Extension for mails on Prime.Date has been updated!

Extension for mails on Prime.Date has been updated!


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What has been changed

As you already know, according to the new rules of the site about communication with mails:

- if a man sent a mail to the lady at least once, then all mails will be delivered from lady immediately after sending.

- if a man and a lady have not communicated before and the lady initiates communication with the man, such mails are collected and will be delivered 1 of them, randomly selected, 1 time in 80-120 seconds.

Thus, standard sending (manually or automatically) has a very small chance of being received to the man.

But now there is a new functionality from ChatOS. This is "Forcible mails". It means your mails will be delivered and they are out of competition and turn!

How it looks

New functionality "Forcible mails" is built into the extension for mails.

The algorithm of the extension is adapted to the new rules and it works for delivery.

Visually, the extension has not changed and how to work with it you can remember here

Instruction Extension for mails

You will find changes only in progress of sending mails. 👇

How to understand what is happening

After you start sending, just look at the progress.

🖤The number in gray is amount of men to resend the mail and number of men the mail has been sent to, but delivery result is not determined yet.

💚The indicator in green - number of men who have already received mails from the lady

❤️Red number - number of men who have not received a mail from the lady yet

How to understand how the new algorithm works

In order for a man to receive a mail, ChatOS will perform up to 5 attempts to send a mail to a specific man. After each dispatch, the system understands whether the mail has been delivered or whether the man has received it. If yes it's ok, if not - the system will continue to attempt to the "successful" state.

If not use

Then you have almost no chance to initiate a new communication with new men with mails, because new men are unlikely to receive mails from ladies, whether sending by hand or by other automatic ways. It will seem to you that the process is underway, but in fact it is not.

Use "Forcible mails" from ChatOS for real results.

Productive work to you!💚