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Is there any outing in life that won't see high focuses and depressed spots? said Dev and added, "I thoroughly don't mull over my way of thinking. I have joined the All India Trinamool Congress with no condition considering the way that any new connection begins with most outrageous trust. Congress party offered me enough possibility and in no occasion, momentarily am I disappointed to them. I don't figure joining TMC can regardless be counterproductive." 

Sushmita Dev joined TMC days after the obstruction set up an exhibit of fortitude over its solicitations in the rainstorm meeting of parliament. 

Dev said that her support leaving Congress is a great deal of referred to in the renouncement letter itself. She furthermore said that she had searched for Congress span President Sonia Gandhi's preferring for her new outing. 

We are a strong party. It's everything except an issue for Congress in the event that somebody is going or coming. People should not point out Sushmita Dev's joining TMC. There are such incalculable people who have joined Congress," KC Venugopal said on Monday.$deeplink_path=article%2Fjan%2F123&$$deeplink_path=article%2Fjan%2F123&$

West Bengal Boss Priest Mamata Banerjee, on her woman visit to the Public Capital since she won the third persistent party overviews held social affairs with the obstruction bunches over outlining a brought together front for the 2024 general races. During her visit to Delhi, Banerjee in like manner met Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. 

AITC doesn't have to poach or break. In any case, in the event that there are competent people who get in touch with us, in the event that there is a recurrence, we will welcome them," Derek O'Brien, 

Keeping to the side the subject of fortitude, O'Brien raised that the opposition bunches are collaborating. "The goal is something basically the same," he said. Sushmita Dev will travel different bits of Assam and Tripura soon.