Essential Guide To On Demand App Development

Essential Guide To On Demand App Development

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Do you want to get a bottle of wine delivered right to your doorstep? Or some healthy and nutritious food items? There's always a solution to the problem. There are companies which offer On-demand Solutions for the people who are looking to enjoy the possibilities of getting things done. From services of laundry to Food and health care services, the standard of living has been and getting more convenient day by day with the help of On-demand services.

Every day, month, and year, people are getting more and more involved and attracted by these kinds of applications. According to the reports of NTRST research done in Nov 2017, the adoption of the on-demand services expanded from 2016 to 2017 - from 24.9 million customers in the year 2016 to a whopping 41.5 million customers in 2017. The most popular categories of on-demand services analyzed in this research are Food delivery, Housing, Marketplace Services, and transportation.

Types of On-demand Applications

·       Food Delivery app

·       Grocery Delivery app

·       Job Searching Sector app

·       Home Services app

·       Tourism & Travel app

·       Healthcare app

·       eCommerce app

On-demand applications offer some great benefits as well as win-win solutions for customers and providers.

Benefits of On-demand Applications:

Unleashing the possibility

 The choice always should be of the mobile platform, when it comes to boosting the value of your business. On-demand applications are helpful for your business in acquiring a higher customer base. If we have a look, globally, there are 70% of audiences who use Mobile devices and applications daily.

Flawless Performance

An On-demand application has enough capabilities and perfect performance to boost up complex business operations. They are also responsible for escalating the productivity and job of your employees.

Stability & Security

Let's understand this while taking an example: There is a restaurant which is having a large customer base with lots of orders. In this type of situations, there are many issues to occur, like maintaining the long queue and serving all the customers packed food rapidly. The app will allow you to abolish all the complications via a secure payment and with enhanced stability.

Features of On-demand application

For Customers

·       User Accounts

·       Notifications

·       Booking service

·       Multiple Payment options

·       Help & support

·       Ratings

For Service Providers

·       Account of Service Provider

·       Service requests

·       Start/End service

·       Tracking services

·       Selecting availability

·       Service provider's report

For Admin

·       Admin dashboard

·       Managing Customers

·       Maintaining Commissions & prices

·       Tracking services

·       Managing Service Providers

·       Analytics

·       Uber

·       Postmates

·       Rinse

·       Soothe

·       Grab

·       Wag

·       Netflix

·       Instacart

·       TaskRabbit

·       Medicast

Cost of On-demand application

There is never an exact number for building an On-demand application; it all depends on the features you want to integrate into your application. The price is the factor why there is a lot of project outsourcing nowadays. If we consider European countries the cost is very high as compared to Asian regions. Being an offshore full Stack Development Company, we deliver top-notch IT Solutions to global clients from different countries like USA, UK, Australia, Japan, UAE, and other European countries. You can hire our developers for your project at just $15 per hour for building an immersive On-demand app.