Eugene Burmakin, Ruby on Rails developer

Eugene Burmakin, Ruby on Rails developer

Eugene Burmakin

What I do

I like to build back-end using Ruby on Rails or Grape. Also, I have a small interest in DevOps part of my job and because of it, I learned Ansible and Docker basics.

What I'm looking for

Remote full-time/part-time work (20-40h/week) as a back-end developer, APIs development. If you want me to do something else, just ask, we can always negotiate.

My skills and experience

I have 3 years of commercial experience in the web applications development. Here are some of my skills and tools:

— Ruby 2 and newer

— Ruby on Rails 4.0 and newer

— Testing applications with Rspec, Capybara, and related tools

— PostgreSQL

— Sidekiq

— Heroku/Dokku/DigitalOcean/any VPS

— Capistrano 3, Mina, Dokku for deployment

— Ansible for configuration management

— CI services such as Codeship, GitLab CI, CircleCI, etc.

— Nginx and Phusion Passenger or Puma for running application

— HTML5, JS (ES5), CSS, jQuery and Bootstrap 3 for simple front-end

— Upper Intermediate English

What I was working on as a developer

In a reverse order:

June 2017 -> current time

Backend Developer @ CashWagon — Lending solutions in 5 different countries

November 2016 -> May 2017

Freelancer @ Upwork, Ruby on Rails Developer — refactoring, optimizing and implementing new features for financial sandbox startup with heavy using Yahoo Finance API:

March 2016 -> November 2016

Freelancer @ Upwork, Ruby on Rails Developer — writing API using Grape for payment processing company (not released yet)

October 2015 -> February 2016

Freelancer, Semetrical, Ruby on Rails Developer — writing platform to parse and analyse real estate ads in London to optimize AdWords promoting companies

December 2014 -> October 2015

Digital Media AZ, Junior Rails Developer — writing tests, maintaining several ads portals, implementing new functionality such as ads management (promote, pin, etc)

July 2014 -> September 2014, Junior Rails Developer — writing tests and minor stuff

What I made

— Started, rating/catalog of Ruby and Rails courses

— Started education platform (clone of, to be honest)

— Started Russian Ruby on Rails forum

— Translated book on white hat hacking (check it out)

— Translated book on deployment Rails applications (check it out)

— Since September 2016 curating biweekly email newsletter on Ruby, Rails, Elixir and web

— Writing to my personal blog

— Wrote several articles on Ruby on Rails for Mkdev education platform





Telegram: @Freika

Skype: frey_john (with yellow happy face on avatar)