FLCYCO: Baroque Bow

FLCYCO: Baroque Bow


What is Baroque bow?

- In general, Baroque bows look straight or bent slightly outwards when the bow is tightened. It is shorter, lighter, more flexible, and with shorter horsehair compared to modern violin bows.

Is it a requirement to have a Baroque bow?

 - Yes. It is mandatory for every string musician in FLCYCO to possess a Baroque bow, as our ensemble strives for authenticity in our artistic interpretations.

How much does a Baroque bow cost?

 - The price can vary. However, it is not necessary to get an expensive Baroque bow. For our students, the recommended price for a decent quality baroque bow ranges from $49.00 to $100.00.

Where can we get a baroque bow?

 - Nowadays, we have a multitude of choices. You can get it online at Amazon, Ebay, or Sharmusic. Ifshin Violins would be a good local shop ("relatively local" - in El Cerrito, CA. A call is suggested since they do not list Baroque bows in the above mentioned price range online)

When is it required to have a Baroque bow?

- By October 15, 2019 everybody needs to have one.

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