Ezee Sell bot - Slow and Steady Mode

Ezee Sell bot - Slow and Steady Mode


We have enabled 3 different modes in our Ezee Trading Sell bot.

1) Fast and Furious Mode.

2) Moderate Mode.

3) Slow and Steady Mode.

For the ease of understanding individual modes, below are some of the important Stats of the backtest done for "Slow and Steady Mode" for the Ezee Trading Sell bot.

A) Starting with Stats:

Slow and Steady Mode Backtest Report Stats.
Note: Past Performance does not guarantee Future Returns. Please do your own due diligence before you make any Trading and Investment decisions. Technical analysis can predict future prices of financial instruments only with certain level of accuracy. Therefore, before taking any financial decision, you are requested to consult your financial adviser.

When Trading is done with per trade allocation of Rs. 20000, as per backtest, this strategy has delivered total returns after Brokerage, Taxes , etc of Rs. 424009 from the year 2015 till date(Aug 2019). While the drawdown is just Rs. 13912.

Due to lower Drawdown, the Annual Rewards / Risk Ratio for this setup is 6.8 : 1 which is considered excellent. (Risk Reward ratio).

It is due to this higher Risk Reward Returns, this Strategy has been able to deliver Average Net Returns of 0.35% per trade, even with just 61% of Accuracy.

Average Net per trade return of 0.35% per trade after deducting Brokerage, Taxes and also Slippage(0.10%), is considered good when it comes to intraday algos. Higher value of average per trade return helps to cushion the returns against slippages due to broker issues, technical issues, order rejections, skipped trading on certain days due to manual decisions taken by end user, etc.

This mode is recommended for users who prefer to have better averaging effect to smoothen the returns by taking more number of trades.

B) PNL(Cummulative Profit and Loss) Curve:

Cumulative Profit Loss curve

The Profit Loss Curve is quite smooth and shows that the strategy is robust and has stood the test of time, and has delivered consistent returns. And thats exactly what i like the most in this strategy.

C) Yearly and Monthly Returns:

Yearly Returns
Monthly Returns

In almost every month this strategy backtest shows positive returns, further confirming the consistency of the strategy.


This strategy is good to trade by new as well as experienced traders and has very good potential to deliver steady and consistent returns. This mode is recommended for users who prefer to have better averaging effect to smoothen the returns by taking more number of trades.

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