My name is Deesha. I'm married to Sarvesh since around 4 years now. We have a very loving and healthy marriage. We both love each other equally and I have never even imagined cheating on him. This incident happened due to the arrival of my school friend, Geeta (name changed). Geeta and I were friends in school. And when we were young, we had explored each others' bodies. Back then, it all seemed like a game and none of us knew what we were doing.

I had completely forgotten about the incident until I came face to face with Geeta a couple of months back. We had no contact since joining college. I was the one who spotted and recognized her. She was busy on her phone. We were happy to see each other after more than a decade. I invited her to my house. She told me that she now lives in Birmingham, but was visiting a cousin of hers who lives just a couple of blocks away from me. I told her about my happy marriage life. She told me that she had not yet married anyone.

When I asked her the reason, she looked at me with disapproving eyes as if conveying betrayal.

Geeta- You really don't know why I have not married anyone yet? Maybe whatever happened between us did not mean anything to you but it meant a lot to me. I am a lesbian.

I did not know how to react. I had never given any 2nd thoughts to what we did back in our school days, as it all seemed childish and innocent. Geeta asked me if I am really happy with my marriage and whether I am really straight. I answered positively with confidence. Geeta apologized and left my house. She left me with our memories of having engaged in casual lesbian sex at a young age. For the next few days, I kept brooding over her question of whether I am really straight or not. Although all these years I had never questioned my sexuality, Geeta had raised that question in my mind. I started reading lesbian sex stories and started watching lesbian porn. I began liking this side of my sexuality.

Very soon before I knew, I was masturbating daily to lesbian porn videos. Whenever Sarvesh fucked me, I closed my eyes and imagined Geeta fucking me with a strap on! Within a month or so, I had turned bisexual. I was eager to contact Geeta but I had no means of reaching her. She had left my house abruptly so we never got to exchange numbers. I went to her cousin's house and got Geeta's contact details. Now that I had Geeta's number, I was again in 2 minds whether to contact her or not. Whether she would like to talk to me or not, considering how bad our reunion was last month! 3 days went by but I had not yet contacted Geeta.

It was around 6pm, I was busy with cooking dinner when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and was shocked to see Geeta there.

Geeta- Prerna(her cousin) told me you had asked for my contact details. I waited for 3 days but since you did not contact me, I drove here from Birmingham.

I was still in shock, so I couldn't say anything. Geeta welcomed herself inside my house. She put her bag down on the couch and turned to me. We were both looking at each other with lust and love. Geeta knew that I wanted her as badly as she wanted me. She came forward and hugged me. I hugged her tighter. Geeta was darker and a little taller than me. The pressure cooker whistle broke our hug. I went to the kitchen and told Geeta to go get a shower.

After 20 odd minutes, Geeta came into the kitchen. I had my back to her. She came up behind me suddenly and hugged me. She made me turn towards her and I dropped the pan I was holding in my hand. Geeta had come out of the shower to the kitchen completely naked! My knees started going weak seeing Geeta's naked body, smelling fresh from the shower she just had. Geeta inserted a finger between her legs, then bought it to her lips and licked it, all the while looking at me. I was too excited and scared to move. So Geeta came near me and kissed my lips. She put her arms around my shoulders, held my head with her hands and kissed my lips. I responded equally well, sucking her lips and giving her my tongue. Our breasts were pressed against each others'.

I pushed her away saying I have to finish cooking and that Sarvesh will be home soon. But Geeta was in no mood to let go of me. So I continued my cooking while she kept kissing my body over my dress. We giggled and moaned, also reminiscing our lesbian experience more than a decade back. The doorbell rang. Sarvesh was home. Geeta took her bag and went to the guest room. I corrected my clothes and opened the door. Geeta came out wearing a black top and yellow skirt. I introduced Sarvesh and Geeta to each other.

When Sarvesh went to freshen up, immediately Geeta came to the kitchen and started kissing me. The thought of kissing my friend with my husband being less than 20 feet away made my vagina wet as hell! We both kissed for 2-3 minutes. During dinner, Geeta kept fondling my legs with her legs under the dining table. I couldn't wait for the night as I so badly wanted to have sex with Geeta. Finally around 10pm, Sarvesh went to our bedroom. I told him to sleep. That I will chit chat with Geeta for a while. I wished him good night and shut our bedroom door.

The guest room was right next to our bedroom. I went inside the room. I had a dark blue maxi on and a black panty. I never wore a bra after 10pm. I saw Geeta sitting on the bed, reading on her Kindle. She had a pink maxi on. I came inside the room and shut the door. We were both smiling at each other. Geeta got up from the bed. She walked past me to the door and locked it. She then held my hand and took me to the bed. She made me lie down on the bed on my back. She came over me and rested her body on top of mine. I held her face in my hands, we set aside each others' curls and put our lips together. Geeta sucked and bit my lips. We sucked at each others' tongues, rubbing our breasts against each others'.

I cupped Geeta's ass cheeks from above her maxi. I sensed that she had no panty underneath. Geeta broke the kiss and went down on my body, licking my neck. Her hot tongue on my neck gave me shivers inside my panty. She licked my neck, going down to my cleavage and finally my breasts. She kneaded my boobs and asked me if I had a bra or not. I shook my head, smiling. Excited, Geeta tore my maxi from above my breasts and within a few seconds, my breasts were wet with Geeta's saliva. She quickly tore off the rest of my maxi and removed my panty too. Then she sat on my tummy and removed her maxi over her head. We were both completely naked now. I quickly glanced at the bedroom door to ensure that the stopper was on.

This was my first lesbian experience after decades and so I allowed Geeta to pleasure me the maximum. She squeezed my 34D boobs hard and pinched my dark brown nipples. I moaned in pain and pleasure. Geeta went to the washroom and got her panty which she had worn during the day. She stuffed it in my mouth to keep me from making any loud noise. I was tasting her pussy juices and sweat. I stared at Geeta's sexy body as she walked back to the bed from the washroom. She had darker boobs, probably 34C with darker nipples. She lowered her mouth on my boobs and started licking and biting my breasts. We both started sweating, even though it was February and pleasantly cold.

I got up from the bed to switch on the AC. Hardly had I set the temperature when Geeta came to me from behind, grabbed my pussy roughly with her right hand and threw me on the bed. She again lay over me, but this time with her pussy facing my face and she facing my vagina. I spit Geeta's panty out of my mouth. Although I had no prior experience of lesbian sex, I had watched enough porn videos to know what to do. I grabbed her hips, bringing her vagina closer to my mouth. I licked her inner thighs before extending my tongue inside her pussy. She moaned and did the same to my pussy. She was an expert at licking vagina and her tongue directly hit my G-Spot. I was very close to having my 1st orgasm of the night.

We kept licking each others' pussies while moaning softly. Suddenly Geeta entered 2 fingers inside my ass hole. That was my breaking point and the 1st wave of orgasm gushed out of my vagina into Geeta's mouth. My eyes rolled up and my hands and feet went cold. The power and pleasure of the orgasm was such that I bit Geeta's pussy by mistake. Reacting to it, Geeta slapped my vagina and entered 3 fingers inside it along with her tongue. All this added to my orgasm and before I knew, I was squirting! I had never squirted all my life. My whole body shivered and my legs just leaped into air. Geeta had quite a time holding me down. I had never ever felt so pleasured in my life. Geeta rose up and looked at me. Her entire face was covered with my juices. There were some drops falling from her hair.

Geeta turned around and sat on my face, her knees on either side of my face. She then held my hair roughly and lowered her vagina into my mouth. I held Geeta by her ass cheeks and started licking her pussy with my tongue and then covered her entire pussy with my mouth, eating at it. Geeta had started moaning loudly, so I took my panty and gave it to her. She herself stuffed it in her mouth. I started spanking her ass while eating her pussy. Geeta took my hands and placed them on her boobs. I pressed and squeezed her boobs. I held her nipples and started twisting and pinching them. I could hear the muffled screams and moans of Geeta. Within a while, Geeta started secreting her juices in my mouth.

I thought that was the end of our night, but Geeta was far from done. She opened her bag and took out a long, black dildo. I measured it later- it was 14 inches long and around 2-3 inches thick! I gasped looking at that monster, wondering what Geeta had in mind while she sexily held that dildo in her hand, her eyes fixed on mine. I rose and sat up on the bed. Geeta put the dildo head in her mouth and started sucking it as she came near me on the bed.

I was scared shit that Geeta would strap this monster to her hips and massacre my vagina or ass. But that's not what she had in mind. Geeta spread my legs and sat opposite to me on the bed, facing me and spreading her legs too. She then placed the dildo between our pussies. Geeta held the dildo at the center and slowly inserted the monster into my vagina, while she inserted the other end into hers.

Gradually the entire length of the dildo disappeared into our pussies. Geeta moved ahead slightly, such that our vaginas were now touching one another. We both started moving to and fro, fucking our pussies with the monster. But the real satisfaction came when our pussies collided with each other. I extended my both hands to Geeta, which she held with her hands. I stared into Geeta's eyes, imagining that she is fucking me with a strap on.

I was close to another orgasm, but I tried to hold it as I wanted to cum in Geeta's mouth. I tried my best but watching Geeta's sexy naked body and our clashing vaginas made it impossible for me to contain my orgasm and I started squirting again! Geeta saw this and immediately she pulled the dildo out of my as well as her vagina and put her mouth to my pussy. The removing of the dildo caused another burst of my pussy juices which I squirted into Geeta's mouth.

I was completely exhausted as I had 2 squirting orgasms within a span of 2 hours. I then spread Geeta's legs wide and began eating her pussy. She was yet to have her 2nd orgasm of the night and I somehow felt obliged to please her as she had given me immense pleasure in the last couple of hours. Geeta again started moaning loudly so I took the long dildo and put it in her mouth. I rocked the dildo with my hand which Geeta sucked while continuing to suck her pussy.

Within a couple of minutes, I could feel her thighs shiver as the orgasm hit her. Her pussy juices went flying into my mouth. She was chewing at the dildo in order to contain her scream and excitement from the orgasm. We were both panting and sweating now. Geeta sat back on the bed and made me lay over her body. We kissed each other and even though I tried to break the kiss after a minute or 2, Geeta held my face strongly and just did not let me go for at least 10 minutes.

I got up from the bed and headed to the washroom which was inside the bedroom itself and cleaned myself. I then wore my maxi and kissed Geeta goodbye. Geeta was in no mood to wash or wear clothes. She just stretched out on the bed and was already asleep by the time I corrected the room and left to return to my husband.


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