👇👇 Excavo.finance 👇👇small report after weekly AMA sessions from different community 

👇👇 Excavo.finance 👇👇small report after weekly AMA sessions from different community 

❓ Can you tell us a little about your background and what your role is in EXCAVO?  

🌐Hello everyone my name is Eugene Loza CEO of EXCAVO

EXCAVO is a company of independent financial analysts, traders, asset managers, economists, IT - developers.

TOP-1 Trader by Tradingview.com

The most popular crypto trader according to Bitcoin.com

TOP-5 Advisor Blockchain projects by ICOholder.com

Master’s Degree at Kyiv National University / Institute of International Relations. Thesis topic: “The evolution of the world cryptocurrency market”

❓ EXCAVO is the Automated Market Maker (AMM). Can you explain to us what is AMM and how it works?

🌐I share information on my tradingview page where 97k subscribers

This is the link you can read more information About AMM (Automated Market Maker)



If you want to know more about our project, read more in our WHITEPAPER

❓Why did you choose the Excavo name and use the excavator logo? What is the reason behind it? And why do you feel that Excavator is suitable to represent your project?

🌐 We created EXCAVO brand in 2016

Every main is an earner, back in the history men had to hunt to bring food home, now men go to work to earn money and bring them home

Today the best hunter is a men who created a business, business is a machine that provides profit. Following that logic the best machine is an excavator. Brand has to bring emotions, in our case power, strength and stability. This is the emotion that I was looking for creating brand EXCAVO🚀

❓ What is your closest target for the next 1 year and what strategy are you using to reach that target?

🌐 In October we launch our trading platform

Then we plan to add leverage trading

Level 2 layer for fees minimizations

We also will work on increasing number of users on our platform

To do that we will provide partnerships, exchange listings and we will teach our community on how to use DeFi

❓What is the key feature of EXCAVO ? What are the services EXCAVO Going to provide? 

🌐A lot of people use centralized exchanges risking loss of their funds. Look at the Kucoin hack

We have a large community of traders, our goal is to provide info of DeFi advantages and bring more people to the industry

We will provide spot trading options, margin trading and synthetics actives trading

❓What are the main use case of EXCAVO Token and what is the 

role of EXCAVO Token in your ecosystem?  



Incentives for LP

Reducing the commission

Paying the commission

Payment of liquidation fee

We will also bring token to the existing EXCAVO ecosystem, including education, signals and fund management

❓How will AMM be better than other market makers available in market. How will this product compete them. How much of the spread is allowed in the AMM protocol? 

🌐 We will provide unique incentives for traders

We have a competitive advantage – a large community of traders (over 100k of subscribers, this is a product from traders for traders) 

Commission is how we deal with commissions for token holders

Commission = 0.4%*k

1-5 tokens k=0.9

5-10 tokens k=0.8

10-20 tokens k=0,7

20-50 tokens k =0,6

50-100 tokens k=0,5

>100 tokens k=0,4

❓Each project is based on blockchain with different strengths and has been very successful. For EXCAVO , what will investors benefit and gain from the platform? What are the advantages to winning glory in the long term?  

🌐Our competitive advantage is blockchain developers who are true professionals and our large community of traders

We are the product that will provide a convenient platform for decentralized trading

According to our quiz

In 5-10 years people do not plat to store their funds on centralized exchange, store part of it on mobile devices, and store most of it on hardware wallets

Our mission is to explain to our community that you need to be in charge of your funds, rather than centralized exchanges. Trade safely with your bank in your hands

❓ For any Crypto Projects Specially DeFi projects, Partnerships are also a major Factors.. So, Can you tell us some about Your Recent Major Partnerships?

🌐Here is the list of existing partners and we are working every day on increasing their numbers

❓Projects that are not traded on major exchanges remain unnoticed. What do you think about listing the token on the leading exchanges?


🌐We are currently communicating with large exchanges and expect to get first listings in october

❓ Any small coding error can permanently damage the entire assets of the LPs. This is the biggest risk of Liquidity mining . How will EXCAVO DEX deal with this problem? Has your smart contract been audited by any blockchain system ?Why should we feel safe when being LPs for EXCAVO?

🌐We will make an audit of the smart contract before the project launch🛫

❓What do you think is holding the DeFi space back? What is preventing from the mass adoption of DeFi products?

 🌐lack of education within the community. Thats the issue we are going to resolve

❓Many investors hit and run in the sell and sell session after listing on the first exchange, How did #Excavo prevent early investors from selling their tokens and what benefits would leat DeFi give them?

 🌐All of the pre sale investors have vesting on their tokens

We initially selected small cap for the project and raised a small ammount of funds to provide future space for growth

last but not least all of our investors are from our closed groups, valuable clients, not flippers, who are interested in long term value of the project

❓ EXCAVO is specially built for Professional Traders. Does it have special features for beginners? How can I know what is the perfect plan for me in Excavo according to my current trading skills??

🌐Every new trader wants to be a professional. We will provide education program for those who want to increase their trading skills

❓What are the plans to educate and raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand about the project easily?

🌐 EXCAVO academy founded in 2017, where we educate traders on cryptocurrency trading

❓Marketing strategy is very important. A product can be established on the market without marketing and promotion, whatever it is good. So what are your plans for this? How will you build strong relationships with communities?

🌐Right now we have more then 100k of traders/subscribers, whom we will educate on how to use DeFi, this is our first step in marketing our product. Then we have in mind partnerships, listings, etc

❓As an investor and early adopter, I find it difficult to access/value a project in the short term and require longer periods of time to fully understand, recognize and value it. So, to help my understanding, can you tell me what plans are set in motion to add value to excavo?

 🌐The value of the product depends on the services that it provides as well as the number of people who uses it.

❓The existing project sometimes only thinks about the profit for the team without thinking about the profit of the investor. How do you make a profit while still providing benefits for investor.

🌐 AMM by design provides revenue to the liquidity providers

Also traders who participate in deals can trade safely without 3rd party risks

We are traders who are building product for traders

❓In the Whitepaper appear so many tokens related to Excavo, so can you explain why do you need 4 types of tokens?

🌐Those are not 4 types of tokens, those are tokens used within our system. All of the DeFi projects have a lot of internal tokens, eg pool/lp tokens. We are transparent in terms of our under-the-hood tech thats why we mentioned all of the tokens in our WhitePaper. However, only one would be the main/tradable one

❓Yeild farming is a new trending so do you have any plan to yeild farming system development?


🌐Our platform is based on yield farming system for liquidity providers

❓A few days ago we both heard a news headline entitled 'hacking', how do EXCAVO think about it ?? well, the most important thing is how EXCAVO prevents and protects assets from similar incidents.

🌐Our smart contract would be audited to prevent hacking attempts

❓When is the $CAVO token in the token listing on the DEX market?

🌐Mid october

Right after audit

❓Who does the project focus on? What benefits do they enjoy when investing in the project?

🌐 We focus on opportunities for liquidity providers that can earn yield on their crypto as well as for traders that can minimize their commissions

❓Trading has been all around in internet ads this year. Many people has been cheated or told fake publicity of multiplying their accounts in a few days. How can EXCAVO beat that reputation and what are your strategies to properly inform users what trading is? 

🌐We created EXCAVO brand in 2016

All this time we have proved that we are a strong team that has a name, reputation and followers, we are here for a long time. Therefore, the excavo.finance project is another step in the growth of the company.

👆👆 Excavo.finance 👆👆small report after weekly AMA sessions from different community

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