Everything You Need To Know About FRP Fencing

Everything You Need To Know About FRP Fencing

Vaishali Aegis

FRP fencing has been all the rage in recent times. It's mainly due to its wonderful benefits like lightweight, easy production and installation, longevity, and corrosion-resistant. Today, FRP has become one of the ideal materials for any type of infrastructure project.

Not many know how advantageous FRP fencing is and many have not known its applications. Whether you know nothing or just a little about this trending product, don’t worry. This article will let you know about everything there is about FRP fencing.

FRP – what is it?

FRP is nothing but fiberglass reinforced plastic which is a non-corrosive and lightweight material with durability. Traditional materials don’t have high longevity. For example, wood rots, aluminum gets dents, and steel rusts. This is mainly due to the harsh environment where the material is present.That is why new material is necessary to substitute the traditional ones. This is why FRP comes into the scene.

FRP has steel’s strength for a fraction of its weight. This material cannot conduct electricity, rot, doesn’t attract insects, and corrode. That means, this can stay in a healthy state even for decades while other materials need help.

Is FRP in fencing any different from the regular kind?

Fences are structures that need to stand firm under all kinds of harsh environmental elements. They need to be resistant to dents, erosion and have low thermal growth. Due to its excellent strength and durability, the FRP material has become an apt choice for fencing.

FRP fencing gets manufactured by the pultrusion process. Here, the material has at least 50% glass qualitatively and atmost of 50% quantitatively. This gives the overall structure the needed sturdy while being light in weight.

Benefits of using FRP fencing

·        The whole assembly process is quite easy. No need for specialized tools to assemble the structure.

·        Requires very little maintenance.

·        The components of the fence are not heavy.

·        Freight expenses are minimal.

·        The material of the fence is resistant to fire, UV, and corrosion. This means it can withstand harsh conditions.

·        Also, no rotting and termites.

Different types of FRP fencing

a)     FRP picket fence

This is more suitable for homes and factories. It is a flat and rectangular structure with a high amount of sturdiness. Since this gives a great graphic effect, it becomes like a decorative structure to the place of use.

b)    FRP fence railing

This is one of the common types of fence. It is good for road dividers and industrial guardrails. The infills can be square, rectangular, and spherical tubes.

c)     FRP pultruded grating fence

This is mainly employed in big voltage pylons and power stations because it is a non-conductor of electricity. Also, this is generally present in industries as a guardrail. The appearance of this type of fence is beautiful due to its I beam with a circular cross rod.

d)    FRP molded grating fence

The main highlights of this type of fence are that it is non-conductive, corrosion-free, and does not age. That is why this type of fence is mainly present in larger voltage pylons and electrical substations.

Reasons to choose FRP fencing over other types

Time is money and there is no denying this fact. After all, if the production and installation time drags on, it can cost you a fortune. But the good news is that these fences have very low production and installation time. So, you can cut back on unnecessary costs.

FRP material is 8 times lighter than reinforced concrete. This means the fences do not require high labor. This means low labor costs for you. Also, the infrastructure will have very little wear and tear because of the fence’s lightweight.

Because the material is highly resistant to corrosion, very minimal maintenance is necessary for it to last for decades. This eliminates the need for downtime for repairing the fence.

The bottom line

There is no doubt that FRP fencing is highly advantageous over the traditional types. Make sure to get high-quality fences from reputable brands that can last you for several decades. Just search the internet and you will find a lot. After all, these are fences that are meant to last a lifetime.