EuGroup's administration

We represent to your attention The Biggest Union of telegram-bots all over the world. We decided to unite for common aim. We are already more than 1.700.000 people around the world. Subscribe to our channel and be a member of our Union.

Our members:

1) @Cashzoobot

2) @Mfarm_bot

3) @CosmoCashBot

4) @BizCashBot

For owners telegram-bots:

  • Do you want to more than 1.700.000 people will know about your bot?
  • Do you want to cooperate with big owners in the Telegram market?
  • Do you want to help people?
  • Do you want to be a team?

You have the opportunity to join our Union and get all privileges. The entrance to our Union costs 0.5 Btc. Write: @born2freedom

Advertising in our bots costs:

1) @Cashzoobot - from 0.05Btc

2) @Mfarm_bot - from 0.06Btc

3) @CosmoCashBot - from 0.03Btc

4) @BizCashBot - from 0.01Btc

In all bots together from 0.1Btc. Write: @leadermoneytm