**All characters are strictly 18+**


I woke up in a groggy, hungover state. I'd smoked a lot last night. It had clearly bled over into the next morning. I rolled over and peaked at the clock. 11:36 am. I rubbed my face, trying to wake up. It wasn't too long before my mother, Evelyn, came barging into my room with a pile of folded laundry in her hands. She's a single mom, but she pampered me. She often did my laundry and made me meals. Even while working a full time job. This being a Sunday, she was not at that job. 

"Get up, baby, it's well into the afternoon" she said. I sat up and continued to rub my eyes awake. Evelyn opened my drawers and started putting my clothes away. 

"Good morning" I said quietly. I looked up at myself in the mirror attached to my closet door. The smudged makeup from the night before remained on my face. My eyes were dark and raccoon-like. I was wearing an oversized black sweater and athletic shorts. I looked back down at my hands. Black nail polish was my thing. If I had nails, they were painted black. 

"Grace," Evelyn began. I looked up at her. Her long blonde hair ran down her back farther than mine. She was wearing a red floral sundress and sandals. Just as I had my obsession with black nail polish, she had one with red nail polish. I guess we're just very simple people. "Are you a virgin" she asked. I was thrown back. My mother isn't supposed to ask me that. My mood slipped into disarray as I pondered both why she'd ask that as well as what I should respond with. I figured I might as well tell the truth, right? 

"Yes," I said quietly. I put my eyes back down to my hands. This was going to be an awkward conversation and I'm not sure that I wanted to look into her eyes if she pursued any further. 

Evelyn finished putting clothes away and turned to face me. "Good," she said. What the hell's that supposed to mean? "I know you masturbate very often". 

"Yeah," I responded. This was the worst conversation to start off the day. Evelyn stepped out of my room for a second before coming back with a chain dog leash. 

"Grace, I'm going to fuck you." She said. What?! What the fuck is this? Why would she say that? Before I could say anything, she rushes towards me and clicks the leash onto the dog collar that I wore. It's a fashion statement. 

"Mom, what the fu-" I got out before she put a hand over my mouth. She moved closer to me. 

"I'm going to fuck you, got it?" She said. "I'm horny, you're horny, obviously. Why not help each other out, yeah?" 

Evelyn tightened the collar around my neck. I looked her in the eyes the whole time. It was a survival response. I needed to know what she was doing. She grabbed a handful of my hair and drug me back onto the bed. She pushed my onto my stomach. She found a belt and tied my hands behind my back. She climbed onto my legs. I was completely motionless. Powerless to do anything if I tried. She was bigger and stronger than me. 

"You know I think you're fucking sexy," She said, "I've been eyeing you your whole life". I stared at the side of my room as I was being pushed into the bed. "And when you transitioned, I just knew it would come to this, I can't hold myself back." 

Evelyn reached to my nightstand and opened it. She stuck her hand to the back and came out with a bottle of lube. I buried my face into my pillow. "I'm your mother, don't act like I don't know what goes on in my house," she spoke. 

Evelyn pulled up my sweater, put her hands under the waistband of my shorts, and pulled them down. I was embarrassed. What's she going to do to me? 

She bent over to get beside my head. She pushed strands of my greasy hair away from my ear. "You have such a nice body," she whispered. 

My mother stands up and begins to take off her dress. As she's busy, I tried to get up from the bed. Before I can actually escape, Evelyn grabs me by my hair and slams me back into the bed, making me yelp. She returned to her place beside my ear. "Don't try to run from me, I'm gonna make you feel good," she said. 

She climbed back on top of me. "What're you gonna do," I asked. She reared a hand back and slapped my ass. I felt my body jolt from the hit. 

"Shut up," she began, "you're mine now, so don't speak unless I tell you". As Evelyn moved around, I could only wonder what she was going to do to me. I was scared. I knew what she's doing to me is wrong. 

I felt a slap on the crevice of my legs. Like something had fallen on me. "Can you feel me, sweetie," Evelyn asked. Was that her? She leaned up to me again, this time grabbing a handful of hair to move my head so I could she her face. "Mama has a dick too, only much bigger than yours," she says, staring into my soul. I was stricken with surprise when I heard her. My mother has a penis? What the fuck?

"Mom, why did—" she slaps my ass again and I yelp. 

"What did I tell you," she says, "no talking". I feel her reaching again. "Since you can't keep your mouth shut, I'll help you," she said. She moved my head by using my hair to face her again. "Here, mommy's panties will keep you occupied," she stuffs her panties into my mouth. I could taste her sweat and body wash on the cloth. "How do I taste," she asked even though I couldn't respond. 

I felt the signature cold liquid being poured on my asshole. As she moved the lube around my butt, Evelyn moved her other hand around herself. As she did, I could feel the weight on my legs getting bigger. I knew it was her dick. 

"Alright, baby, mom's about to make you feel so good," she cooed. She started to rub the lube on herself. 

Evelyn moved up further onto me. I knew she was about to begin. And I was powerless to do anything about it. Even if I wanted to stop her. She leaned up to my ear again. "Are you ready," she asked. I mumbled through her panties in my mouth. 

Evelyn grabbed the leash, wrapped it right around her hand, and put pressure on my neck. I felt her spread my asshole as much as she could. I was trying to prepare for what I was about to go through. I felt her put her dick against my hole. 

In one thrust, Evelyn pushed herself all the way inside me. We both moaned in sync. Hers from pleasure, mine from pain. Her dick was bigger than anything I'd put in myself over the years. I felt so full of her. 

"Oh my fucking god Grace," she began, "you're so fucking tight". I felt tears stream out my eyes and into the pillow, pooling against my face. "Your pussy feels so good," she said. She leaned down to me again, kissing my neck and biting down as she enjoyed the walls of my ass. 

"I'm gonna start moving," she said. Evelyn started thrusting slowly, actually taking my feelings into account. As my tears continued, I wondered why I was feeling good, even though my mom was forcefully fucking me. She saw the tears, she continued to kiss around my neck and face, trying to keep me calm. I couldn't deny that I was enjoying her. 

"My god, I wanna fucking pound you," she began, whispering, "I want to hear you cry from me fucking you, I want to break you". I felt my stomach turn from the statements. Not from disgust though. More like butterflies. I wanted those things too. I just couldn't admit that I did. I started to push myself up into her. Not only onto her dick, but her body as well. I wanted to feel her. I wanted to feel her pelvis and hips hitting against me. I wanted to feel the heat of her body on me. 

"Look at you bucking your hips up into me," Evelyn said. She slowed down for a second. "You want this, I know you do," she continued, "you look at me the same way I look at you. I've seen you staring at my tits. I know you watch mainly stepmom porn. And I know you fantasize about fucking me. Except now I'm fucking you." I continued to bury my face into the pillow out of shame. "Now, I'm going to take my panties out of your mouth and you're going to say that you want Mommy to fuck your little pussy," she said. 

As she took her panties out of my mouth, I wondered if I could actually say that. It was so shameful to just hear that my mom knew I fantasized about her. How could I admit to her that I wanted her to fuck me if I couldn't even say the thoughts to myself? 

"Say it," she said. I was still silent, wondering if I could. "I'm only going to do it if you admit it. You can whisper if you want." I laid there, idly staring off, I still didn't know if I could do it. 

Evelyn put her ear next to my lips, waiting for the statement. I mustered up all of the courage that I could. I whispered into her ear, "I want you to fuck me." 

"No, sweetie, say you want Mommy to fuck your pussy," she said. 

"I want Mommy to fuck my pussy," I whimpered. She giggled at my embarrassment. My stomach was upside down from the experience. 

Mommy put her arms on either side of me and repositioned herself. "You're going to be sore tomorrow," she said. She put one of her arms on my back and pushed me into the bed. She started to fuck me again, getting more aggressive and harder as she went. The pain was terrible, but through it I could feel more pleasure than I've ever experienced. Her dick was magic. I wanted it more than anything. And I wanted her. 

It felt like she was absolutely destroying me. I felt her breaking my asshole in half. My dick was continually twitching with pleasure. Scraping into the bed, there was a pool of precum piling on the sheets. Mommy was making me leak all over the bed. I wanted her to make me cum. 

Evelyn stopped fucking me. "Come on, we're switching positions," she said. She untied my hands and flipped me on my back. Now I would get to watch her fuck me. She spotted the wet spot that was under me. "Aww, Mommy was making your little girl-dick leak all over you, that's cute," she cooed. My cheeks ran red with ecstasy. I was beginning to enjoy her humiliating me and treating me like a whore. 

"Mommy," I said.

"Yes, baby?" She asked. I had almost completely lost my sense of awareness by this point. 

"Can you take my sweater off?" I asked. She laughed and started to take it off of me. 

"You want me to play with your tits?" She asked rhetorically. As she threw my sweater to the floor, she sat back. My legs were spread wide open for her. My nipples were erect, almost beckoning her to play with them. She sat between my legs, glaring at what she'd helped to create. Her gaze was devious. Like all she could think of was how hard she was going to fuck me. I felt petrified under her stare. She was in complete control of everything that happened to me. I felt safe with her controlling me. She began to move her hands all around my body, arousing my nipples and playing with my dick. I was writhing under her. She'd tied my hands to the headboard of my bed, rendering me useless to do anything other than lie there and be her pet. Not that I wanted to do anything else. "Your nipples are so sweet and pretty. They're puffy from the estrogen. They look so girly." She said. 

Just as Mommy was eyeing me, I was doing the same to her. I stared at her beautiful, sharp face. Her pale skin and blonde hair. The red nails that traced all over my body. I loved every inch of her. I wanted her more than anything. My mind ached for her to fuck me over and over again. 

"I want you to make noise," she started, "I wanna hear your moans while I breed your ass". I stared at her as she lined herself up again. I couldn't help but admire her, slouched over me. Her big, motherly breasts hanging. Her nipples were big. Her breasts had veins coursing through them. More than anything she was real. She was complex. Like poetry, she was expressive. Her body's a story. And one that I want to know. 

Evelyn pushed inside me again. I did what she told me and didn't hold back on my moans. I let my first out as she was entering me. Just as I did, she exhaled harshly while pushing. She stared at me the entire time, watching me close my eyes and lay my head back in both pain and pleasure. "Look at Mommy's girl, moaning like a whore," she said, chuckling. She started thrusting again, starting slow, just as the last time. "I'm gonna make you scream," she said. 

Evelyn grabbed the leash from under me and leaned back, tightening the collar around my neck. She started speeding up again. My legs spread open, her choking me, and her fucking and humiliating me. I felt like whore. Like I was getting used and bred. I loved it. My moans became easier and more natural. Once I'd started to let out my euphoria, it wasn't going back. She had turned me into a backlot slut and I couldn't come back from it now. 

"Moan for your mommy baby," she said through the grunts of her activity. As she was thrusting into me, my testicles got caught between us. The pressure and impact felt good against her chubby stomach. My dick flopped in the air uncontrollably, occasionally slapping me or her. 

Evelyn grabbed my right leg and bring it to her, kissing up and down it. She smelled my feet, rubbing my toes against her lips. "I'm gonna use every part of you if I feel like it," she stated. I believed her. I wanted her to use every part of me. That's all I wanted. She started to suck on my toes. I felt like she was using every part of me for her own play. I loved that. I loved being owned by her. I enjoyed watching her suck on my toes. I don't really know if I have a foot fetish, but I did find feet attractive. Especially when she was using mine. 

As she continued to suck on my toes, Mommy's pace picked up. She went back to pounding me. It was better in this position. I enjoyed having her in front of me and close so I could see her as she assaulted me. I liked watching our tits bounce in sync. I felt in sync with her. 

Evelyn started to fuck me as hard as she could. It felt like my asshole was numb. All I could tell was that I was in pure euphoria. There were no thoughts in my head other than how hard she was fucking me and how I wanted her to fuck me harder. My moans were turning to screams. My face was hot and my body was caked in sweat. "Come on sweetie, let it out," she said in bursts between her thrusts. 

"Please, Mommy, fuck my brains out, please," I screamed. I was completely drunk on this pleasure, and on her. She grinned at my yelps for more. She loved seeing me like this. Her little whore who only cares about her own mommy's dick. I can't say that's not true at this point. 

Evelyn let go of my foot, grabbed my hips, and thrusted deeper. Tears came to my eyes again, dripping down my cheeks and into my hair. I felt myself getting close to cumming. I wanted to cum, but I didn't want this excitement to end. "Mommy, I'm gonna cum," I yelped through the screaming and tears. 

"Do it, cum, baby, cum," she commanded. To her orders, I let myself cum. It shot out of me harder than ever. I'd never been able to make myself cum this hard. A rush of pleasure ran through my body like electricity. I felt my whole body shutter under Evelyn. Even after I had stopped cumming, Evelyn continued to fuck me and my body continued to shake. 

"Look at you, sweetie," she started, "cumming all over yourself". I still blushed at her statements. As she continued to fuck me, she scooped up some of my cum off my stomach. She brung her hand to my mouth and made me eat it. At this point, she could make me do anything. I was ready to do whatever she wanted me to. 

Her fucking started to reach an aggressive climax. She was fucking me without any regard to what I was feeling. Evelyn had turned me into a fleshlight, fucking me like I was plastic. I knew she was getting close to cumming herself by how hard she was fucking me. 

"Mommy's gonna get you pregnant, baby," she said. "Do you want to have Mommy's baby?" 

"Yes, I want your baby, please fill me up," I whimpered. I felt myself building up again. I'd never cum twice in a row. I loved that she could make me do this. 

"Mommy, I think I'm gonna cum again," I cried. I felt my body continue to jerk under her. 

"Cum, then, again," she said. I let myself cum again. But it wasn't cum. She was fucking me so hard that I was pissing myself. As my dick was soft after cumming the first time, I was pissing on myself. After it had stopped, Evelyn said, "look at you, baby, pissing all over yourself." 

"Baby, I'm about to cum," she said. She pushed my legs all the way to the bed and laid herself on top of me, continuing to assault me. She put her chest above my face. "Suck on Mommy's titties, baby," she said. I did as she commanded and sucked on her nipples. I lightly scraped my teeth against them, giving her a jolt of pain. "Oh fuck, get the fucking milk, baby, Mommy's gonna fill you with her milk and cum," she screamed. 

"God, baby, Mommy's about to cum," she screamed. She was fucking me as hard as she could. I felt her throbbing inside me. She was as hard as she could get. I felt her whole body tense on top of me. She pushed herself inside all the way inside me. As she was in my guts, she let herself loose. She shot her loads of cum deep inside me with a loud moan. If I could get pregnant, I would be. It felt like she'd pushed herself and her cum all the way into my stomach. 

She collapsed on top of me, smothering me with her breasts. I felt both of our hot and sweaty bodies collide. Both of us were coming down from our high. As she laid there breathing heavily, I could only bask in the glory of our closeness. Evelyn untied my hands. She immediately came down and kissed me. She wrapped her arms around me, holding me tight. I'd never felt so close and so seen by someone before. "You did so good, sweetie," she said in a lower voice. She'd returned to her pre-enraged personality. I blushed at the comment. She was praising me. "I love you," she said. I could feel the words vibrating through her chest. 

"I love you too," I replied. My voice was strained and hoarse from the moaning and screaming. "Are we gonna do this again?" I asked. I wanted to. I didn't want this to ever stop from now on.