@FTUPlus F.A.Q

@FTUPlus F.A.Q

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Q) What is FTU PLUS?

Ans) FTU plus is a premium membership in which You get many premium technical,selp-help,wso,fitness and more various catagories courses at a cheap price with extra privileges


Q) Does it includes premium site Courses?

Ans) Yes, There are many courses from many different popular sites


Q) Who is this for?

Ans) This is for people who don't want to spend money on every other course on Udemy or on other sites which offer those courses for more than 100$ each.


Q) Does it have a recurring payment?

Ans) Nope, one-time payment


Q) What's the validity?

Ans) Lifetime access will be provided.


Q) Where will I get courses?

Ans) In your personal Google Drive. All our video courses are uploaded in HD streamable format. You don't need to download each course. You may directly stream them.



Q) What will the admins do of Money?

Ans) We will buy other courses from this money and add to FTU PLUS


Q) What are the Payment modes?

Ans) PAYTM, UPI, Bitcoin, Visa, Mastercard[Paypal, Payoneer also accepted (With $5 additional transaction fee)]


Q) Is FTU ELITE and FTU PLUS is same?

Ans) No, they are not same FTU plus is for Technical, personal growth, IT-related courses, etc.., whereas FTU Elite is for Stock/Trading courses

Both are different subscriptions offered by us.


Q) I have paid for FTU elite will I get access to FTU Plus automatically?

Ans) No, Both are different with purpose.


Q) What are all the courses that FTU Plus offers, is there a list?

Ans) https://bit.ly/ftuplus (not updated), Go through @ftuplus channel posts for all course lists and BTW we keep adding a new course/Siterip everyday

Q) Do you guys offer any trial?

Ans: No. Currently, we don't offer any kind of trials

Q) Do you provide a refund?

Ans: No. We don't have any refund policy. But we can assure you you won't be disappointed with our course collection and service.

We do not issue refunds for products once the order is confirmed and once the product is sold.

We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or accessing our products.

Contact @FTUPlusQueryBot if you still got any queries.

@FTUPLUS (https://t.me/FTUPlus)