Evolution X 27/02/2021 Changelog

Evolution X 27/02/2021 Changelog

Kader Bava

Rom changes:

GlobalScreenshot: Use default screenshot dismiss delay
SettingsIntelligence: Give permission to read device config
SystemUI: allow to limit the max framerate of built-in screen recorder
base: ToastUI: Show app icon on system text toasts as well
evolution: themes: Convert to rro_overlays
pixelstyle: rro_overlays: Add missing 'theme' attribute
prebuilt/common: fix incorrect APN configs of Vodafone AU
vendor: Cleanup init files
Bring back StitchImage (Scrolling screenshot feature)
Camera: Track native metadata allocations
Check if advertiserId value matches valid advertiser
Check permission before sending batch scan result
Evolver: Allow to Pulse edge light for all doze triggers
Evolver: Make sure that all of our preferences searchable
Evolver: Refactor QS Brightness slider options
Evolver: Update Smart Pixels menu
Fix a bug in the USAP Pool refill logic
Fix abnormal wake up caused by WifiConnectivityManager
FodAnimationResources: Update MIUI Light and MIUI Pulse
GoogleConfigOverlay: Use the correct config for config_defaultTextClassifierPackage
NavigationBarInflaterView: Apply custom layouts on boot
NavigationBarInflaterView: Don't apply a custom layout when using gestural
NavigationHandle: Adapt hide on keyguard to navbar pulse
NavigationHandle: Only register callbacks when attached
No need to 'addChild' when start 'FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TOP' Activity
Partially revert "Wake up to lock screen when bouncer is visible"
QuickStatusBarHeader: Long-press header clock to access settings
Settings: Phone ringtone setting for Multi SIM device
Settings: Whitelist WRITE_DEVICE_CONFIG permission
SmartCharging: Clean up redundant settings define
SoundPool: Fix clang-tidy warning in StreamManager
SystemUI: Add flipendo to Battery Saver QSTile
SystemUI: DividedLinesClock: Fix NPE on setTextColor
SystemUI: Move quick QS brightness slider to the bottom
SystemUI: NavigationHandle: Don't show on keyguard or doze
SystemUI: fix NPE on ExpandableNotificationRow
backuptool: Support seamless backup and restore to extra partitions
backuptool_ab: Make tmp actually tmpfs
base: Add long screenshot chip
base: Add missing long screenshot permission
base: Fallback stitchimage's broken value to unknown
base: InputManager: handle housed stylus event
base: Whitelist stitchimage
fixup! Evolver: Add ambient pulse and aod notifications
fw/av: Require service UID for LIST_AUDIO_SESSIONS
wifi: Add provision to create/remove dynamic interface(s)
AmbientPulse: Code clean up
Bring back option to Unlock keystore with fingerprint after reboot
Camera: Ignore torch status update for aux or composite camera
ClientModeManager: Set mRole to avoid starting multiple instances
Evolver: Add Gvisual mod feature
Evolver: Add Smart Pixels warning
Evolver: Bring back configurable sensor block per-package list
Evolver: Fingerprint error vibration
Evolver: Move Screen off FOD feature into FOD category
Evolver: Re-enable Gaming Mode footer
Evolver: Remove SystemUI restart dialog for Notification headers
Evolver: Remove warning for Navbar visibility
Fix long click intent for Smart Pixels tile
Introduce 404 IDE Clock
KeyguardUpdateMonitor: only allow biometric unlock with strong auth needed if decrypted
Move get Aware Capability to boot phase
Multi SIM Ringtone: Don't change public API
NavBar: Don't crash when we can't find navigation overlays
NavigationBarView: Fixup IME arrows after r19 merge
PocketLock: Make using light sensor optional
Pulse: fix NPE when navbar is hidden
QSFooterImpl: Add vibration effect to Settings button Long-press
QuickStatusBarHeader: Long-press header date to access calendar
Settings: Add option for Gesture bar Radius
Settings: Bring back configurable lockscreen timeout
Settings: Display menu: move lockscreen/ambient preference to top
Settings: Hide 'unlock keystore with fingerprint' settings if the device is encrypted
Settings: Inline fingerprint unlock keystore switch into lockscreen fragment
Settings: set the correct position on the navbar size seekbar by default
Stop manually mixing /dev/hw_random
SystemUI: Allow overlaying max system icons
SystemUI: Fix shutter sound
SystemUI: Handle cases that we can't address within FODCircleView
SystemUI: Make the kill app qs tile icon prettier
SystemUI: Screenshots: Refactor shutter sound logic
SystemUI: Show FOD icon on reboot if 'unlock keystore with fingerprint' is enabled
base: Improve notification header toggle
interfaces: Add reversed perf HAL interfaces
pixelstyle: audio: Add Evolution ringtone and set as default
prebuilt/common: add IMS entry for Airtel mcc="404,405" configs
AMS: Disallow requestSystemServerHeapDump on non-eng builds
BiometricPrompt: Force portrait orientation if we have FOD
Evolver: Improvements and updates
KeyguardClockSwitch: IS_DEBUGGABLE -> IS_ENG
Include SBC Dual Channel (SBC HD Audio) support additions from LOS
Refrain from using Mobile Data panel for QS long press
SystemServer: Only enable fd leak tracker on eng
SystemUI: Add side paddings for brightness slider
SystemUI: Fix issues with VoWiFi icon
SystemUI: HeadphonesBuddy: Fix crash on long press
ViewConfiguration: Set scroll friction to 0.012
core: jni: Switch to -O3
backuptool: Correct supported partitions for addon.d v3
init: Allow the possibility to use prebuilt ramdisk init
kernel: Support pixel style vendor_boot modules
pixelstyle: audio: Add more Pixel Sounds
pixelstyle: overlay: Remove Adaptive connectivity toggle
pixelstyle: rro_overlays: Remove GooglePermissionControllerOverlay

Device Changelog:

* Latest Evolution-X sources upstream

* SafteyNet Pass without Root

* Merged latest caf tag LA.UM.8.8.r1-08600-SDM710.0 into kernel.

* Kernel compiled with latest proton clang 13.0

* Added smart pixels

* Added Long screenshot support

* Added G-Visual Mod

* Updated pixels sounds

* Removed NFC for Indian Variants. (No more battery drain in screen on/off)

* Fixed All battery drains.

* Made NFC device specific.

* IDC about NFC users. Bcoz I already pinned msg in main group. No one wants to test. So Don't complain about it.

* Removed unwanted gapps(Map, Recorder, Photos, Drive). User can install it from playstore if they want.

* Many fixes & improvements. STABLE AF!

📝 Notes:

* Gapps included.

* Use Magisk v22.0 stable.

* Use latest twrp or orangefox (A11 decryption working).

* To those having problems setting an APN on Android 11, please remember to set the APN TYPE to default or default,supl in order to avoid force close issues.