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Epicnovel - Chapter 141 Fairy Fei“S Zither Performance examine aloof quote-p2

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Chapter 141 Fairy Fei“S Zither Performance materialistic deliver

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"How was your practical experience staying at our Dragon Pavilion the first time, Older person?" Chu Bo expected Yuan afterward.

'Heavens! It can feel almost like I am just experiencing Fairy Fei taking part in the zither right before my very sight while i am investigating him!' Chu Bo cried inwardly, virtually mistaking Yuan as Fairy Fei as a result of his precise and faultless fretting hand moves.

The time Fairy Fei's finger unveiled the string for the zither, a lovely and very clear music remember that pulled people's heartstrings resounded in your community, even creating a single ripple in the standard water that migrated just like a small wave.

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One hour pa.s.sed around the blink of the attention since Yuan arrived at the Dragon Pavilion, and Chu Bo believed to him, "Older person, your energy and time in the Dragon Pavilion is up. Even so, if you'd like to stretch for one more 60 minutes, that'd be 10 contribution tips."

When Chu Bo observed this, his view widened with shock, and next he turned to view Fairy Fei's motions right before he came back to reviewing Yuan, contrasting the 2 main.


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Following viewing Fairy Fei for yet another hour or so, Yuan wanted to leave the Dragon Pavilion and get back on the Carp Jumping Over Dragon's Gate Tower to find out if Min Li was shut down to finis.h.i.+ng.

"Flaws…? Fairy Fei?" Chu Bo checked out Yuan with broad view, ostensibly speechless.

The moment she'd landed somewhere on the Dragon Pavilion, she narrowed her view in a handsome young gentleman some yards away and spoke in the freezing voice, "I noticed what you'd stated just now— that my results is flawed? I would like to tune in to the reasoning behind your words… Outer Courtroom disciple."

Immediately after looking at Fairy Fei's palm actions for just a few a matter of minutes and memorizing every one of her moves, Yuan closed up his vision to totally engage himself in the music.

If an individual could see inside Yuan's head right now, they could be astonished to check out that every of his palm activities duplicated Fairy Fei's activities perfectly despite owning his eyes closed.


'This Senior is another zither experienced? As envisioned of somebody that has a yellow gold identification token!' Chu Bo pondered, totally ignorant that Yuan is really a novice who didn't know the existence of zithers until just a couple of minutes back.

If Chu Bo experienced recognized this basic fact, no one knows how he would react.

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'I… form of miss out on participating in instruments…'

"Flaws…? Fairy Fei?" Chu Bo investigated Yuan with extensive view, seemingly speechless.

Fairy Fei suddenly stood up and carried the zither together with her fingers before bouncing from your giant water lily.

"It's mostly different, but usually between 2 to 4 many hours," he reacted. "There are also times when she'd exercised for an day without using a split. I suppose the whole thing depends upon her mood."

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As soon as she'd landed somewhere from the Dragon Pavilion, she narrowed her eye at the handsome youthful man a handful of yards away and spoke inside of a chilly voice, "I heard what you'd claimed just now— that my overall performance is flawed? I want to enjoy the reasoning behind your words… Exterior Courtroom disciple."

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Just after thinking about himself playing the zither for a couple of minutes, Yuan commenced going his hands and wrists for actual, operating almost like he was actively playing an invisible zither on his lap.

"Anyway, your meals will probably be ready in a few a few minutes, Senior. Remember to delight in Fairy Fei's zither enjoy for now."

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"Haha… Don't bother about it, Elderly. That's an organic outcome for all every time they notice Fairy Fei have fun with the zither for the first time," Chu Bo explained, in which he persisted to describe, "Fairy Mei is actually a Central disciple who often pertains to the Dragon Pavilion to practice her zither, enabling the visitors to take pleasure from their foods and listen to great music as well. Needless to say, she's also having settled contribution points for doing this so she benefits from it as well."

'Heavens! It feels almost like I am just discovering Fairy Fei actively playing the zither ahead of my very eyeballs whenever i am investigating him!' Chu Bo cried inwardly, nearly mistaking Yuan as Fairy Fei as a consequence of his precise and faultless hand activities.

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"Regardless, the food will likely be all set in some moments, Older person. Be sure to love Fairy Fei's zither participate in for now."

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This considered suddenly made an appearance in Yuan's brain after Fairy Fei concluded another music.