Eximiousnovel fiction - Chapter 394 toy scream share-p3

Eximiousnovel fiction - Chapter 394 toy scream share-p3

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Novel-Dragon King's Son-In-Law-Dragon King's Son-In-Law

Chapter 394 hurried vast

A groan originated the heavens, and Hao Ren identified it was Qin Shaoyang's sound .

"Crescent Come to!" Su Han stood straighter and reduced her sword upwards .

The icicles stabbed in to the area, piercing quite a few gaps which are five centimeters deeply over the natural green gra.s.s .

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Su Han looked puzzled for the resolve on Hao Ren's experience . Of course, she acquired always kept to herself, plus the particular person whom she dependable most and noticed the nearest to was her expert, Elder Xingyue . She came into the Dragon G.o.d Shrine simply to get access to much better farming information, and that was why she thought it was confusing Hao Ren's emotions .

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"Twenty-thousand Ice cubes Strike…"

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Residing in the Eastern side Ocean Dragon Palace gives him safety and comfort, but Hao Ren wanted to force himself to the greater world . Naturally, he were forced to toughen himself through fights to ensure he could be certain Zhao Yanzi's security!

A full row of chairs was slice in two .

Considering the fact that Su Han hoped they are driving Qin Shaoyang away through Hao Ren, Qin Shaoyang could also affect lower back working with Hao Ren .

"Aren't you as well revengeful? I did so only contact your arm, destroy your slippers, and get from the process fight!" Hao Ren yelled as part of his mind .

Jumping rich in air, silhouetted versus the moon, Su Han smacked downward with her sword and picture out a huge selection of icicles .

It was subsequently clear that Su Han's unexpected invasion landed on Qin Shaoyang . He adhered to them after they flew in to the stadium and viewed them when they applied .

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"Whats up! Hello! You can't do this…" Hao Ren immediately elevated his palms .

A crescent-designed frost beam swept along the far-away endure .

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"Placed two onto your wrists, two on your ankles, and the other around your the neck and throat . " Su Han had your hands on his arm well before putting them on him intimately .

Thud! Thud… Uncovered-footed, Su Han happened to run swiftly ahead of suddenly traveling up with her sword at hand .

"Su Han, do you detest me much?" Qin Shaoyang's problem originated the void .

Even so, Su Han was at Qian-point one laid-back strike from her was world-trembling . In contrast, Hao Ren was only at Gen-point . If he couldn't improve his struggle experience, he wouldn't have the ability to be prominent in the Dragon G.o.d Shrine .

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The icicles stabbed within the subject, piercing several holes which had been fifteen centimeters deeply in the natural green gra.s.s .

"Regardless of the, I'd choose to give it a try," Hao Ren responded .

"Get rid of here!" Su Han landed while her sword picture out another sword vitality .

"Ten-thousand An ice pack Strike…"

"I'll get rid of the Five Mountains Bracelets right before your combat examinations . You can use them until the assessments, plus they would be great helps to you," Su Han nodded in fulfillment and explained cheerfully .

"Position Tai Bracelets?" Hao Ren checked out her with care and confusion .

"Position Tai Bracelets?" Hao Ren considered her with extreme care and confusion and stress .

"Surrender! I surrender!" Hao Ren leaped up abruptly and named in the market to Su Han in a big hurry .

"You truly similar to this weak Gen-level brat? I'll see how one can shield him during the Dragon G.o.d Shrine in some days or weeks!" The golden light-weight on the atmosphere vanished in a flash .

"Humph!" Ultimately, Su Han withdrew her sword and landed slowly over the area .

An entire row of seating was minimize by 50 % .

"I couldn't have achieved this without the need of your coaching," Hao Ren immediately cupped his hands toward her and fluttered .

"15-thousand Ice Come to!"

"You will be covered in cuts . Let's top of your head lower back, and I'll place some drugs upon them . " Su Han grabbed Hao Ren's right-hand, plus they stepped on the White colored Jade Sword and left the harmed stadium .

It turned out obvious that Su Han's quick episode landed on Qin Shaoyang . He followed them whenever they flew within the stadium and watched them as they exercised .

Just before Hao Ren could heave a sigh of relief, Su Han's reduced tone of voice sounded yet again .

"You truly this way weak Gen-stage brat? I'll see how you can secure him inside the Dragon G.o.d Shrine in a few weeks!" The gold light-weight on the atmosphere vanished very quickly .

"Your cultivation way is indeed exceptional . " Using a extended confront, Su Han still couldn't admit her overcome . "Although you are in reduced-tier Gen-point, using your process, you might even beat leading-tier Gen-degree cultivators . "

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"Don't flatter me . " Su Han glanced at him and suddenly transferred .

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Keeping in the Eastern side Seas Dragon Palace gives him safety and comfort, but Hao Ren planned to drive himself to your larger kingdom . Naturally, he needed to toughen himself through fights to ensure he could make sure Zhao Yanzi's safeness!

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