her virgin butt is my prize and her rectum is the victim. On and on, over and over, back and forth, I pull out and then push back into her ass while Krystal sobbed and twisted to give easier passage to my long hard thick invader. Krystal feels like her abdominal organs have been rearranged, the same overpowering, empty-feeling, gut-wrenching, on-the-edge of nausea, cramp-like feeling that she got when her ex-husband tried to penetrate her pussy. Then something happened, the excruciating feeling of being stuffed and the crampy pain from her abused intestines are still there but along with them something is building, a tension in her pelvis and a tingling in her nipples. She is starting to feel twinges of deep pleasure. My hands on her breasts as I tweak her nipples can barely be felt against the greater stimulation she is feeling. I'm handling her breasts roughly, which she never liked, so rough that her breasts ached. The pressure of my assault on her ass is rhythmically pushing her cunt into the side of the bed, where it rubbed against the coarse fabric, but the pressure is broad, not focused on her clit. It still feels good, even with her butt packed and full to bursting. How can it feel good at a time like this? But it did!

She is building up. My big long cock in her guts angled forward and she feels a hint of pressure on her G-spot, far away and across her vagina. She imagines that the tip of my cock is poking the bottom of her stomach, making her queasy and lightheaded. Then something erotic happened! The more she relaxed and let me ravish her ass, the more her clit stiffened. It came out and started rubbing bare against the bed. Finally! Direct stimulation! It is all too much! Then I went over the edge! I grunted, groaned, and bucked my hips hard and Krystal feels the monster cock swell and jerk inside her, over and over, and she knew that at that moment a huge load of semen is being deposited deeper inside her than she has ever taken it! My massive orgasm touched hers off and with a jolt she started to come! It is a ragged orgasm! She didn't get it from the usual points of stimulation and she feels like she is skewered on a stick but it still hit her with full force! It seem to start from where her uterus would be - but why would it if I'm fucking her rectum, not her cunt? -- and as it gathers strength there is a popping sensation all through her abdomen and a feeling like her insides are being shoved around. As her internal muscles tense out of her control, the stretch and the pressure inside her feels stronger and she feels like she is going through convulsions inside her gut as much as in her pelvis. And her vagina is pulsing frantically even though there is nothing in it and wetness on the bed arm under her told her that she had just squirted and didn't realize it!

She collapsed on bed, butt still high in the air pinned by my cock and locked against the the bed by my legs. I stayed still, obviously enjoying the heat from her body on my cock and the last few muscle contractions as they rippled through her. When I pulled out, I didn't say anything or apologize. I just went to the bathroom to clean myself off and left her lying on her face, with her ass in the air, her pussy juiced and still oozing, and her anus gaping open, revealing the dark pink inside her abused rectum. Sprawled out naked and left alone, she suddenly feels like she had been hit by a lightning bolt, with the realization of what really just happened. Krystal's head begins to spin. Her body is now starting to feel numb. In days that followed, the memory of the nightmare became a dark fantasy. She never told anyone about what had happened and she guarded her secret jealously like a sacred treasure.









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