FAQ Crypto Agent Bot

FAQ Crypto Agent Bot

FAQ Crypto Agent Bot

What is the minimum amount for withdrawal of funds?

The minimum amount for withdrawal of funds is 0.0125BTC.

What are the limits of withdrawal of funds?

The maximum amount for withdrawal of funds is 5 BTC per day.

What is the minimum amount to credit the balance?

The minimum amount to credit the balance starts from 0.05 BTC.

How fast are funds transferred for withdrawal?

It depends from the Blockchain. Usually it should be transferred to your Wallet in a couple of hours.

What income can you receive from signals?

It depends on the situation on the cryptocurrency market.

Yes, it does. Your referral link remains active.

If I manage a team and I have forgotten to pay for the next month service, with the payments from my team being active, will I receive referral commissions?

Yes, you will. Your active referral link remains active, the whole sales turnover you manage keeps on brining you income!

How many signals are there for purchase and sale of some or other currencies, and how often?

The situation depends on the market. We accurately analyze the situation from the news, technically & trends. Usually You will receive from one to more signals every day. We are focused on the quality of our service and our signals, but not on their number.   

What are signal time frames?

We provide our service for short-term, middle-term, and long-terms signals.

Do you provide with the exit point from signals?

Yes, most of them we will provide by Short- and Midterm signals.

The operation of the system of withdrawal of earned funds

When you press the button “Withdraw”, the whole amount is withdrawn from your wallet and moved to your BlockChain wallet, you don’t need to indicate a specific amount for withdrawal. 

If I have saved and added my BlockChain wallet for withdrawal to the system, can I change it in the future? That is, if I have 2-3 BlockChain addresses, can I withdraw funds from different wallets?

Yes, you can withdraw funds from your other wallets

How many partners can I have in the first line?

There are no limits. As many as you want.

Can I pay for the service subscription from the funds I earned?

Yes, you can.

Can I transfer funds to another partner?

No, you cannot. At first, you have to move funds to your Blockchain wallet.

How often can I order the withdrawal of funds?

You are allowed to withdraw funds from your account as many times a day as you want, but you should remember the maximum amount is up to 5 BTC a day in total.

Do I get the commissions every month from my sponsered partners or only one time?

You will get every time when your partners makes a payment (monthly, 6 months or 12months) your commission. Also for your partners in the downline 10 levels deep!